Does the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen? – Answered

For fathers, the marriage of their daughter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and is often a memorable highlight in their life. He gets to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her to the groom. As such, this special occasion necessitates a special outfit to commemorate the day.

Does the father of the bride match the groomsmen? Traditionally, the father of the bride’s attire matches with the groomsmen. However, some small changes and personal touches may be added to show the father’s personal style and to let him stand out from the rest of the wedding party. 

The attire commonly consists of a tuxedo or a suit and accessories such as ties, boutonnières, shoes, and more. There are a few tips to keep in mind as the father of the bride’s attire is planned.

Does the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen?

It is common practice for the father of the bride to match the groomsmen’s attire. The father usually wears the same tuxedo or suit as the rest of the groomsmen.

An aspect of the father of the bride’s outfit can be changed to set him apart from the wedding party. They may wear a necktie or bowtie with a unique pattern or change the color of their button-up shirt. This small change can be done to match with his wife.

However, the changes should still fit within the wedding’s overall color scheme. This coordination will be pleasing to the eye and will result in beautiful pictures from the wedding.  

Tuxedo or Suits

As mentioned earlier, the father of the bride should not overshadow the groom but be set apart from the groomsmen. If everyone is planning on wearing tuxedos, the father can go for a tuxedo with a lighter hue than the rest of the groomsmen. Likewise, the father can also wear a different colored vest.

Shirt and Tie

The father of the bride may opt for a slightly lighter or darker shirt. Another option is to wear a tie that has a different pattern. This is a good opportunity for the father to showcase some personality through his outfit.


It is traditional for the father of the bride, as with the rest of the boys and men in the wedding party, to wear a boutonnière. A boutonnière is a floral decoration attached to the lapel of a tuxedo or suit, usually consisting of a bud or a single flower.

If the budget for this accessory is limited, the couple may reduce the number of people to be given boutonnières. However, it is imperative that the father of the bride still be given one.

The general rule for any kind of change is that while giving the parents of the couple an opportunity to shine, the focus should still be on the bride and groom themselves.

Tips for the Father of the Bride’s Attire

Plan for the Attire Early

Preferably, the attire for the father of the bride can be planned as soon as the theme, dress code, and color scheme are decided. With the guidance of the wedding planners and input from the father himself, the perfect outfit can be created.

Planning early also gives a time allowance for necessary alterations. During the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, the father’s body may change due to several factors. As such, leaving time for last-minute alterations can ensure the best fit and comfort.


In addition to the suit and tie, the father of the bride can accessorize with ties, belts, and shoes. They can opt for a similar set with the groomsmen. However, he also has the option to complement his wife’s dress with his accessories.

Instead of a traditional necktie, the father of the bride also has the option to wear a bow tie or a pocket square.

The belt and shoes often go unnoticed when it comes to planning the outfits for the groomsmen and the father of the bride. Meticulous planners will set a specific color for everyone to follow, which is commonly brown or black.

Let Him Show Some Personality

As mentioned earlier, subtle changes to the outfit can be made to highlight the father’s personality. Accessories are a good way to add some personal touches to an otherwise shared outfit. An example of this is picking a necktie with a pattern or quirky design. Other accessories to do this with include socks, cufflinks, and pocket squares.

Coordinate with Other Father Figures

The father of the bride should coordinate with the other father figures present in the wedding party, such as the father or stepfather of the groom. However, they should not completely match; this gives all of them an opportunity to shine. This can be done as simply as varying the hues of their tie (i.e. from light green to dark green). This may entail a little more work, but these subtle changes can contribute a lot to the special day.

Tuxedo and Suit: What is the Difference?

Many people use these terms interchangeably. However, there is a difference in the fabric used. A tuxedo will have satin on the pocket trim, buttons, and lapels; likewise, the pants will have a stripe of satin along the side of the legs. A suit is only made of one fabric with no frills.

The complementary accessories also vary between the two. A tuxedo is more appropriately worn with a bow tie and a vest; neckties are traditionally paired with a suit. However, nowadays, there is more freedom to mix and match accessories.

In terms of formality, the tuxedo is a touch more formal than a suit. It is also likely to set the father of the bride apart from the rest of the guests.

Look Out for Discounts

Certain retailers will offer discounts when a certain number of suits or tuxedos is availed. Ordering suits for the entire bridal party, including the father of the bride, may get you a considerable discount. This is a good option to save some money if there are budgetary constraints.

Consider the Setting of the Wedding

The day and location of the wedding should be something to take note of when planning the attire. The temperature in the area may influence clothing options, especially in consideration of comfort. This is particularly important for outdoor weddings.

Final Thoughts

So, should the father of the bride match the groomsmen? Overall, the father of the bride should match the groomsmen’s attire in color, theme, and formality. However, with some subtle changes in the outfit and accessories, he can stand out from the rest of the bridal party. Additionally, he can show off his personal style and character.