120+ Funny Anniversary Wishes for Friends: Laugh It Up!

Anniversaries are an exciting milestone for couples to celebrate, as they mark how much time has passed since they tied the knot. Some couples celebrate with a vow renewal, getting new rings, or hosting a gathering with friends.

Funny anniversary wishes for friends are a priceless and unforgettable gift for the celebrants. You can post these wishes on social media, message them directly, or include one in your gift.

Below are over 120+ entertaining anniversary wishes your friends will appreciate. The wishes are divided into categories to make it easier for you to find the right vibe, tone, and message.

Hilarious Anniversary Wishes for Friends That Will Crack Them Up

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“Time Flies” Anniversary Wishes

Anniversaries, by definition, are celebrated every year. You may want your well-wishes to your friends to reflect the passage of time—especially how quickly it does. This category can be sentimental, funny, or often a mix of both.

  1. Congrats on surviving another year of marriage! I didn’t know you two had it in you. You deserve a gold medal.
  2. Happy anniversary, you guys! Can’t believe it’s been 15 years, and you still manage to tolerate each other this well!
  3. I thought you were celebrating your 20th anniversary, but apparently, it’s only been 10 years. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!
  4. Congratulations on reaching the “We don’t need to exchange gifts” stage of marriage.
  5. Your love story is my favorite sitcom. I hope it gets renewed for many, many more seasons.
  6. It’s been another year already? Time to update my calendar.
  7. In case any or both of you forgot what day it is—happy anniversary! (Hope this doesn’t cause any fights. Oops.)
  8. Happy anniversary to you two. Thanks for proving that true love can survive reality TV marathons.
  9. Happy anniversary to (Names of the couple). Thanks for tirelessly proving that love really is blind.
  10. Time flies when you’re in love. It also flies when you’re arguing about whose turn it is to take out the trash, wash the dishes, do the laundry… Time will also fly if you let me go on. Happy anniversary!
  11. Happy anniversary! It feels just like yesterday when you two were newlyweds… Did you remember to finish your wedding cake, or is it still in the freezer? 
  12. Happy anniversary, you guys. I can tell you’ve been together for quite a while because you’ve reached the point where you can communicate using eye rolls and pointed silence.
  13. Another year down, and you two still make marriage look like a walk in the park. A park with multiple paths, a hike, countless puddles, and hundreds of smokers in the area, that is.
  14. Happy anniversary to (names of the couple) who’s been together longer than most New Year’s resolutions last!
  15. You two have been together for so long, you’re basically one person now. Happy anniversary to my favorite “buy-one-take-one” deal!
  16. Just like my favorite pair of jeans, your marriage has only gotten better with age. Cheers to another year of a perfect, if not slightly distressed, fit!
  17. Happy anniversary! Here’s to another year of knowing way too much about each other’s bathroom habits and enabling them.
  18. You’ve been together so long, I can’t remember a time when you weren’t a couple. And maybe that’s for the best—college was an embarrassing time for all of us. Congrats on another year of inseparability!
  19. Your love has stood the test of time. You are living proof that God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. Cheers to another year of marital bliss and resilience!
  20. Happy anniversary, you two! I’m surprised the Chinese restaurant down the street still doesn’t give you discounts when you’ve singlehandedly given them at least 50% of their revenue for the past 10 years.
  21. Happy anniversary to the couple who makes marriage look like a piece of (wedding) cake!
  22. You’ve reached that point in a marriage where you can finish each other’s sentences—or interrupt them without getting mad at each other. Congratulations!
  23. It’s hard to believe you two have been together for over 20 years. Continue tackling chores, bringing the best food to potlucks, and dominating trivia nights. Happy anniversary!

Funny Anniversary Wishes for Friends With Marriage Advice

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Many people typically include a short piece of marriage advice in anniversary wishes for their friends, be it solicited or otherwise. Feel free to make it as amusing, entertaining, or sarcastic as you want.

