Can You Wear Sequins to a Wedding? Golden Etiquette Rule

Finding the perfect attire, whether you are the bride or a guest, can be stressful. You might feel overwhelmed by the rules and expectations; for example, you might have doubts about whether it would be appropriate to wear a specific outfit.

If you are the one getting married, the answer to the question, “Can you wear sequins to a wedding?” is yes, absolutely. After all, it is your special day; you and your partner can look for clothes with as many sparkly details as you want.

Likewise, guests can also incorporate sequins into their attire. However, it is worth noting that guests have more factors to consider. Here are the two primary pieces of etiquette you should remember:

  1. The more formal the wedding, the more appropriate it is to wear sequins.
  2. The earlier the wedding, the less appropriate it is to wear sequins.

The two golden pieces of etiquette are explained in more detail below, followed by some styling tips for wearing sequins to a wedding.

Can You Wear Sequins to a Wedding?


Level of Formality of the Wedding

As a general rule, the more formal the wedding, the more sequins you can incorporate into your wedding attire.

The most formal dress codes for events are white tie and black tie. Women are expected to wear floor-length evening gowns or cocktail dresses, respectively. Likewise, they must also wear heels, jewelry, and a sophisticated clutch.

Sequins are an excellent option for white-tie and black-tie weddings. However, remember to strike a balance between the number of sequins and the amount of skin you will expose.

Consider opting for a more conservative neckline if you choose to wear a sequin dress. Likewise, go for a lower slit. Disregarding these tips might result in you taking attention away from the bride, which is one of the biggest faux pas you can commit at a wedding.

woman wearing sequin dress

In formal weddings, women typically wear cocktail dresses and evening gowns. They have more leeway in terms of the dress’s length and the accessories’ flashiness. If the wedding invitation simply states ‘formal attire,’ sequins are still a safe choice. Let your sequin dress be the highlight of your outfit; you can opt for more subdued or neutral shoes, jewelry, hair, and makeup.

At a semi-formal wedding, women have more freedom with their attire. Besides cocktail dresses, you can also go with a garden party dress, a jumpsuit, or a dress-with-jacket ensemble. On this occasion, it would still be appropriate to wear sequins. 

Wearing sequins for a casual wedding is a bit more complicated. In some situations, all the sparkle of your attire might be too tacky and overdressed.

If you want to wear sequins to a casual wedding, consider using them as an accent instead of the highlight. Bring a clutch with sequins, or wear heels with sequins. Instead of a dress, go for a sequin skirt and top combo. Sequin jackets are also fantastic options.

Time of the Wedding

Part of why you are discouraged from wearing sequins to a casual wedding is because they usually take place earlier in the day. They might take place before lunch or 2:00 p.m. when the sun is shining brightly.   

As such, the sequins on your attire might reflect too much light, distract other guests, and take attention away from the bride. The reflections might also make the wedding photographer’s job more challenging, as the images might have a glare.

If you really want to wear sequins at a daytime wedding, try looking for a dark-colored sequin dress.

Oppositely, more formal ceremonies and receptions usually start later in the day, such as dinner. Depending on how you style your outfit, sequins can be a brilliant and sophisticated choice for this situation.

Wearing Sequins to a Wedding: Styling Tips

sequin fabric

Maximize the Sequins’ Sparkle

If you choose a sequin dress, make it the main point of your attire. Avoid pairing a sequin dress with large statement jewelry, bulky accessories, and generally anything flashy. You might overwhelm yourself with how shiny you end up looking.

Instead, go for simple but elegant accents. Stud earrings, little hoops, and minimal bracelets will work beautifully with a sequin dress. Likewise, look for shoes, clutches, and hair accessories with neutral tones.

Do Not Wear White or Similar Shades

Another piece of wedding etiquette you will often hear is to avoid wearing a predominantly white outfit. A white sequin gown might end up looking too similar to a bridal gown, which might confuse other guests and divert their attention away from the bride.

It would also be a great idea to stay away from similar shades, such as silver, cream, beige, and off-white. More and more brides are opting for these colors for personal and stylistic reasons.

Strike a Balance Between Sequins and Skin Shown

As mentioned above, you may want to choose a sequin dress with more conservative features. Avoid gowns with plunging necklines, multiple cutouts, and slits that reach your thigh.

You do not have to completely cover your entire body. However, a lot of sequins and a lot of exposed skin might come off as tacky and inappropriate. Furthermore, you might accidentally take the bride’s spotlight with your outfit.

Ultimately, it is about finding the right balance. Think of it as an inverse proportion: the more sequins you want on your outfit, the less skin you may want to show (and vice versa).

If You Do Not Know, Ask

Sometimes, the dress code might not be indicated on the invitation. In this situation, do not simply wear anything you want or base your attire on context clues like the time of the event or the invitation’s presentation.

Reach out to a member of the bridal party. Check if the invitation suite has a contact number or wedding website where you can direct your queries.

If you know you want to wear something with sequins, it might be best to mention it in your question. Do this as early as you can. Doing this will give you more time to adapt your attire — or completely change it — if necessary. 

Adapt Your Sequin Attire to the Circumstance

As illustrated above, whether you should wear sequins to a wedding or not varies from situation to situation. You might find out too late that your attire as it is might be considered inappropriate. There might be a way you can style the dress to make it fit for the occasion.

Adding a layer is a fabulous and efficient way to change the vibe of your attire. You can put on a turtleneck underneath the dress, or subdue its brightness by wearing a jacket. You can add a hat, some jewelry, and other accents.

There Is Such a Thing as Too Many Sequins

Too much of a good thing can become bad. You might own a dress with sequins from top to bottom. It might have been a perfect choice for your friend’s bachelorette party or New Year’s Eve party, but it might not work as your outfit as a wedding guest.

As mentioned, too many sequins will be challenging to photograph and can be hurtful to the eyes. Be mindful of just how many sequins your outfit has; if your inner voice tells you to tone it down, you probably need to save the dress for another day.

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