Top 12 Italian Wedding Songs: Most Romantic Music

Music is one of the most essential and memorable aspects of a wedding ceremony. It sets the tone of the event and can serve a variety of purposes for your guests. Italian wedding songs, in particular, are famous for their romantic and upbeat nature.

Italian wedding songs are popular choices to play at a wedding. It fits in every part of the ceremony, from prelude, processional, and to recessional. Some of the most romantic songs include Calabrisella Mia, Sciuri Sciuri, Vivo Per Lei, and Volare.

Italian has been dubbed as the most romantic language by hundreds of linguists, thus making Italian songs a perfect fit for any part within a wedding ceremony.

Italian Wedding Songs: Examples

Music is an important aspect of weddings. It influences emotions and affects the overall tone of the ceremony. There are three basic types of music played in a wedding ceremony: preludes, processionals, and recessionals.


This refers to the music played while guests enter the venue, find their seats, and await the beginning of the program. It is usually light in nature, and its goal is to set the mood of everyone present. You can opt to start playing prelude music as soon as the doors open, or even as early as 40 minutes before. However, it must begin 20 minutes before the ceremony starts.

Minuetto – Luigi Boccherini

Dance of the Blessed Spirits

The Four Seasons (Spring)



Processional music is played during the entrance of the extended wedding party, that is, the attendants, the family, and the bride. This makes it one of the most significant portions of the program in terms of music.

In deciding which music to play during this part of the ceremony, the length of the song should be proportional to how many people are in the line-up. One to two songs are enough for a small wedding. For a bigger event, you may want to prepare a whole playlist of songs or hire live musicians who can adjust the length of their performance in real-time.

Many couples opt to have a dedicated song for the entrance of the bride. The choice is usually an emotional, dramatic, and touching song that would play as she walks down the aisle.

O Sole Mio

Ma n’atu sole                        But another sun,

cchiù bello, oje ne’.               that’s brighter still,

O sole mio                             It’s my own sun

sta ‘nfronte a te!                    That’s in your face!

O sole                                    The sun

O sole mio                             My own sun

sta ‘nfronte a te!                    It’s in your face!

sta ‘nfronte a te!                    It’s in your face!

Vivo Per Lei

I have loved the same as you

One that I know will never leave me

It doesn’t matter what I do

I know this love will never deceive me

That’s Amore

When the moon hits your eye

Like a big pizza pie, that’s amore

When the world seems to shine

Like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore


Opposite to processional music, recessional music plays while everyone makes their exit. Thus, this is played at the end of the event.

Recessional music is often lively and upbeat as it is a celebration of the marriage of the newlyweds. Classics and traditional songs are also popular options.

Calabrisella Mia

Nina ti vitt’all’acqua chi lavavi            Nina I saw you near the water, you were washing clothes

e lu me’ cori si jinchiu d’amuri.           And my heart filled with love

Mentri li panni a la sipala ampravi     while you hung the clothes out

iu t’arrubai lu megghiu muccaturi.      I stole your best handkerchief

Funiculì, Funiculà

La capa vota, vota, attuorno, attuorno,          The top is turning round, and round, and round

attuorno a tte! Attuorno a tte!                         Around yourself! Around yourself!

Stu core canta sempe nu taluorno:                  My heart is singing the same refrain:

Sposamme, oje né! Sposamme, oje né!            We should be wed! We should be wed!

Sciuri Sciuri

Sciuri, sciuri, sciuri di tuttu l’annu                 Flower, flowers, flowers all the year

l’amuri ca mi dasti ti lu tornu.                        The love you gave me I give you back

Sciuri, sciuri, sciuri di tuttu l’annu                 Flower, flowers, flowers all the year

l’amuri ca mi dasti ti lu tornu.                        The love you gave me I give you back



Volare, oh oh                                     To fly, oh oh

E cantare, oh oh oh oh                      To sing, oh oh oh oh

Nel blu, dipinto di blu                       In the blue, painted of blue

Felice di stare lassù                          I am happy to be up there

Different weddings may also play interludes during important parts of the ceremony, such as an additional reading, a signing of contracts, or a tradition specific to your religion and belief system.

There are multiple playlists available on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Spotify that have compiled the most popular Italian songs to play at weddings. Access one of the many playlists through this link:

Make sure to check in with the venue of the ceremony and ask regarding their policies on music. Some venues may have rules and regulations on what time the music starts and how long it can play. Some venues may prohibit it altogether. If hiring a live band, you may want to ask about capacity and equipment.

Overall, the music to be played should represent the essence of your partnership and should reflect both of your personalities. This will energize, unite, and entertain your guests through the ceremony.

Final Thoughts

Italian music has some of the most romantic and lively songs which will fit any part of a wedding ceremony. You would want light and soft songs for the prelude, emotional and grand music for the processional, and upbeat and lively music for the recessional.