  1. Marriage is like a roller coaster—it has its ups, downs, and loop-the-loops. Hold on tight, scream as loud as you can, and enjoy the ride!
  2. Happy anniversary, you two! When in doubt, “Yes, dear, you’re right” is the correct answer to any question.
  3. Happy anniversary! Always remember: a happy spouse is a happy house.
  4. Remember, for a successful marriage, it’s not always about who’s right; it’s about who’s less wrong.
  5. Marriage is like a fine wine—it gets better with age. At least that’s what they tell me. I don’t drink wine.
  6. People always that married couples are stronger together. That’s true most of the time, but sometimes, you should give each other space to collect yourself. Especially when the other person refuses to admit they’re wrong.
  7. A strong and happy marriage is all about compromise—like where to hide the candy stash, what to get for takeout, and who does the chores.
  8. Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. So pace yourselves, take frequent water breaks, and don’t forget to have fun along the way.
  9. Happy anniversary! Never forget that a healthy marriage is like a good workout—sometimes, all you need to do is to sweat the small stuff.
  10. Marriage is like a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle—you need tons of patience, persistence, and attention to detail. It’s normal to occasionally flip the table in frustration.
  11. The secret to a happy marriage is laughter, love, and a good pair of earplugs to sleep through each other’s snoring. Happy anniversary!
  12. Happy anniversary! Marriage tip: Keep each other on your toes by surprising each other with a new joke, a spontaneous dance party, or an errand you forgot to run.
  13. Remember, marriage is like a garden—it requires constant care, attention, and the occasional weeding. It’s tiring work, but when the flowers are in bloom, you’ll remember what it’s all for.
  14. For a long-lasting marriage, always say “I love you” regardless of what’s the situation. Even when you’re just arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes. (If you’re lucky, it’ll get you out of washing the dishes!)
  15. In marriage, you must have a sense of humor—especially when you accidentally forget to water your spouse’s houseplants and they all wilt.
  16. Marriage is like a rollercoaster—the ups and downs are part of the ride, so just enjoy the view and hold on tight! Bring a sick bag just in case.
  17. Happy anniversary! A resilient marriage is built on trust, communication, and the priceless skill of laughing at each other’s corny jokes even if they’ve said it seven times already.
  18. Always remember to say “please” and “thank you” in your marriage – and “I’m sorry” when you forget to say “please” and “thank you.” There are three words that are essential to any marriage: please, thank you, and I’m sorry.
  19. The secret to a happy marriage is to be best friends first, partners in crime second, and each other’s number-one fans third.
  20. Marriage is like a good novel—some chapters are more interesting than others, but it’s the whole plot and the character development that really matter.
  21. In marriage, the key to happiness is finding joy in the little things—like immaculately brewed hot chocolate, an organized closet, and a well-timed pun.
  22. A strong, well-adjusted marriage consists of three people: two spouses and a marriage counselor. You’re lucky your in-laws are wonderful people!

Cheesy Anniversary Wishes for Friends Celebrating Their Anniversaries

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If you are the sentimental and lovey-dovey type, consider sending cheesy anniversary wishes to your friends. Not only is this choice on-brand for you, but it will also be unforgettable and funny, if not a bit lovably cringy.

  1. People say love is blind, but marriage can really be an eye-opener. Happy anniversary!
  2. The moment you introduced (name of friend’s partner) to me, I had this feeling you would be amazing together… amazing at annoying each other. And I’m right.
  3. Thanks for proving that love is resilient, and love is forgiving. Love can survive despite countless dirty dishes and laundry piles.
  4. Cheers to another year of having each other’s backs and being the only ones to laugh at your own jokes!
  5. You are the perfect example that true love persists even in the face of adversities—like unlimited dad jokes.
  6. Your love is like a sitcom—full of laughter, surprises, the occasional misunderstandings,  and seasonal reruns of your favorite memories.
  7. Happy anniversary, (names of the couple). I salute you for still laughing at each other’s jokes, even if you’ve heard every single one a thousand times.
  8. You two go together, like popcorn and movie night. I’ve never seen a more perfect match. Happy anniversary!
  9. May your love continue to grow, just like your collection of inside jokes, kitschy mugs, and houseplants. Happy anniversary!
  10. Your love is like a blooming flower: it started as a tiny seed and has blossomed into something beautiful and vibrant—and sometimes causes allergies. Always remember to take care of your beautiful love.
  11. Happy anniversary to the couple who proves that laughter really is the best medicine.
  12. Wishing you another year of shared laughter, inside jokes, and memories that make you double over in laughter.
  13. You two are like sunshine on a cloudy day—always brightening up each other’s lives despite the constant threat of rain. Happy anniversary!
  14. Your love is like a comedy show—though sometimes cringy, it never fails to make me laugh and want more.
  15. Congratulations on another year of being each other’s favorite comedians. May your love continue to be a laughter-filled adventure.
  16. Your love story has it all: romance, laughter, and a perfect amount of silliness. Happy anniversary!
  17. Happy anniversary to (names of the couple), who still try to make each other laugh until they snort.
  18. Wishing you a lifetime of laughter, love, and silliness. Happy anniversary!
  19. Your love is like a rom-com—full of laughter, happy tears, and the occasional plot twist. Do I have your permission to write it and submit it to a movie studio? We can make some serious money here, guys.
  20. Here’s to another year of you two laughing together. Or at each other. Happy anniversary!
  21. I’m sure married life has been a wild ride. Some would call it being stubborn, but I’m proud of you two for being such a resilient and determined couple. Happy 10th anniversary!

