Letter to Daughter-in-Law on Wedding Day (7 Examples & Templates)

Seeing your children get married is an emotional moment; you might feel that time went by too fast, and your child grew quicker than you wanted. Writing a letter is an excellent way to connect to your child and their partner.

A letter to a daughter-in-law on her wedding day is often nostalgic, sentimental, and ecstatic in tone. Below are seven examples and templates you can use to write a letter for your daughter-in-law. Lastly, several writing tips are also given. 

Examples of Letter to Daughter-in-Law on Wedding Day

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1. Dear Sophie,

Five years ago, if someone told me that I would be writing a letter to a daughter-in-law on her wedding day, I would have laughed at their face. We thought Malcolm was too focused on his work and academics that there was no way he would’ve met a woman yet.

However, one faithful afternoon in April 2019, Malcolm brought a woman home. I don’t know why — let’s call it motherly instincts — but I knew something about you was special right from the get-go.

As the months went by and I got to know you better, I knew my gut was right (mothers are always right!). You are perseverant, confident, and dedicated. At the same time, you are sympathetic, compassionate, and so selfless.

You are the perfect woman for my son. 

I’m sure this isn’t new information, but married life is not going to be easy. There will be fights, dull days, misunderstandings, and lots of compromises. But there will always be happiness, fulfillment, and contentment. Never get tired of seeking those moments of joy.

I planned on giving marriage advice to end this letter, but nothing is coming to mind at the moment. With that said, marriage is a rollercoaster. Learn when to hold onto the rails, and know when to simply put your hands up and enjoy the ride.


Brenda Howell

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2. To the Lovely Serena,

I am delighted to write a letter to my daughter-in-law on her wedding day. As a father, it has been my lifelong dream to see my daughter have her happy ever after. I couldn’t be more thankful that Molly found you.

I know that we got off to a rocky start. I wasn’t always the most accepting father. I can’t hide behind my age and generation; if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that this type of love has always been around.

Thank you for teaching me that love is love. You shouldn’t have had to teach me, so I’m sorry it had to be this way. I assure you and Molly that I will spend the rest of my life learning and striving to be better — you two deserve nothing less.

I will end this letter with one of my favorite works of literature, which gives better advice than I ever will:

“Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.”

— Kahlil Gibran, “The Prophet”

With all the love,

Spencer Liu

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3. Dear Kirsten,

Who knew that I would be writing a letter to a daughter-in-law on her wedding day addressed to you? Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure everyone did — on a subconscious level, perhaps I did, too.

You and Jesse have been inseparable since kindergarten. I remember Jesse would get off the school bus with the biggest pout on his face. When I asked him why he was sad, he would tell me you skipped school that day because you were sick.

Some say that marrying your best friend is the greatest love story of all. I mostly agree. However, having married my own best friend decades ago, there will always be downsides. Every marriage has them; no couple is perfect, always remember that.

What Tom and I can assure you, though, is that you will never be alone. You have each other, yes, but you also have us now. We are one big family, and we will always have your back.

When times get tough, call us, and we’ll be there. When there’s something to celebrate, invite us, and we’ll be the loudest. When you need advice, visit us, and we’ll be honest. You can lean on us, darling; we’ll brave this changing world together.

As Jesse’s fathers, it means a lot to see him walk down the aisle with the love of his life. From adopting him to raising him, from picking him up after school to helping him decorate his dorm, and from meeting you for the first time to calling you our daughter-in-law for the first time, you two have given us all the joy any men could need.

Here’s to the rest of your life, our sweethearts.


Julian and Antonio Smith-Hugo

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4. Dear Melissa,

It feels just like yesterday when my son brought you home for the first time. I can still remember what my husband and I were thinking before you arrived: no one will ever be good enough for our boy.

I’m sure you’re aware that before you, there were other women. John introduced us to a high school girlfriend, a “friend” from university, someone he met at work, what have you.

However, my husband and I would always find a flaw. I’m sure John has also told you that we tend to nitpick. Perhaps we even said something unkind about you during our first dinner together. Our old age has made our memory blurry, but we will not put it past ourselves to be so snarky.

As you prepare for your special day, there are three things we want to say to you: we are sorry, thank you, and we love you.

We are sorry for everything we have put you — and our son — through, whether it is on purpose or not. Truthfully, we regret not opening our hearts to you earlier.

With that said, thank you for giving us the honor of knowing you. Melissa, you are the epitome of a sweetheart. You are so kind, loving, and thoughtful. It is so easy to see why our son is so taken by you.

And last but not least, we love you. We love you not only because John loves you but also because we know you well enough. We have seen you at your best and worst, and our love remains the same.

