15th Wedding Anniversary Quotes: 30 Loveliest Quotes

Married couples, even the happiest and healthiest, all face a wide variety of challenges. Thus, reaching your 15th anniversary is a romantic achievement and should be celebrated. How you honor your 15th wedding anniversary is up to you.

One of the ways you can celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary, which is also known as a Crystal Anniversary, is to write your thoughts and sentiments about your married life so far. Below are 30 lovely quotes perfect for your Crystal Anniversary. 

Lovely Quotes for 15th Wedding Anniversary

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1. “To my dearest partner, happy 15th anniversary. Today is a celebration of our love, passion, commitment, dedication, and strength. Maintaining a happy relationship for 15 years is by no means an easy feat, and I am so proud of us for making it this far. Here is to many more decades and memories to come. I love you!”

2. “We were both 15 when we first met in our physics class. Right then, I knew that I wanted to have you in my life for as long as I live. Because of this, celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary is all the more sentimental. To the loveliest partner anyone could ever hope for, I love you, and thank you for always being by my side.”

3. “They say the strongest marriages are built on several factors: love, commitment, honesty, trust, communication, intimacy, balance, and mutual respect. Having been with you for the past 15 years gives me the confidence to say that this is true. I could not have asked for a more loving, considerate, and amazing partner. I love you so much, and happy 15th anniversary.”

4. “I remember crying when I first read the inscription on our wedding bands; it was “forever starts now.” 15 years into our marriage, I feel like every day is the beginning of a new forever with you. You make me feel fearless, endless, and selfless; you have encouraged me to take risks and step out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much, my love. Happy 15th anniversary, and here’s to many more years.”

5. “The last 15 years have been nothing but adventures, growth, and development for us as individuals and as a couple. You make me constantly want to be the best version of myself and to foster a love for myself. I am so grateful for what we have achieved already, and I am so excited for what the future holds for us. I love you, and happy 15th anniversary.”

6. “As our favorite song goes, “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure? Measure a year?” For me, I measure a year in nights we spent laughing and cuddling as we watched our favorite musicals; in your private smiles reserved just for me and my various moods; in adventures, both thrilling and mundane, that comprise our day-to-day lives; and in our love, which fills every half-full and half-empty cup to the brim until they joyously overflow. I will never tire of loving you with all of my heart. Happy 15th anniversary, love.”

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7. “Every day with you is a blessing. Every time I think I know it all, I’ll find another reason to fall in love with you all over again. Today, it was seeing you get ready for the day while jamming along to your favorite bands. Happy 15th anniversary, sweetheart, and here’s to many more years of watching you sing and dance your heart out.”

8. “It feels just like yesterday when I watched you walk down the aisle as Frank Sinatra’s As Time Goes By played in the background. Now, on our 15th anniversary, the magic is stronger than ever. Thank you for being the best partner I could ask for, and the best parent our kids could have. I love you so much.”

9. “According to 1 Corinthians 13: 6-8: love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. Our love is strong because our faith in each other and God is strong. Happy 15th anniversary, love; I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us.”

10. “15 years ago, I became the luckiest and happiest person in the world. Surrounded by the hills of Rocky Mountain National Park, my first and only love said, “I do.” Just when I thought I couldn’t be any luckier and happier, you keep proving me wrong every single day. Happy 15th anniversary, my love. Next up: 25th anniversary!”

11. “When I asked you to marry me, it was with the belief that God made us for each other. 15 years into our marriage and I still firmly believe that. We complement and complete each other. We know when to encourage or comfort each other. There is nothing I won’t do just to make you smile after a long day. I love you. Happy 15th anniversary!”

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12. “You have been the best partner anyone could ever ask for. I feel empowered and secure in your love. Thank you so much for being my partner, best friend, and hype man; you made me believe that I can reach my goals and accomplish what I set my heart to do. Happy 15th anniversary, sweetheart. I love you so much.”

13. “People say time flies when you are having fun. That must be why our 15th anniversary does not feel like 15 years at all — you make me feel young, optimistic, and strong enough to overcome challenges that come our way. Thank you for being my home, love. Happy anniversary! Here’s to more decades of being together.”

14. “If I had to pick one thing I’m most proud of, I would say it’s the family we have created; we have raised wonderful kids who amaze us every single day. Parenting is a big challenge to undertake, but together, we are able to do our best for our children and provide them the childhood they deserve. Thank you so much for sticking by my side through the ups and downs. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. I love you, darling, and happy 15th wedding anniversary.”

15. “I used to think that the tradition of tossing a garter is a little ridiculous. But when I caught the garter at my best friend’s wedding, and you caught the bouquet, I like to think that was destiny at work. I was smitten with you the moment I approached you during the reception. I still think garter tosses are ridiculous, but I thank God every day that I caught it when I did. I love you, baby; happy 15th anniversary.”