Sarcastic and Witty Anniversary Wishes for Friends

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Since these anniversary wishes are for your friends, you can get away with being smart about it. Depending on how close you are to them, feel free to be as sarcastic and witty as you like. These well-wishes are also perfect for people with dry humor.

  1. Happy 10th wedding anniversary to you guys, and happy 13th anniversary to you making me the third wheel on your dates! At least I’ve gotten some free food out of it. 
  2. Your love is as inspiring as your ability to commit to matching outfits every time you go out.
  3. Happy anniversary, guys! Thanks for showing me how much a person can tolerate before going insane.
  4. Congrats on another year of pretending to enjoy each other’s hobbies. I wonder what hobby you two will pick up this year. Crochet, maybe?
  5. Here’s to another year of pretending your spouse’s terrible cooking is actually serviceable.
  6. You two are like peanut butter and jelly—the combo works and everyone loves it, but no one seems to understand why it works.
  7. People say opposites attract. So can anybody explain why it’s (names of the couple)’s 5th wedding anniversary already when they’re both nuts and out of this world?
  8. I wanted to say something about the secret to a happy marriage, but it seems like none of us has figured it out yet. I guess it’ll remain a secret. Happy anniversary!
  9. Happy anniversary! How does it feel to have someone to endlessly complain to and complain about?
  10. Congrats on another year of skillfully avoiding each other’s pet peeves. I hope you don’t become each other’s pet peeves. Happy anniversary!
  11. Happy anniversary to the couple that never fails to entertain me with their bickering—or, as they would say, affectionate banter.
  12. Happy anniversary, friends! Thanks to you, I’ve realized how persistent love can be. Despite your questionable fashion choices, consistent lack of desire to do voluntarily do your chores, and dodgy spending habits, you’re still deeply in love.
  13. Happy anniversary! At this point, if there was a competition on selective hearing, you have a realistic chance of becoming the world champions.
  14. Happy anniversary to the couple whose vocation in life is “agreeing to disagree” because what’s important is “that’s what makes you happy.”
  15. Your love story is like a reality show—full of unexpected drama, laughter, and the occasional “What the hell just happened?” moments.
  16. You two are like a well-oiled machine—still functioning though a bit rusty sometimes. Happy anniversary!
  17. Your love is like a game of chess—strategic, calculated, full of unexpected moves, and something I don’t understand.
  18. Congrats on another year of accepting each other’s weird habits and calling it “quirkiness.”
  19. Happy anniversary to the couple that makes navigating life and all its chaos look easy. And entertaining. 
  20. Cheers to another year of your love being as strong as your mutual dislike for doing laundry. I hope someone establishes a laundromat in your area soon enough.
  21. Happy anniversary! Your marriage is like a well-choreographed dance, only both of you have two left feet and have a weak sense of rhythm.
  22. To the couple who’s managed to turn their love into an endless game of witty banter, happy anniversary!
  23. Congrats on another anniversary! How does it feel to be closer to that part of your vows that say, “‘Til death do us part?”
  24. Happy anniversary! Remember: every time you feel like making fun of your spouse’s choices, keep in mind that you are one of those choices.
  25. Happy 10th anniversary! And in case I forget next year, advanced happy 11th anniversary!
  26. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my own marriage, it’s to never go to bed angry at each other. Go to the couch instead.
  27. Congratulations on not being a divorce statistic for another year!
  28. You’ve survived another year of married life. First, congratulations! Second, how are you doing it?

