Who Buys the Wedding Ring? Tradition & Modernity Explained

The wedding ring symbolizes the lifelong love, devotion, and commitment that the couple has for each other. As it is one of the essential elements in any wedding ceremony, proper consideration must be given when purchasing. However, in light of wedding traditions and the couple’s financial resources, identifying who is responsible for buying the wedding rings confuses couples and their families.

Who buys the wedding ring? The decision on who buys the wedding bands primarily depends on the couple’s personal preferences. Traditionally, the bride purchases the groom’s ring while the groom pays for the bride’s ring. Alternatively, the bride and groom shop for their own ring or both of them buy the wedding bands together and share the costs.

This article discusses the customary and modern practices of buying wedding rings. In addition, some factors to help the couple deal with the process of purchasing the bands are examined below.

Who Buys the Wedding Ring: Tradition & Modernity

Wedding Ring Traditions

In as much as how wedding customs have evolved, wedding ring traditions have also changed through time. In the past, a wedding ring was given by the groom to his bride to signify a contract or a legal agreement between the couple and their families. The rings’ symbolism has changed over time as they now represent the romantic love and unity between the couple and are worn by both genders.

Also, it was customary in the past for wedding rings to be passed on to the next generation as priceless family heirlooms.

Who Buys the Wedding Rings?

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Nowadays, the common practice is for the bride to buy the groom’s ring while the groom buys the engagement ring and a matching wedding band for his bride. In this way, the wedding rings can be given to each other as gifts, thus, making them more special.

Many couples also take on a more modern approach when buying wedding rings. They choose to purchase both wedding bands together and treat them as a joint investment. Perhaps the reason for this practice is to ease out the financial burden between the couple. Some also prefer to shop for their own ring to personally choose the style they want.

There is, in fact, no right answer to this query as the couple should decide on the most favorable option that works best for them.

Financial Considerations

It is essential to consider your budget when planning for your wedding as a whole. Consult with your future spouse on how you would like to manage the wedding expenses, especially when deciding on who pays for what and how to pay for all of it.

Wedding rings, in particular, are considered by many couples as a huge financial investment. Figuring out who pays for them can be easily sorted out by discussing the following questions with your partner.

Do You Share Finances?

If you are already combining your finances, such as having a joint bank account, and are used to sharing all expenses even prior to the wedding, then you are comfortable splitting up the cost of the wedding bands. You could opt to divide the cost evenly or in proportion to your individual incomes, which is a fair and feasible option.

Who Earns More?

The partner, who earns much more than the other, may offer to pay for the total cost of the wedding rings. If not the full amount, a higher sum could be shouldered if the expense is shared. This option helps in easing out the financial burden between the couple.

Who Pays For the Other Wedding Costs?

The cost for the wedding rings is just a fraction of the total wedding expenses. When deciding on who pays for the rings, the couple should also consider all the other expenses that need to be covered as well. If in case your partner shoulders the majority of the wedding costs, you may offer to purchase and pay for the wedding bands, and vice versa.

How Much Do the Wedding Rings Cost?

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The total cost for both wedding rings is a significant factor to consider when deciding who shoulders the expenses for them. Discuss with your future spouse and work out a budget for the rings that you both feel comfortable with.

On average, wedding rings may cost around three percent of the total wedding budget. Wedding band prices may range from $200 to $2,000 or more. Prices for the bands vary substantially depending on the metal, ring size and width, style, metal finish, stones, and ring setting design if there are any.

Whether you keep to the tradition of purchasing each other’s ring or share the expenses and buy them together, keep in mind that it pays to invest in quality. Because you will wear it every day, you want it to be durable and last for a very long time.

Furthermore, consult with your jeweler whether costs for adjustments, replacements, cleaning, and insurance are included as a package or at an extra charge.

Final Thoughts

Similar to how wedding celebrations are thoroughly prepared, purchasing the wedding rings should also involve careful planning by the couple. They need to work out and stick to a budget, discuss their preferences, agree on ring selections, and then decide on who or how they will pay for the wedding bands.

It is ultimately up to the couple to choose who buys the wedding rings and settle on an arrangement that works best for both of them.