16. “The past 15 years have been everything I have dreamed of since I was young: going on adventures, traveling the world, and now, raising children with you. You have so much love to give, and I cannot wait to spoil our kids with affection and care. Thank you so much for indulging me, and at times being rational when I’m too excited or emotional. Here’s to more anniversaries to come. I love you!”

17. “I admit that when I was young, I tended to romanticize marriage. I imagined constant happiness, always giving each other flowers, and vacations every month. Marrying you made me realize that there is a different kind of happiness in marriage: one that is earned, more special, and more fulfilling. Happy 15th anniversary, my love; I’m proud of us for making it this far. Here’s to many more years of adventures.”

18. “It’s been 15 years since we exchanged vows and said, “I do,” and yet it feels like we never went past the honeymoon phase. I guess that’s just the result of our love language both being physical touch. In your embrace, I am the happiest, safest, and most energized. When you give me your signature bone-crushing hug before we leave for work, I know that whatever challenge I may face that day, I can overcome it. I love you and thank you for always encouraging me to be the best version of myself. Happy anniversary, love.”

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19. “Some people like to doubt our commitment because we got married in our 20s. They think we’re reckless, impractical, and that our love will be short-lived. One of the many ways we are so alike is that we never back down from a challenge; now here we are, 15 years into our marriage, stronger and more in love than ever. The past 15 years have been the happiest, most exciting, and most fulfilling years of my life. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you. Happy anniversary, darling.”

20. “You are my best friend, partner, soulmate, and guardian angel. You are everything that I want and more. Even 15 years into our marriage, I can’t believe how blessed and lucky I am that you love me just as much as I love you. It’s true when they say that marriage isn’t easy; the ups and downs are part of the package. I’m thankful that we have the strength and courage to get past the hurdles and stay on pace. Happy 15th anniversary, my love.”

21. “15 years ago today, I declared to the world that you are my choice. In front of our friends, family, and God, we made our promises and solemnized our commitment. Today, on our 15th anniversary, I would like to reiterate some of our promises. I promise to love you, support you, and respect you in the way that I’ve learned you like best. I promise to be there for you through the ups, downs, and the rolling in between. And I promise that whatever comes our way, we will face them together. I love you, sweetheart. Happy anniversary.”

22. “Every day, I thank God that I met you. Since the day we met, I have not stopped thinking about you, loving you, and being grateful for who you are. Never change, love; you are perfect just the way you are. Happy 15th anniversary. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us.”

23. “I have spent weeks trying to come up with the perfect combination of words to sum up the past 15 years of our life. Time and time again, I fail. I have come to accept that our love exists beyond words; to describe it with the most elaborate and literary prose still comes up short. I hope you continue to love me and let me love you long enough that I finally figure out how to write about our marriage and do it justice. Just warning you, though — that might take at least another 50 years.”

24. “I grew up listening to Neil Sedaka’s You Mean Everything to Me because that was my parents’ favorite song. Even as a teen, I never fully grasped the meaning of the lyrics. I never told you this, but the longer we were married, the more I started to understand the song. You are my world, my angel, the answer to my prayers — you mean everything to me. I love you so much. Happy 15th anniversary!”

25. “People typically begin their quotes with, “It’s so hard to believe that we’ve been married this long!” But for me, it’s easy to believe. Especially after we decided to attend marriage counseling, being with you has been so fun and effortless; over the years, we’ve developed healthier coping strategies and learned how to work better together. Happy 15th anniversary, sweetheart! I can’t wait to celebrate more anniversaries with you.”

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26. “To quote one of your favorite books, I am completely, perfectly, and incandescently happy. The past 15 years of our marriage have been a rollercoaster, to say the least. Everything is worth it, though, if it means coming home to you at the end of a long day and sleeping in your arms. Thank you for sticking by my side, loving me for who I am, and helping me be the best version of myself. Happy anniversary, my love.”

27. “Happy 15th anniversary, love. I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating how we should commemorate this important occasion. You know my perfectionist tendency — I wanted this celebration to be memorable, to the point where it was starting to make me anxious. However, I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be stressing too much about this; we have the rest of our lives to celebrate. We have all the tomorrows, next weeks, next months, and next years. I love you so much, and I know the future is bright for you and me.”

28. “Falling in love is automatic but staying in love is a fight and a choice. I will forever choose to fight for us, to keep our commitment alive and strong. I will forever choose you. Happy 15th anniversary, darling.”

29. “Emily Brontë said it best: “Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.” Before I met you, I used to think the concept of soulmates was cheesy and corny. However, as we got to know each other better, and eventually fell in love, I knew that we were meant to be. 15 years into our marriage, we continue finding ways we are compatible and learning new things about ourselves. I love you, my dearest. Happy 15th anniversary.”

30. “According to Dr. Seuss, “You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” I learned that was true pretty quickly when we started dating; I couldn’t fall asleep because I was too busy thinking about you. Now that we are married, I find it difficult to sleep alone. You bring me a sense of comfort, peace, and contentment, that I cannot find anywhere else. I love you. Happy 15th anniversary, love, and here’s to many more.”