Fake Wedding Exit Explained (+ Unforgettable & Fun Ideas)

To cap off their wedding day, newlywed couples traditionally dazzle their guests with a grand wedding exit. In such an exit, guests celebrate the bride and groom with lights, petals, confetti, or even streamers while the couple poses for their wedding day’s final photographs. However, a couple may not always be able to do such an exit for a variety of reasons.

Fortunately, couples may still opt for a more convenient alternative. Instead of a grand wedding exit, a couple can choose to do a fake wedding exit (or a faux exit or mock exit). A fake wedding exit occurs two to three hours before a traditional exit and is usually done because of special circumstances and a tight budget.

With that said, fake wedding exits can be just as lovely, beautiful, and memorable as traditional wedding exits done at a much later time. As long as you have planned a fake wedding exit well and are aware of both its benefits and disadvantages, then there are plenty of gorgeous ways and ideas to pull it off.

Fake Wedding Exit: Explained

guests throwing confetti at newlyweds

What is a fake wedding exit?

Traditionally, wedding exits occur much later into the evening, around 11 pm to 10 pm (some may even go much later). Guests highly anticipate this occasion as it is a celebratory way to send off the bride and groom while also formally capping off the wedding day.

A fake wedding exit is essentially a traditional wedding exit that happens at a much earlier time without sending off the bride and groom. Hence, it is fake. The bride and groom only pretend to exit, receiving the guests’ fanfare and posing for wedding exit photographs. Then, they come back to the reception to celebrate with everyone else.

While seemingly strange at first, there are perfectly valid and understandable reasons for doing a fake wedding exit.

Reasons to Do a Fake Wedding Exit

Couples choose to do fake wedding exits primarily for reasons relating to their budget, the guests’ convenience, and other special circumstances. No matter the case, these reasons usually mean that the couple is unable to have a wedding exit at its traditional time, which is very late into the evening.

For instance, a couple may be concerned about elderly guests who need to leave early but want them to be around for the celebratory exit. A fake wedding exit is therefore a convenient compromise. The same goes for children or infant guests who need to be home at an earlier time.

In another case, the couple may be paying their photographer and other related wedding vendors by the hour or have contracted them only up until the early evening. Thus, the couple may be compelled to have a fake wedding exit early into the evening while continuing the after-wedding party.

Reasons Not to Do a Fake Wedding Exit

While convenient and often practical, a fake wedding exit has some disadvantages. For instance, a fake wedding exit may open a window of opportunity for guests to leave early. That a fake wedding exit already “feels” like an exit can be used as an excuse to leave.

Similarly, a fake wedding exit can confuse the guests and tire them out, especially if the fake wedding exit will occur in a place that is a good distance away from the reception area where guests are partying.

Lastly, a fake wedding exit may be a bit more difficult to coordinate compared to a traditional exit. A wedding DJ, for example, may have to put in extra effort to signal the beginning of the fake wedding exit. They must also ensure that guests will attend this exit while busy partying.

8 Unforgettable and Fun Fake Wedding Exit Ideas

newlyweds walking on sunset

  1. Sparklers

A popular choice even for traditional wedding exits, wedding sparklers are a great way to bring joy and excitement to fake wedding exits.

  1. Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons, handheld or not, can be a great option for a fake wedding exit, especially if you won’t have many guests to hold up or toss anything to help enhance the wedding send-off.

  1. Streamers

Streamers can be an amazing addition to a fake wedding exit. Not only are they colorful, but you can also attach bells or any other noisemaking element to add lively sounds to your wedding send-off.

  1. Rose Petal Toss

wedding exit

A classic option, a rose petal toss to send off the bride and groom works just fine for a fake wedding exit as it would with a traditional wedding exit.

  1. Glow Sticks

While perfect when it’s already dark outside, glow sticks and LED lights can be a wonderful way to add color to a fake wedding exit.

  1. Champagne Shower

Another well-known choice, a champagne shower can be a fun way to highlight a fake wedding exit while rocking a party-goer spirit.

  1. Balloon Release

A balloon release is a fun and colorful way to cap off a fake wedding exit. Not only that, but it’s also one of the more affordable and easy-to-coordinate choices for an exit.

  1. Bubbles


Like the balloon release, bubbles make for a pretty and inexpensive way to beautify a fake wedding exit.

Final Thoughts

Fake wedding exits are an excellent alternative to traditional wedding exits. As they are done much earlier than traditional wedding exits, they help to address any time-related issues, such as those involving budget or guest concerns.

Indeed, fake wedding exits can be just as meaningful and memorable as traditional wedding exits if it’s planned well in advance. If you choose to have a fake wedding exit, it may be a good idea to discuss this with your partner, wedding organizer, and concerned wedding vendors such as your film crew, DJ, and photographer.

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