Welcome to the family. Our family feels a little more complete now that you’re here. Greg and I are always one call away, ready to support and cheer on you.

All the love,

Greg and Susannah Foster

Letter to Daughter-in-Law on Wedding Day: Templates

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5. Dear [name of daughter-in-law],

Welcome to the [your last name] family! We are so glad that you have become a part of our family; our [son/daughter/name of child] could not be any luckier to have you as the love of [his/her/their] life.

Being married myself, I know that marriage can be [describe married life based on your experiences].

However, I also know that marriage can be [describe married life based on your experiences].

Do not let your fear and anxieties get the best of you. When times get tough, always remember that we are here to support you. [Give them more reassurance that you will be beside them.]

[Insert other advice that you feel is necessary here].

I’m sure you are excited for your big day and the rest of your life with our [son/daughter/name of child] because we feel exactly the same. Breathe, put your chin up, and smile — you got this.

All the love,

[Your name/s]

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6. Dear [name of daughter-in-law],

We are delighted to finally call you one of our own. [Describe how you met your daughter-in-law, including how you felt and what you thought about her at the time.]

In the [amount of time] I have known you, I was able to see how [describe the daughter-in-law, use various adjectives and phrases] you are. It’s no wonder our [son/daughter/name of child] fell in love with you as deeply as [he/she/they] did.

If there’s anything I know about marriage, it’s that [describe married life; you can be positive, negative, or a mix of both.]

[Offer any reassurance, advice, and encouragement that you can think of.]

If there is anything you need, whatever it is, I hope you know that we are only one call away. Better yet, just drop by and ring the doorbell — we’ll let you in with a warm hug. I love you so much, and here’s to a life full of love and adventures.

All the best,

[Your name/s].

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7. Dear [name of daughter-in-law],

[Start with a quote from a song, poem, book, or movie. It can describe married life, offer advice, or make your daughter-in-law laugh.]

[Describe how you met your daughter-in-law, including how you felt, what you thought about her, and how you acted around her.]

[If applicable, express gratitude. You can also say sorry for any shortcomings or wrongdoings in the past.]

[Offer practical advice, counsel, and tips regarding married life. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can draw from personal experiences.]

[End the letter by welcoming your daughter-in-law into your family.]


[Your name/s].

Tips for Writing a Letter to Daughter-in-Law on Wedding Day

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What to Include in a Letter to Your Daughter-in-Law on Her Wedding Day

Writing a personal letter can feel intimidating, especially if you are not the type of person who regularly expresses their sentiments. Here are some specific instructions to further help you come up with a letter to your daughter-in-law:

  • Start the letter by welcoming your daughter-in-law to your family.
  • Share some information about you and your family that you think will be helpful. You do not have to be straightforward, nor do you have to include everything. You can tell short stories, anecdotes, and so on.
  • If you have any advice for married life, list them down. The newlyweds will appreciate any assistance they can get.
  • Let them know that they can depend on you. Assure them that even though entering this chapter of their life seems scary, they have people who will help them every step of the way.
  • Express excitement for what the future holds.
  • Express your gratitude, regret for past actions, well-wishes, and any other sentiments you have.

Give Yourself Time to Reflect

Although it might be tempting to just sit down and write everything at once, feel free to take your time. Firstly, reflect on the time you have known your daughter-in-law. Gather your thoughts, emotions, and insight. If you want, you can write them down.

The Writing Process

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Before drafting your letter to your daughter-in-law on her wedding day, you may want to create an outline first. Decide the flow of your letter. To get an idea regarding a typical structure, you can use the templates above as guides or inspirations.

On the other hand, you may find outlines unnecessary. In that case, start writing everything down. Do not worry about conciseness and proper grammar; let the words flow naturally.

Once you feel that you have said everything, you can start revising. You can do as many revisions as you want, but make sure that the letter still feels authentic. You do not have to worry too much about syntax; what matters is the sentiment in the letter.

Invest in Good Stationery

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While drafting your letter, you can stick to a word document. Making changes to your letter will be more convenient, and you do not have to waste paper and ink. Once you have the final version of your letter, consider purchasing good stationery on which you will write.

As for paper, the traditional colors are white, cream, and ivory. The right weight is around 100 gsm; any less than that and the ink will bleed out.

You can use a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen to write. Black and blue ink are preferred, as they look the classiest.

Speak from the Heart

Speaking from the heart is the most important tip for writing a letter to any person, be it your daughter-in-law, friend, or partner. Even if you are not good with words, your daughter-in-law will appreciate your letter if you are genuine and honest.