How Long Should You Wait to Give a Promise Ring? #Answered

Promise rings symbolize one’s faith and commitment to their partner. They physically represent one’s love and loyalty and, like wedding or engagement rings, promise rings communicate the beauty of one’s romantic bond to others. However, because promise rings are typically given before marriage and engagement, it can be tricky to know when to give a promise ring.

Generally, it’s appropriate to give a promise ring after around three months into your relationship, although you should also assess the current development and circumstances of your relationship, as well as any upcoming occasions and preferences for the ring. All of these are decisive in knowing how long you should wait to give a promise ring.

Knowing when to give a promise ring, however, will ultimately come down to how well you understand the direction and level of development of your relationship. With that said, there are five important things to consider when thinking about when to give your promise ring.

How Long Should You Wait to Give a Promise Ring: 5 Things to Consider

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  1. Your Commitment

The first thing you may want to ask yourself is whether you are ready for a promise ring. For instance, how committed are you to your current partner? Do you see yourself being with them for the long haul?

When figuring out your level of commitment to them, time is your greatest asset. If your relationship with your partner hasn’t lasted at least three months, then it may be too soon to give them a promise ring, even if they may already be expecting it from you.

  1. Your Partner’s Commitment

You may already feel very committed to your partner and have spent a lot of time with them, but it’s still very important to know whether they are committed. This is especially true if you plan to surprise them with a promise ring.

With that said, if your partner doesn’t seem like they’re ready for a deeper and more committed relationship, then you may need to give them more time first before offering a promise ring.

  1. Circumstances

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The circumstances surrounding your relationship with your partner can help determine when to give your promise ring. For instance, if you’re currently in a bad spell with your partner that may last a while for whatever reason, then it may not be a good time to give a promise ring.

The reverse is also true. If things have been going well between you and your partner, and if life circumstances are looking like a future union with them is very possible, then giving them a promise ring soon would be a very fine idea.

  1. Upcoming Occasions

Giving your partner a promise ring is a very special moment, so you may want to do this on a similarly special occasion. These can be holidays, like Valentine’s Day, or they can be something highly personal, such as your relationship anniversary with your partner or even their birthday.

In a similar vein, you don’t have to give your promise ring as a surprise. You can talk about giving this ring on a particular date with your partner, and then plan to make that day special for both of you.

  1. Preferences for the Ring

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Sometimes, how long you should wait for your promise ring isn’t going to be determined by your relationship per se. It may simply be a financial or scheduling concern. For instance, if your promise ring is going to be expensive enough for you to have to save up for it, then you may have to wait a while.

However, if your promise ring is quite affordable and simple, then you won’t have to wait for too long. Such rings can be simple rings made of brass, silicone, or even durable plastic, which can all last for a while but aren’t as expensive as gold or silver.

Final Thoughts

Although just one of many types of relationship rings, a promise ring is still nevertheless an enduring sign of your love and commitment for your partner. It may not be like a wedding ring or an engagement ring, but giving a promise ring is still a serious step in a relationship.

Thus, how long you should wait to give your promise ring will come down to you and your partner. Always pay careful attention to your and your partner’s circumstances as well as the level of commitment both of you show. When all of these are positive, then any time is a good time to give your promise ring.

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