Wedding Arch Dimensions: Finding the Right Fit

When you browse through wedding photos on Pinterest or Instagram, odds are you will find a wedding arch in the venue. An arch is a stunning addition to your decor, making your location feel more elegant and sophisticated. 

The appropriate wedding arch dimensions depend on several factors: its function, placement, and added decorations. In general, a walkable wedding arch may range from 7’ to 9’ tall and 4’ to 7’ wide.

Each factor that influences the appropriate dimensions is explained in further detail below, followed by a helpful summary for choosing the perfect wedding arch. Several tips for making sure your arch is the right fit are also provided. 

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Arch Dimensions: Factors

wedding arch

How do you plan on using the arch?

A wedding arch has multiple functions at a ceremony or reception. While planning the dimensions of your wedding arch, its functionality should be your utmost priority.

The most common use for a wedding arch is framing the couple during the ceremony. The arch, if placed near the altar, will provide a lovely frame as the couple exchanges vows, kisses, and more. 

In this case, the wedding arch should be wide enough to encompass the altar, the couple, and a part of the view. Likewise, it should be tall enough so that embellishments on the arch — like fabric and flowers — do not hit the couple.

For couples of different statures, make sure the wedding arch’s height is appropriate for the taller person. In general, adjust the height of the arch to both of your heights. 

Another related use of a wedding arch is a frame for pictures. You can place it somewhere in your venue or hang it on a wall. The same considerations as above apply.

Couples also use wedding arches to mark the entrance to the ceremony or reception. They place it by a door or the start of a walkway. Try not to make the arch too wide in this case; as long as two to three people can walk under it comfortably, you have the right dimensions.

In any case, if people will walk underneath the arch or the couple will stand underneath it, make it at least 7’ tall. If it is mostly decorative, a 6’ tall arch is enough.

How will you place the arch in your venue?

wedding arch on a beach

You have two options for how to place the arch in your venue: underground or overground.

Some types of wedding arches need more stability than others. For instance, you might need to push the base of a metal wedding arch into the grass to keep it stable. Work out how many inches underground you need to go, then add it to the dimensions.

Meanwhile, other arches do not need that much support. You can place the bases on planting pots and find your desired spot for the arch; afterward, fill the pots with sand or dirt to add weight and keep it stable.

You can also use low stands and feet, but these might not be the safest and smartest choices depending on your arch type and venue.

What embellishments will you put on the arch?

Most couples opt to add decorations on their wedding arch to make it match the venue and the theme better. The materials you use to embellish may influence the dimensions of the wedding arch you need to get.

To avoid having to make additional computations to your wedding arch dimensions, focus on decorating the sides and the base. Feel free to add flowers, greenery, fabric, balloons, and other decorations. Meanwhile, you can simply wrap tulle, net, and greenery around the top of your arch.

If you want to add decor that drapes or hangs from above, make sure to factor the additional inches or feet into your configurations. 

Wedding Arch Dimensions: Quick and Helpful Guide

The table and notes below summarize the information above. However, keep in mind that ultimately, these dimensions are averages; you may want to double-check how these measurements will look in your venue.

Wedding Arch Dimensions
Walkable wedding arch 7’ to 9’ high, 4’ to 7’ wide
Decorative wedding arch 6’ high,  3’ to 5’ wide
  • If you plan on adding drapes or hanging decorations to a walkable wedding arch, add 1’ to 2’ to ensure that you and your guests do not hit the embellishments with your head.
  • Some arches need more support than others. If you need to push your wedding arch into the ground, you may have to add at least 1’ to its height. Ask the manufacturer or rental company for more details.
  • If you will place the wedding arch at the ceremony space, and you and your partner are both short, you may want to subtract at least 1’. Otherwise, you are recommended to adjust the height to the taller individual.

Practical Tips for Determining Wedding Arch Dimensions

Work Closely with Your Decorator and Venue Staff

As mentioned above, any wedding arch — regardless of dimension — will require some form of support to keep it stable. If you are not an expert in this field, it can get confusing and challenging to figure out.

As such, ask for guidance from your decorator or rental company. They will know what type of support or base will work best for your specific wedding arch.

Likewise, consult with the staff at your venue about any rules and policies you should know. For instance, they might not allow you to push the base of your wedding arch into the grass for support. 

Test the Arch Personally

wedding arch with pink flowers

It is difficult to rely simply on dimensions. Once you have the arch with all its decorations, test it with your partner. Ask someone to accompany you while you do this, observing how the arch frames you. Doing so will help you determine if you need to make any changes.

If you plan on placing the arch at the entrance, try walking through it. Make sure you and your partner can comfortably walk through it; you may want to test it out with a third person and see how that feels.

You can also pose for some photos with the arch. This will help you determine if its height is proportionate to your and your partner’s statures. The pictures might come out awkward or tight if the arch is not the right height.

DIYing vs. Renting vs. Purchasing an Arch

There are plenty of tutorials online on how to create an arch for any event. You can also buy an arch kit online. This option is ideal if your wedding arch dimensions are unique and unavailable. However, it might be impractical if you do not have much time or space to store it afterward.

Renting might be the safest option, as you do not have to worry about set up and storage. Renting may cost at least $75 and can go upwards of a few hundred dollars.

However, you can also purchase an arch if you have a home garden or backyard where it will fit perfectly. You can also rent it out to other couples if you prefer. Generally, wedding arches may cost anywhere between $50 to $300.

If space is an issue, but you would like to keep the arch as a memento, you can look for a portable or foldable wedding arch. This option is also excellent for a destination wedding, as it is easy to transport.