How Well Do You Know the Bride? 45 Funny Questions to Ask

Pre-wedding parties are excellent opportunities to bond with the people you love. These events are also effective icebreakers for guests who do not know each other well. To throw memorable and entertaining pre-wedding parties, adding some games to the itinerary is a great idea.

“How Well Do You Know the Bride?” is a fantastic option for games to play at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or another pre-wedding party. As its name denotes, the game tests how much the players know about the bride-to-be. 

Below is a list of “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” funny questions you can use with your bridal party, followed by a step-by-step guide for facilitating the game.

How Well Do You Know the Bride: Funny Questions

portrait of a beautiful bride

  1. According to the bride herself, what is her best feature?
  2. As a child, how would she describe her dream husband?
  3. How did she celebrate her 18th birthday?
  4. How did she woo her husband?
  5. How long would she last in a survivor reality show?
  6. How many bags does the bride own?
  7. How many shoes does the bride own?
  8. How many times did she have to take her driving test before finally passing?
  9. How tall is the bride-to-be, and how tall does she want to be?
    monotone portrait of beautiful bride
  10. How would she describe herself as a partner? 
  11. How would she react to someone asking her out at work?
  12. If she can only have one drink or cocktail forever, what would it be?
  13. If stranded on a deserted island, what would be her first complaint?
  14. What celebrity would she sleep with?
  15. What does she consider her spirit animal?
  16. What does she think is her most annoying habit?
  17. What job does she wish she has?
  18. What is her comfort food?
  19. What is her go-to cocktail or drink at the bar?
    groomsmen throwing bride up the air
  20. What is her go-to party trick?
  21. What is her go-to pickup line?
  22. What is her go-to song at karaoke?
  23. What is her guilty pleasure?
  24. What is her pet peeve?
  25. What is the bride looking forward to the least about married life?
  26. What is the bride’s most absurd phobia?
  27. What is the first thing she will do after the wedding?
  28. What is the most elaborate excuse she made for something?
  29. What is the most embarrassing thing the bride has ever done?
    bride in a meadow
  30. What is the wildest place she had sex?
  31. What items does the bride collect (or hoard)?
  32. What makes her cry the hardest?
  33. What movie would she say changed her life?
  34. What reality TV show should the bride join?
  35. What school subject did she hate taking the most?
  36. What sexual fantasy does she want to try the most?
  37. What was her childhood nickname?
  38. What would her claim to fame be?
  39. What would her downfall from fame be?
    bride looking up at something
  40. When stressed, what does she binge eat?
  41. Where was her dream destination wedding venue?
  42. Who would be her celebrity best friend?
  43. Who would play the bride in a biopic?
  44. Why did she get fired from her first job?
  45. Would she survive as a contestant in MasterChef?

How to Play How Well Do You Know the Bride

bride and bridesmaid laughing

Choose Around 20 Questions

The first step in playing this game is choosing which questions you will use. Ideally, the list will consist of around 20 questions. You can use exclusively funny questions, or you can sprinkle in some deep, risqué, and personal items as well.

Consider how much time you have in your itinerary. If you have a lot of time, you can safely go with 20 questions. Otherwise, it might be best to stick with 15 or fewer items.

Create a Questionnaire

Once you have chosen the questions, you need to type them up on one sheet of paper. You can be as simple or as creative as you want; you can create your own template or use one available online. Make sure the question sheet is legible and easy to follow.

Prepare the Materials

color pens and paper

Print your questionnaires, making sure that there is at least one for each guest. It is smart to keep around ten extra copies in case an accident happens. 

Likewise, prepare some pens or pencils so your guests can write their answers on the sheet. In the same vein, you should purchase a few extra pens. One or two pens might suddenly dry out, and if you do not have spare ones ready, your guests might not be able to join.

You can also set aside a few prizes for the winners of the game. It does not have to be grand or expensive; you can give out scented candles, gift certificates, self-care essentials, personalized drinkware, and so on. You can prepare three prizes for the top three scorers.

Bring the Materials to the Venue

You can put the materials inside a party bag, which you then place on their seats or tables. Alternatively, you can set up a station in your venue where they can grab one of each item and read the instructions.

Play the Game

he said she said game

There are two ways you can play this game. Firstly, you can set aside time in your itinerary for your guests to answer the questions. This part may take approximately 15 minutes, wherein your guests are just focused on filling out the questionnaire.

Secondly, you can let your guests start answering the questionnaire as soon as they get theirs. They can write their answers throughout the event and, without the time pressure, can think more clearly. If they do not know the answer, they have the time to get funny and creative.

Additionally, you can also decide whether to have your guests play individually, in pairs, or by teams. Each way has its own benefits. To make a decision, use what you know about your guests and how many there are.

Exchange Questionnaires

Once the time is up, have your guests exchange questionnaires with each other. Doing so will allow them to grade one another’s answers without cheating.

Get the Bride in the Spotlight

bride in front of wedding gifts

The host of the game will ask the bride each question on the sheet. She can give the answers, tell some stories, and make jokes. This part of the game is arguably the most entertaining.

As the bride gives the answers, the players will mark their questionnaires. You can encourage them to participate by challenging some of the answers, sharing their jokes, and so on.

Award the Winners

game rewards

After the bride-to-be answers the last question, ask everyone to tally the scores. Have them return the questionnaires to the original owners, then start asking for their scores. You can ask if someone got everything right, then work your way down until you find out who scored the highest.

If two or more players are tied, you can either do a quick tiebreaker or simply give all of them prizes. In case you choose a tiebreaker, you can ask more “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” funny questions or play a different game.

Alternatively, you can also come up with a forfeit or punishment for the lowest scorer or team. This twist will make the game more thrilling and unforgettable. For example, you can make them dance a TikTok choreography in front of everyone.

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