8 Memorable Wedding Ring Bearer Alternatives

A wedding is not complete without your wedding party, which consists of bridesmaids, groomsmen, their junior versions, and more. As you plan your special day, you might find yourself exploring ways to make it more unique and memorable.

One of the roles you might be looking to change up is the ring bearer. Some wedding ring bearer alternatives you can consider are your pet, a drone, and a quilt. You can even remove the ring bearer altogether and replace it with a ritual.

Below are eight different alternatives for a ring bearer, along with how you can further personalize them.

Memorable Wedding Ring Bearer Alternatives to Explore

bride and her puppy

1. Your Fur Baby

If you and your partner have a dog—or several—then this is an amazingly unforgettable way to include them on your special day.

You can browse stores for a beautiful leash or a cute little backpack, which can hold the ring securely as they run down the aisle. You can even work with an artist to design a bespoke ring holder.

Consider buying or designing a matching outfit for your dog, too. This will make for adorable family photos.

If you plan to incorporate this wedding ring bearer alternative, make sure to have a few practice sessions with your dog. Train them to walk down the aisle to give you the ring. This will ensure that your dog does not run away or meander.

2. Your Grandparent

Not everyone is lucky enough to still be with their grandparents by the time they get married. If you are one of the lucky ones, asking them to be your ring bearer is a great way to honor them.

More than that, having your grandparent as an alternative wedding ring bearer is an ode to the longevity of love. This move will show that not only do you respect them, but you also look up to them and their wisdom. 

3. Hollowed-Out Book

For the bookworms getting married, a sentimental and unique way to showcase your personality is to use a hollowed-out book as a ring bearer pillow alternative.

Buy a new copy of your favorite book, poetry collection, graphic novel, or whatnot, and carve out its body to have space for your rings. Oppositely, you can use an old copy if you are willing; this will make it more meaningful.

If the spine and cover of the book do not fit your wedding color palette, you can cover it up or spray paint it. You can even draw something over it, which could be a fun project for you and your nieces and nephews.

4. Ring-Warming Ceremony

Instead of having a ring bearer alternative, why not have an alternative ceremony altogether? This will make your guests feel more involved, creating an overall more intimate experience.

A ring-warming ceremony is a type of unity ceremony wherein guests get to hold the wedding band, say a wish or prayer over it, then pass it to the next person.

You can choose to only let a few guests hold the wedding band, or give everyone the chance to do so. Your decision depends on personal preference, the size of your guest list, and how much time you have.

5. Drone

For the techy couple, a drone is a unique and fitting wedding ring bearer alternative. Attach something onto it that can securely hold the ring, such as a small pouch.

However, check with the venue staff first if you can operate a drone on their premises. Some locations, though, such as national parks, have banned drones for safety and logistical reasons.

If you have permission to operate a drone, make sure you have a skilled operator behind it. This will prevent any accidents that would make your ceremony memorable in the wrong way. You can even use footage from the drone for your wedding video.

6. Magical Ring Box

If you want to add an element of surprise to your ceremony, procure a mechanically enhanced box that opens to reveal the rings all by itself. You can place this magical box at your altar and have it open at a specific time.

To make it more dramatic, you can turn on a smoke machine and choose a song to mark the opening of the box.

7. A Keepsake Quilt

a keepsake quilt

Another way to make your family and wedding party feel more included is to use a keepsake quilt as a ring bearer pillow alternative.

You can ask relatives and close friends to contribute squares of fabric from something meaningful and sentimental. You can use these squares of fabrics and stitch them together into a small quilt or a ring pillow.

8. Carry the Rings Yourself

At the end of the day, you do not “need” to have a ring bearer, flower girl, or other members of your wedding party. If you want to do away with one—or all of them—you are free to do so.

As you and your partner take your turns walking down the aisle, you can carry the wedding bands yourself. This is a subtle yet major way to put a twist on the ring bearer tradition.

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