Age-Related Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends’ Anniversaries

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Another way of thinking of an anniversary is that it is a relationship’s birthday; the more anniversaries a couple has celebrated, the older their relationship is. You can make a dig at a relationship’s age in your funny wedding anniversary wishes for friends.

  1. Happy anniversary! Your union is old enough to drink now.
  2. Congrats on staying married longer than most Hollywood marriages!
  3. You two have been together so long, were your wedding photos still in black and white? Or was photography not even invented yet?
  4. Age is just a number – especially when you’re counting anniversaries! Happy 20th anniversary!
  5. Congratulations on reaching the “we’ve been married how long?” stage. Are you still in shock you’ve been married for this long?
  6. Has your love aged like fine wine, or is it just the bottle you’ve been saving since your wedding day? Happy anniversary!
  7. Have you found yourself asking “How many years has it been?” recently? That only means one thing—you’re getting old. Congratulations on aging (and the anniversary)!
  8. Happy anniversary! Your love is as old as I was when I graduated high school.
  9. Your marriage has aged like a classic movie—still entertaining, though some of the jokes are outdated by now.
  10. Happy anniversary to the couple that’s been together so long, you’ve seen the best, worst, and everything in between of each other’s hairstyles.
  11. You two have been together so long, you remember when “text” was just a noun and not a verb. I bet there weren’t even mobile phones at that time! Happy anniversary.
  12. Congratulations on another year of your love outliving the latest tech gadgets.
  13. Your love story has been unfolding longer than most telenovelas—and it’s just as binge-worthy.
  14. Happy anniversary! Your marriage has aged better than that weird fruitcake you got as a wedding gift.
  15. Cheers to another year of your love being as durable and reliable as your favorite pair of jeans.
  16. You two have been together so long, you predate the selfie. Happy anniversary!
  17. Your love is like a vintage car: a classic that never goes out of style. Happy anniversary!
  18. Happy anniversary to the couple that’s been together longer than most social media platforms.
  19. Your love has aged like a fine cheese—a little stinky, but still incredibly delicious.
  20. Happy anniversary! Your love is so old-school, I’m pretty sure it told some millennials that they’re too lazy for their own good.
  21. Congratulations on another year of your love standing the test of time. Unfortunately, it needs more revisions in the fashion department.
  22. You’ve been together so long, you’re practically a walking history of pop culture. Happy anniversary!
  23. Happy anniversary! Your marriage is so timeless, your wedding photos look like vintage postcards.
  24. To the couple that’s been together so long they remember when hashtags were just called pound signs. Happy anniversary!

Hilarious Anniversary Wishes for Friends With Pop Culture References

friends laughing together

You can incorporate your common interests into your anniversary wishes for your friend celebrating an anniversary. The more specific you are, the more endearing and memorable your good wishes will be.

  1. You two are the Ross and Rachel of real life. Happy anniversary!
  2. Your love is like a romantic comedy—minus the breakups, but with just as much drama, quarrels, and reconciliations.
  3. Happy anniversary to the real-life Jim and Pam; you always find new ways to make each other smile. Love you!
  4. Your love is like a fairy tale, complete with dragons (if you know what I mean), magic, and unbelievable moments. Happy anniversary!
  5. If your relationship had a theme song, it’d probably be an Ed Sheeran hit. You two remind me of Thinking Out Loud. Happy anniversary!
  6. Your marriage is like a blockbuster movie—full of action, adventure, and a little bit of drama. Actually, a lot of drama.
  7. Your marriage is like a Broadway musical—dramatic, entertaining, and deserving of a standing ovation. You two also sing a lot, so there’s that.
  8. Your marriage is like a hit TV series, but unlike other popular shows, it just keeps getting better with each season. Congratulations on celebrating another anniversary!
  9. You two are couple goals; even Beyoncé and Jay-Z would be impressed. Happy anniversary!
  10. Your love story is like a binge-worthy Netflix series—I can’t wait to see what happens next! Happy 18th anniversary!

Final Thoughts

As you look for funny anniversary wishes for friends, do not forget to be genuine and heartfelt. Try to balance your humor with sincerity.

Likewise, be mindful of your friends’ personalities—while you might find something funny, they might find it insensitive or crass. Keep this in mind as you choose one from the list above and, if necessary, make some adjustments until it is perfect.

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