5 Fixes for When Your Bridesmaid Dress is Too Small

Your bridesmaid dress not fitting you can be quite a pain and hassle to deal with right before the wedding day. Interestingly, this problem is not too uncommon, and not handling this can easily lead to a bigger and more stressful pre-wedding day situation.

Fortunately, there are fixes you can do to refit your bridesmaid dress’s size, such as by reordering your dress, having a seamster or seamstress treat your dress, or even exchanging your dress. Though, do note that these fixes will largely depend on whether you have enough time before the wedding to make them.

As early as now, figure out how much time you have before the wedding, identify the fabric of your dress, and inform the bride and other bridesmaids so they can assist you. With all that considered, here are five fixes for when your bridesmaid dress is too small.

Your Bridesmaid Dress is Too Small? Try These 5 Fixes

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  1. Order a new bridesmaid dress

If you have sufficient time before the wedding (ideally about thirty days), you may have time to order a new dress that better matches your size. Hence, as a precaution, always order your bridesmaid dress months ahead of time when possible.

With that said, it may be wise to visit the bridal store or tailor personally with the wrongly fitted dress. This is so that they may make the necessary corrections with the same materials and methods that they used to make your dress.

  1. Bring your bridesmaid dress to a seamster or seamstress

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If you still have about two weeks before the wedding, you may be able to make the necessary changes to your bridesmaid dress through a seamster, seamstress, or any other such tailor experienced with wedding dresses. One common alteration is adjusting the dress’s hem, which can be costly.

Of course, you will need to provide them with your exact measurements as well as be clear about the flaws of the original bridesmaid dress. Additionally, you may need to provide them with the fabric of your bridesmaid dress. You can get information on its material from the store or service that made your bridesmaid dress.

  1. Exchange your dress with other bridesmaids

In a pinch, you can inform other bridesmaids that your dress doesn’t fit you quite well. It can be a tricky thing to admit, but it’s not unlikely to find bridesmaids with a similar problem.

If that’s the case, then they may be willing to exchange their dress for yours should their dress’s size better fit you and vice versa. This way, you solve your issues and theirs at the same time.

  1. Borrow someone else’s bridesmaid dress

Another last resort solution is to borrow someone else’s bridesmaid dress, preferably a family member or close friend with a similar size as you.

It may not match the theme of the wedding you’re attending, but it’s better than not having a usable dress at all. Moreover, it should go without saying to take good care of the dress they may lend you and thank them for the favor.

  1. Make self-corrections

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You can attempt to do self-corrections to your bridesmaid dress if you’re at the very end of your rope. So long as you have the proper materials, fabric, and expertise, you can resize the dress yourself.

Keep in mind that you should do this solution only when you’re at the very end of your rope and if you already have experience refitting a dress. It’s much better to leave your dress in the hands of professionals.

Final Thoughts

As a rule of thumb, try not to make any self-corrections on your bridesmaid dress except if no other alternative is feasible. More importantly, do your best to work with the service that made your bridesmaid dress. As they’re the ones who made your dress, they would best know how to refit your dress.

Finally, it’s best to relay such a problem to other bridesmaids and the bride as they may give useful advice, offer to exchange dresses with you, or even lend you a spare dress. In any case, the best way to avoid this problem is to make sure you give the exact measurements and order the dress well in advance.