Left Right Bridal Shower Game Rules & 3 Printable Stories

A typical bridal shower itinerary consists of two to three bridal shower games. As bridal showers are intended to shower the bride with love and support, playing games is an easy yet effective way for everyone to bond and build camaraderie.

The Left Right Bridal Shower Game, often interchangeable with the ‘Pass the Gift Bridal Shower Game’, is a classic game that can be enjoyed by anyone in any situation or event. It’s an excellent choice for a bridal shower.

Simply put, the Left Right Bridal Shower Game is similar to musical chairs; however, instead of the people moving chairs, they pass gifts to the person sitting beside them.

An explanation of the game’s mechanics is given below, followed by printable stories you can use for your bridal shower. Lastly, tips for successful facilitation of the game are also enumerated.

How to Play the Left Right Bridal Shower Game

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In the middle of your venue, set up chairs in a circular formation. Once every player is seated, distribute three to five wrapped gifts. Make sure that the gifts are spread evenly; if one player is already holding a gift, those sitting beside them must not have gifts as well.

The host, who is typically the maid of honor, will read a story to the players after explaining the mechanics. The story is written in a way that uses the words left and right frequently. Upon hearing those words, guests must pass the gifts to the person to their left or their right, respectively. Whoever has a gift once the story ends gets to keep it.

Left Right Bridal Shower Game Printable Stories

1. Wedding Planning – Left Right Bridal Shower Story

left right bridal shower

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2. Going Right/Left to the Chapel

going right left chapel
Source: The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada

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3. The Search is Over

 search is over

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Tips for Facilitating the Left Right Bridal Shower Game

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Storytelling and Delivery

The success of the Left Right Bridal Shower Game highly depends on the host’s delivery of the story. Here are a few reminders to elevate your storytelling and delivery as you play the game:

  • As you explain the mechanics to your guests, emphasize the importance of attentiveness. Moreover, stress that they need to pay attention to the cues “right” and “left.”
  • Make sure that you do not read the story too slowly. In fact, you can change your reading speed every once in a while to confuse the players. The confusion is part of the game — it provides entertainment for the players and spectators to see the former try to keep up with the cues. Do not stop telling the story as they try to catch up.
  • You may emphasize the words “right” and “left” as you read the story so that your guests can find it easier to keep up. However, this is entirely up to your discretion.

Odds are your guests will become rowdy and rambunctious as the game continues. It might be best for the host to have a microphone on-hand so that their voice can be heard over the noise from the players.

Add Twists to the Game Mechanics

You can introduce additional instructions and mechanics to make the game even more exciting. This may end up confusing your guests more, but that means it will also be more amusing to watch. Here are a few ideas for twists to the Left Right Bridal Shower Game:

  • Every time the partner is referred to as “Mr. Right,” do not pass the gift.
  • Every time the partner is referred to as “Mr. Right,” pass the gift to the left instead.
  • Every time a wedding-related vendor (e.g., florist, planner, coordinator, photographer, videographer) is mentioned, pass the gift to the direction it was passed before that.
  • Every time a person is referred to using their name, the next cue is reversed (“right” becomes left or “left” becomes right).

Make sure to inform your guests before the game starts; you must thoroughly explain the mechanics of the game to minimize confusion and rule-breaking. However, also keep in mind that this game, like any other bridal shower game, is just for fun and bonding.

Number of Participants and Gifts

The Left Right Bridal Shower Game is originally intended for 10-15 participants. A small group of players will necessitate fewer gifts, though the game may not be as entertainingly chaotic. The average number of gifts in a typical game is three to five, though it depends on how many players are included.

Whereas three gifts are perfect for a game with 10 players, you may need to prepare five gifts for a game that has about 15 players. Overall, every player must be able to hold a gift at least once throughout the entire game, though not all of them will win in the end.

If you do not have a lot of players, consider allotting one gift for each participant. For instance, if you only have five players, you may prepare five gifts in total. Everyone is guaranteed a prize, but the thrill lies in not knowing what is inside.

Themed Gifts

gifts packages

Frequently, the gifts given are wedding-related mementos and keepsakes. However, the gifts you distribute can also be part of a bigger theme. For instance, you may give everyone small bottles of perfume, cosmetics, skincare, and so on. You can also give them new accessories, outerwear, and even lingerie. You can raise the stakes and make the game more exciting by telling the players that they must wear their prize for the rest of the bridal shower.

Same-Sex Marriages

Although the stories above are created with a heterosexual couple in mind, they are easy to adapt for same-sex couples. For instance, you can change the honorifics used, such as replacing “Mr. Right” with “Ms. Right” or “Mx. Right” for gender-non-conforming and nonbinary partners. Similarly, you can also replace the pronouns in the stories with what you and your partner use on a daily basis.

Playing the Game in a Wedding Shower

The term ‘wedding shower’ is sometimes used synonymously with ‘bridal shower.’ However, wedding showers and bridal showers have subtle differences that are important to keep in mind. With that said, if you plan on playing the Left Right Bridal Shower Game in a wedding shower, here are a few adjustments you can make:

  • Have a larger number of participants that consists of men and women
  • Prizes must be unisex. For example, you can give candies, baked goods, and wedding shower mementos.
  • Instead of having one large group of players, you can have two circles. This might make the game easier to facilitate and manage.

Consider the Guests

The stories provided above are all sweet, romantic, and family-friendly. Thus, they are perfect to use when you have conservative guests and kids in attendance. However, if your guest list is composed of closer, more open-minded guests, feel free to opt for a script that has a more risqué theme.

Final Thoughts

The Left Right Bridal Shower Game is just one of the many available options to fill your itinerary with. Some other popular games for bridal showers include Bridal Jeopardy, He Said She Said, and the What’s In Your Purse game. Regardless of which games you choose, the most important thing is your and your guests’ joy and entertainment.

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