70 Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas (With Pictures!)

Across many cultures, a wedding band symbolizes a lifelong and everlasting commitment between two people. It signifies a love that is willing to remain strong through challenges, obstacles, and hardships. The bond between husbands and wives is sealed with the exchanging of wedding rings.

Engraving is a way to further customize your wedding ring by commemorating an integral aspect of your relationship. Ideas for the most romantic wedding band engravings include important dates, personal information, traditional and sentimental vows, humorous or witty phrases, religious statements, coordinating engravings, and symbols.

Below are 70 romantic ideas for wedding ring engravings separated into seven categories. Additionally, tips and things to keep in mind when getting your wedding band engraved are provided after.

Romantic Ideas for Wedding Ring Engravings

Important Dates in Your Relationship

Your wedding will be one of the most significant days in your lives as a couple. However, without the milestones before it such as your engagement day, your first date, and the day you met each other.

  1.  The day you met
  2.  The day of your first date
  3.  The day you fell in love
  4.  The day of your engagement
  5.  The day of your wedding

The easiest way to do this is to follow the DD/MM/YYYY or DD.MM.YYYY format, such as 04/05/21 or 04.05.21. You may also write it completely, such as April 5, 2021.


You may also opt for an inscription containing something personal and special to you and your partner. This could be your initials, your surname as a married couple, coordinates of important locations, and pieces of media that resonate with and represent your relationship.
  1.  Excerpt of a poem
  2.  Lyrics from a song
  3.  Quote from a movie
  4.  The coordinates of the place where you met
  5.  The coordinates of the place where you proposed
  6.  The coordinates of the place where your wedding will be held
  7.  Your initials
  8.  Your nickname or pet name for each other
  9.  Your surname

It is important to keep in mind that inscriptions can only accommodate a certain number of characters. To be safe, make sure your chosen excerpts can fit in two lines of text and/or have around 15-30 characters.

Traditional and Sentimental Words, Phrases, and Vows

Rings have always been a symbol of faithfulness, commitment, and everlasting marriage. To make your ring all the more special, include a few words from traditional, well-known, or self-written vows.
  1.  “All my love”
  2.  “Always”
  3.  “Better half”
  4.  “Eternity”
  5.  “Forever”
  6.  “Forever begins”
  7.  “Happily ever after”
  8.  “I choose you”
  9.  “I love you”
  10.  “I love you” in a different language
  11.  “I love you more”
  12.  “Incredibly lucky”
  13.  “Love, honor, cherish”
  14.  “My love”
  15.  “My one and only”
  16.  “Till death do us part”
  17.  “To have and to hold”
  18.  “To the moon and back”
  19.  “Us against the world”
  20.  “You carry my love”

Humorous or Witty

Engravings are meant to be personalized according to the couple’s personality; if you and your partner are both playful, then it should follow that the inscription on your wedding bands is also playful.
  1.  An inside joke you and your partner have
  2.  “Dibs!”
  3.  “Do not remove”
  4.  “I love you more than (favorite food/beverage)”
  5.  “Insert finger here”
  6.  “No take-backs”
  7.  “Non-refundable”
  8.  “Why is this off?”
  9.  “You’re stuck with me”

Religious Statements

Many religions view marriage as a sacrament or an important institution. If worship and faith are central aspects of your relationship, then statements from religious texts are quintessential candidates for engravings.
  1.  “Do everything in love”
  2.  “God joined us”
  3.  “Joined under God”
  4.  “Love is faithful”
  5.  “Love is kind”
  6.  “Love is patient”
  7.  “Where you go, I will go”
  8.  Your favorite Bible verse

Coordinating Engravings

Coordinating engravings are essentially split messages on two rings that, when put side-by-side, become whole. Symbolically, it represents two people coming together in love and in commitment, which is what weddings are about in the first place.
  1. “After all this time?”
  2. “Always”
    “And forever”
  3.  “Big spoon”
    “Little spoon”
  4.  “I do”
    “Me too”
  5.  “I found a reason”
    “And the reason is you”
  6.  “I found my other half”
    “My other half found me”
  7.  “Now”

“And forever”

  1.  “To have”
    “To hold”
  2.  “To infinity”
    “And beyond”
  3.  “You say it best”
    “When you say nothing at all”
  4.  Coordinating movie quote
  5.  Lines from a poem
  6.  Lyrics from a song

Again, do keep in mind the character limits on each ring. Communicate with the engraver you have chosen to work with and determine if the phrases you have picked are feasible and achievable.


In expressing how you truly feel, words can sometimes be never enough or too much. In that case, symbols are efficient and effective alternatives: you can say so much with so little.
  1.  Characters from other languages (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Greek, etc.)
  2.  Fingerprint
  3.  Heart
  4.  Infinity
  5.  Trinity Knot
  6.  Yin-Yang

Characters from other languages are also useful for multilingual and foreign-born individuals; likewise, some words from other languages do not have direct translations. A fingerprint engraving, unique to you and your partner, signifies that you hold them and only them close to your heart. The heart is universally viewed as a symbol of love. The infinity symbol is a promise of everlasting love. The Trinity Knot is a symbol of eternal love from Celtic culture. The yin and yang signify the balance and harmony in your relationship.

