Letter to Brother on Wedding Day (7 Examples & Templates)

The bond between siblings is irreplaceable; it is a unique blend of love, camaraderie, trust, and mischief. As your brother grows older and starts going through life’s milestones like marriage, take a moment to reflect on your relationship and show them your appreciation.

Writing a letter for your brother on his wedding day can encapsulate all your well-wishes for him. This letter is also a great way to share any piece of advice you may have. You are also welcome to share any emotion and sentiment you have.

Below are five examples of letters for your brother and two templates to help you write an original one for his wedding.

Letter to Brother on Wedding Day: Touching Examples

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1. Dear Josh,

Time flies, huh? It feels just like yesterday when we watched Toy Story, begged our parents to buy us all the toys from the movie, and played with them nonstop once Mom bought them.

Today, in less than a few hours, you will get married to the love of your life. I’m thrilled for you, baby bro!

It’s been a few years since you introduced Caroline to us. I remember clearly how that dinner went; it was so endearing to see both of you nervous and fidgeting. We loved her from the start, though. It was easy to see why you were so enamored—she’s gorgeous, smart, kind, and super funny.

Your wedding is not simply a union of soulmates; it’s also a celebration of your love, partnership, trust, and strength. I know the journey to get to this day was not easy—I know the stress of wedding planning all too well—but believe me when I say that it has made you more resilient as a couple.

Speaking of resilience, I have always admired you guys’ ability to navigate the ups and downs of life with grace and humor. It’s amazing how unwavering your kindness, courage, and empathy are. As you and Caroline tie the knot, I know these qualities will make for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling marriage.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for you! Whatever happens, may this future be filled with joy, growth, and endless love. Remember that marriage is a commitment; you have to nourish it and actively work on it every day for the rest of your life. I have full confidence in the two of you.

Sending you the tightest hugs, warmest love, and loudest cheers!

Fondly yours,


2. Hey Bro,

Today’s the day! It’s surreal—but in the best way possible—that in a few hours, you’ll be saying “I do” to the love of your life (Yes, I know that’s her contact name on your phone. You think you’re so slick, but you’re smiling at your phone like a lovesick teenager 24/7!)

Kidding aside, I’m so stoked to see you stepping into this new chapter. It feels just like yesterday when we were planning elaborate pranks on our sisters and hiding in our room so we don’t get caught.

You and Claire are the real deal. The way you two support each other, laugh at each other’s jokes even if they are corny as hell, and get each other’s vibes effortlessly is truly something out of a rom-com.

You remind me of Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, honestly. You’ve found your soulmate, your better half, and the peanut butter to your jelly. Seeing you so happy and in love is an awesome feeling. As your brother, even if I tease you endlessly, I want nothing but the best for you.

Later, you will take on the world as the most badass married couple to ever walk this earth. Know that I’m proud of the man that you’ve become: a man with a heart of gold, a soul that lights up the room, and a bank account that needs a facelift (just kidding…).

Remember: no matter what life throws your way, just hold each other’s hand and take a deep breath. You’ve got each other’s backs, and you have your families’ full support.

With all my love,


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3. To My Dear Brother,

As I sit here in my suite on the eve of your wedding, I can’t help but feel a wave of emotions envelop my heart. Thinking of my little brother stepping into the realm of love and commitment brings me a lot of joy. On this day, I also can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic.

Watching you grow up has been one of the biggest pleasures of my life. Over the years, you have become my best friend, confidant, and insider source of gossip when I’m not around. Looking back, every moment is precious—even the times when we’d fight over who gets to use the bathroom first or who ate whose chocolates in the fridge.

Today, as you stand on the precipice of married life, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride.

Seeing the love, mutual respect, and understanding between you and Michelle is a testament to the beautiful journey ahead of you. Your love has been strengthened and become wiser because of the years and challenges behind you.

As you exchange vows tomorrow, I pray that you achieve the life of your dreams. May it be filled with the same love, mutual respect, and understanding you’ve fostered over the years, and may these qualities only grow stronger. May every day of the rest of your lives give you a reason to keep smiling, stay kind, and continue loving.

