What Size Should a Wedding Welcome Sign Be? A Guide

Wedding welcome signs help orient your guests towards your wedding venue and set the atmosphere for your wedding. They come in designs with many different possible messages and typographies. However, for your wedding welcome sign to truly stand out, not only should you think about its design but also its size.

What size a wedding welcome sign should be will mainly depend on the nature of your wedding venue and the room where the sign will be situated. In general, you’ll want 16×20” sized wedding welcome signs for indoor settings, and 18×24” and 24×36” for outdoor settings. Though, there are some nuances to consider.

For instance, you’ll want to pay attention to the size of the room where the wedding welcome sign will be. Additionally, any other ongoing events in your wedding venue will also influence the appropriate size for your wedding welcome sign. As with many other signages for your wedding, there are rarely any one-size-fits-all solutions.

What Size Should a Wedding Welcome Sign Be: Essential Factors to Know

When determining the right size for your wedding welcome sign, here are some of the basic factors to note:
  • Venue
  • Room Size and Space
  • Easel
  • Design and Typography
  • Message
  • Material

Of all these factors, the most important are your venue and the size and space of your room (or yard if you’re outdoors). These two relate most to the practicality of your wedding welcome sign’s size as they will determine just how much your guests will need to see your sign.

Thus, when deciding the size of your wedding welcome size, consider your venue and room carefully. For instance, if your venue will be crowded, then you’ll most definitely need a large sign such as an 18×24” or 24×36” sign. If your room will be small, then a smaller sign, like a 16×20” sign.

However, do keep in mind the other factors as well, such as whether you’ll have your wedding welcome sign on an easel (as opposed to, say, on a table). With that said, some designs, messages, and materials may also stand out more with a larger or smaller size, depending on what they are.

A Quick Guide Table for Wedding Welcome Sign Sizes

Your venue will drastically affect the size of your wedding welcome sign. In general, outdoor settings will need larger signs, and indoors the reverse. The same goes for busy and not busy venues respectively.
Venue Type Preferable Size
Outdoors and Not Busy 18×24”
Outdoors and Busy 24×36”
Indoors and Not Busy 16×20” (can be not attached to an easel) or 18×24”
Indoors and Busy 18×24”

Note that “busy” means that your wedding isn’t the only event that will be hosted on the same day by your venue. That is, your guests will have to navigate through a crowded venue and will thus need a large indicator, such as a 24×36” sign. On the other hand, if the venue is small, not crowded, and not busy, then a large 24×36” sign will be too bombastic.

Wedding Welcome Sign Sizes: Explained With Examples

16×20” Signs

For a humble indoor venue, 16×20 signs and smaller are just the right sizes for your wedding welcome sign. These are small enough to be propped up by a table or on a wall, and thus can be displayed without an easel.

Moreover, since such a small size may not afford a lot of space for elaborate designs, its small area is perfect for bringing out any written names or messages which can enamor your guests just as much as they can help them find your wedding.

18×24” Signs

Be it indoors or outdoors, 18×24” wedding welcome signs are a good middle way for any occasion. Their only downside is that they will generally require an easel.

They can also overperform for the most modest weddings [LINK: https://weddingfrontier.com/how-much-does-a-small-wedding-cost/] and underperform for the grandest and most crowded weddings.

In any case, no matter the business or size of your wedding venue, it’s hard to go wrong with an 18×24” if your wedding isn’t too small or too large. Design-wise, they’re also quite versatile as they have enough space to bring out both the sign’s art as well as the typography of its written message.

24×36” Signs

For very crowded venues and large outdoor lots, then 24×36” signs will do the job quite rightly as they will be near impossible to miss, especially if they’re framed or made of some flashy material. Hence, this specific size is excellent for bringing out the art and material of the sign.

Of course, you would not want to use such a sign for a small venue with a short guest list. Otherwise, however, nothing quite comes close to capturing the attention of many guests at once and from a distance.

Final Thoughts

What size your wedding welcome sign should be will depend on the nature of your venue and its relation to the convenience of your wedding guests.

Hence, when sizing your welcome sign, these should be the main factor for you to consider or whoever decorates your venue.

In any case, as simple as it may seem, your wedding welcome sign serves a valuable function. Without it, your guests can be disoriented at worst, and underwhelmed by the lack of a proper welcome to your wedding at best. Thus, having a well-designed and well-sized sign is subtly indispensable decor for your wedding day.

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