Each symbol, beyond what is listed above, has a meaning. Whichever symbol you decide to use should summarize and speak to the nature of your relationship.

It is important to keep in mind that some jewelers may not be able to accommodate your request for a symbol engraving. Make sure to inquire with multiple jewelers and engravers if they can engrave symbols onto your wedding ring.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting a Wedding Band Engraved

wedding bands

Physical Characteristics of the Wedding Band

Certain rings, because of the way they are made, cannot be engraved. In particular, rings less than 3mm in width cannot be engraved because the space is too small. Some jewelers may be willing to work with those measurements, but the result may not be pleasing for you. Any ring wider than 3mm has enough space to get engraved. The ideal width for the best quality ranges from 5 to 7mm.

If the ring itself is designed in a way that its surface area is low, such as filigreed bands, then engraving would be difficult if not impossible.

Moreover, the metal of the band itself is also a factor in whether the ring can be engraved or not. Gold, due to its relative softness, works best with hand-graving. Engraving with machines is an excellent option for gold, silver, and platinum rings. Jewelers are often reluctant to inscribe titanium and tungsten rings due to their hardness; the results tend to look blurry and messy. With advancements in laser engraving technology, however, even titanium and tungsten rings can contain clean engravings.

With that said, make sure to inquire with jewelers on what requests they can accommodate. Some may be able to offer a wider array of services.

Cost of Wedding Ring Engravings

While wedding bands and rings themselves are expensive, getting them engraved is considerably affordable. The price of engravings is influenced by the length and intricacy of what you want to be engraved. On average, engravings cost around $50 to $100 and can fit between 15 to 30 characters.

Wedding Band Features – Why They Matter?

The process of engraving a wedding ring is carried out towards the end of manufacturing. The engraving itself is a quick procedure using a pencil-sized laser beam, and the strength of the laser used varies depending on the metal the band is made of.

Some jewelers may be able to add an engraving on your wedding band on the spot; however, some may require more time to finish.

While some jewelers engrave wedding rings by hand, machines are also available. Hand engraving is typically more expensive because it is slower compared to doing it with a machine. Hand-graving is the preferred method for exquisite lettering and complex symbols. However, some engravings can only be achieved with the help of machines. The result may vary in appearance as well.

Ultimately, the decision on which methodology to use will be based on your preference. Communicate with your jeweler and engraver about your vision to ascertain if it is feasible.

When to Get Your Wedding Band Engraved

It is best to be certain about the correct size of your and your partner’s fingers before getting your wedding bands engraved. Inform your jeweler or manufacturer that you want to have your wedding band engraved while it is being made or before the size of the band is finalized.

If you need to resize your or your partner’s ring after it has been engraved, the engraving itself would have to be removed. You can get it engraved again; however, this means that you have to pay for the process a second time. Additionally, the structural integrity of your ring may be lessened due to having to remove the first engraving.

Picking an Engraver

Some retailers may offer complimentary engraving services when you buy rings from them, while some may refer you to other companies. Here are some things to do when trying to find the perfect engraver to work with:

  • View their samples and portfolio of engraving work.
  • Read reviews from previous customers and clients.
  • Find out if the engraving work will be done in-house. If the retailer needs to send your ring to a separate facility or engraver, there is a risk of loss and damage due to shipping.
  • Ask if your ring will be insured while it is being engraved.
  • Inquire about which processes they offer and how long they need to finish the engraving.
  • Clarify all the accompanying fees and taxes.

Tips for Getting Your Wedding Band Engraved

Always Double-Check

Engraved rings are generally non-refundable and non-returnable. Additionally, engravings cannot be changed or removed once they are finalized.

As such, you should double-check the content of your inscription before you hand it over to the engraver. This includes correct spelling and proper use of grammar. This is to ensure that there will be no mistake on your ring.

Combine Multiple Ideas

From the seven categories listed above, you are free to use however many you prefer. A common combination is a couple’s initials or surname and the date of their wedding. They may also add a heart or infinity symbol before the date. Another option is to have a sentimental inscription paired with a symbol.

Take Your Time

As mentioned earlier, engravings cannot be changed or removed once they are done. You and your partner will be wearing your rings for a long time. With that said, you must give your inscription a lot of thought.

Make a list of possible engravings and discuss it with your partner. Decide if you want to have similar, coordinating, or different inscriptions. Ultimately, go with something that is special to both of you and that encapsulates the nature of your relationship.

Surprise Each Other

Although completely optional, you may want to surprise each other and keep your chosen engravings secret until the day of the wedding. This makes it all the more special, sentimental, and unforgettable.

Have the Rings Engraved After the Wedding

If there is not enough time to get the bands engraved before the wedding, you may opt to have them engraved afterward. This also gives you more time to think about the inscription and figure out what would be perfect for you. The additional time — and the lessened pressure due to not having to make it on time — might also help your creativity flow better.

Final Thoughts

Engraving your wedding rings has two primary purposes: to personalize the rings themselves, and to commemorate a distinct detail of your relationship. Possible engravings fall under a multitude of categories such as important dates, personal information, traditional and sentimental vows, humorous or witty phrases, religious statements, coordinating messages, and symbols

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