Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day?

An engagement ring is one of the most treasured pieces of jewelry that a woman can possess. Subsequently, this bride-to-be receives another precious ring from her groom during the wedding ceremony. With all the preparations leading to the wedding, a bride may forget or get confused about what to do with her engagement ring during the big day.

Do you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day? The bride can opt to keep wearing her engagement ring on her left hand, temporarily move it to her right hand, or attach it to her other bridal jewelry as an embellishment. Alternatively, she can decide to forego wearing it and leave it briefly to a trusted person for safekeeping. In the end, the decision on how to wear the engagement ring depends on the bride’s personal preference.

In this article, we discuss different options to help brides decide on what to do with their engagement ring on the wedding day.

Wearing Your Engagement Ring On a Wedding Day

Traditional Ring Etiquette

Once engaged, it is customary to wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger. The wedding ring is placed on the left ring finger as well when vows are exchanged during the wedding ceremony.

This tradition dates back to the Roman cultures who believed that the Vena Amoris or called the “Vein of love” is located at the fourth finger on the left hand and is connected directly to the heart. Wearing a ring over this finger symbolizes the union and love shared between couples.

Although it is not the same in all countries, this practice is widely adapted in Western cultures and is applied to both the wedding and engagement rings. However, when wearing both, the wedding ring is supposed to be worn first so that it sits closer to the heart.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring

wedding engagement rings

An engagement ring is given to the betrothed during a proposal. This symbolizes love, devotion, and a promise for marriage. A typical engagement ring is set with a single focal stone or can be surrounded by smaller stones.

Wedding rings are exchanged between a bride and a groom during the wedding ceremony. It is usually made of a plain metal band or can be decorated with stones.

How to Wear Your Engagement Ring?

On the wedding day, the bride receives the wedding ring from the groom and wears it on her left ring finger. Before this ceremony, the bride should have decided on what to do with the engagement ring that she currently has.

Some women choose not to follow the traditional ring etiquette and instead adjust the engagement ring’s placement according to their preferences. The following are options that can help the bride decide on how to handle her engagement ring on the wedding day.

Leave It As-Is

You can opt to continue wearing your engagement ring on your left ring finger. During the ceremony, the groom will place the wedding band on top of it. You can then take a few moments after the event to swap the rings’ places on your left hand.

Note that this option may take the spotlight away from your wedding ring. In photographs, your glimmering engagement ring may dominate over your new wedding band.

Move the Engagement Ring

You can also temporarily move your engagement ring to your right hand. This is to ensure that the wedding band sits perfectly on your left ring finger upon exchanging vows. You may then put your engagement ring back to your left hand, over the wedding ring, once the ceremony is over.

Should you decide to go for this option, just make sure that the engagement ring also fits well on your right hand. There may be slight differences in ring sizes between your left and right hand, so it is better to check first if you can wear it comfortably on your right hand.

Don’t Wear It

Another option is to forego wearing your engagement ring to the wedding. In this case, you may want to leave it at home or store it somewhere safe.

You can also hand it over to your Maid of Honor, a family member, or a trusted person before the wedding for safekeeping. Let them keep it for some time and have it back once the ceremony is over. You can wear it from then on.

This option is a better choice if you are wearing gloves. The ring settings may be sharp and can snag on clothing or the fabric of your gloves.

Wear It With Other Jewelry

Alternatively, you can wear your engagement ring along with your other bridal jewelry as an embellishment. You may attach the ring to a bracelet like a charm, or a necklace like a pendant. Care should be taken to ensure that the ring is securely attached to prevent it from getting lost during the festivities.

Final thoughts

The wedding day is a very special occasion to celebrate the union of the couple. But should you wear your engagement ring on your wedding day?

It would be more meaningful to wear the engagement ring on this momentous day as the ring symbolizes the love and commitment that you have for each other. Ultimately, you should choose the most favorable option that works best for you.

However if you choose to wear your engagement ring during the wedding day, it is important that the the engagement ring fits comfortably on your finger. Have your rings sized properly, checked for damages, and cleaned thoroughly prior to the big day.