Michelle, I’m beyond thrilled to officially and legally welcome you to our family! I know Mom is excited to have a daughter-in-law as passionate and compassionate as you.

As you prepare to create new memories together as a married couple, never forget that you are loved, cherished, and supported.

Congratulations, Michelle and Lucas! Here’s to forever.



4. Hey Brother,

It’s your wedding day! Can you hear me cheering and opening a bottle of beer in honor of your big day?

It’s been incredible watching both of you grow as individuals. Over the years, you have matured holistically. You’re more responsible with your money, you take care of yourself more, and your communication has become healthier. This is all wonderful, as the adventure starts today for you and Lana!

Before entering this new chapter of your life, I want to remind you of one thing: you will always have our love and support. The road ahead can be intimidating and overwhelming, but you and Lana are not alone in this. We’re all only one call away.

Here’s to a lifetime of good luck, better fortune, and the best memories! See you at the altar, brother!



5. Dear Clay,

You must feel so excited and thrilled to be standing on the precipice of such a major milestone. My heart swells with love and joy for you. You and Ashton have created a life of love, trust, and understanding, and these will make your marriage even healthier and stronger.

Above all, I’ve never seen you happier than whenever you’re with Ashton. As your brother, that is all I can ask for.

Clay, thank you for being my childhood companion, confidant, and best friend. You truly were the best older brother anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for the honor of being your best man, too.

As you cement your bond tomorrow, know that you are loved and supported immensely. You have a full community rooting for you.

I pray that the days ahead are beautiful and fulfilling, letting you create bright memories you can look back on in the years to come. Here’s to a lifetime of love, tears of laughter, and unbridled joy!

With all the love in the world,


Letter to Brother on Wedding Day: Templates to Follow

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6. Dear (brother’s name),

[Describe how you’re feeling while writing this letter to your brother on his wedding day.] Today, you and (brother’s partner’s name) will start weaving a beautiful tapestry of love, companionship, and adventures.

Over the years, your relationship with (brother’s partner’s name) has grown to be [describe their relationship]. It’s heartwarming to see this growth in real-time, and you two are a testament to the kind of love that grows stronger as it grows older.

As your (brother/sister/sibling), I have had the privilege of witnessing your journey, development, and maturation. From [describe something you would do together as kids] to [describe something you would do together now as adults], you have become a pillar of strength, a source of joy, and a trustworthy confidante. 

I am beyond excited to celebrate with you, (brother’s partner’s name), and our friends and families on your wedding day!

As you exchange vows and rings, may the rest of your lives after this ceremony [enumerate your well-wishes for your brother and his partner].

I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for both of you. Congratulations!

With all my love,

(Your name)

7. Dear (brother’s name),

I can’t believe this day has finally come! It feels just like yesterday when [describe what you two would often do as kids]. Now, here we are, a few hours away from you marrying (brother’s partner’s name). You must be ecstatic and over the moon. I’m so happy for you both!

I know you two are perfect for each other—I’ve seen it myself the last [how long the two of them have been dating]! I’ve also seen how you have fostered and nurtured your relationship with love, care, trust, and mutual respect. (He/she/they) bring out the best in you, and I know you do the same to (him/her/them).

As a new chapter of your life unfolds, I want you to know how proud I am of you and the (man/woman/person) you’ve become. You will always be my best friend. I can’t wait to stand by your side, not only at the wedding but for the rest of our lives.

Today is just the beginning of a wild adventure, my dear brother. [If you have any marriage advice you’d like to share, put it in this part of your letter to your brother at his wedding.]

I love you, (brother’s name). Congratulations to you and (brother’s partner’s name)! I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys on your special day. [End the letter with some well-wishes.]


(Your name)

Final Thoughts

Growing up, you and your sibling may have teased each other, fought, and argued a lot. However, at the end of the day, the love will always be there; often, you are also each other’s fiercest ally and most outspoken advocate.

If you are wondering what touching gesture you can do for your brother on his wedding day, a letter will more than suffice. With genuine words, you can show your brother how much you love, care for, and appreciate them.