Promise Letter to My Future Husband (7 Examples & Templates)

When we are feeling so many feelings, it can be overwhelming to keep them to ourselves. We feel tempted to share them with a close friend, a relative, or someone else. Writing a letter is one of the most effective ways of getting our feelings out.

Some people want to write a “promise letter to my future husband” to express their excitement about meeting their life partner and the vows they will keep. If you want to create one, below are six examples and a template you can use as guides or inspiration.  

Examples of Promise Letter to My Future Husband

woman writing on a notebook

1. Dear Future Husband,

There are days when I can’t stop thinking about you. I envision walking down the aisle in a stunning white dress, surrounded by my friends and family, and with Debussy’s Clair de Lune playing in the background.

However, there are days when I completely forget about you. I focus entirely on my job, accomplishing my tasks and working toward my goals. I imagine myself applying to different Ivy League universities, hoping to get my master’s degree in a few years.

I’m happy I haven’t met you yet. I still have dreams I want to reach, skills I want to work on, and lessons I need to learn. When I meet you, I want to be complete. I want to be the best version of myself, ready to stand beside and behind you.

From this moment, I promise you, my future husband, that I will focus on improving myself. I know that marriage is a lifelong commitment and will have many ups and downs. I want to be fully prepared to weather through some of the most challenging moments with you. 

I also promise to focus on my healing. Life isn’t easy. I know you know that, and I know you also have your own battles. We will be partners and be there for each other, but we need to realize that some battles are not ours alone to fight.

Above all, I promise to love you and your entirety. I will not love you despite your flaws and shortcomings; I will love you, point blank.

In the meantime, I hope you’re living your best life. I may not know you yet, but I’m always rooting for you. I am already your biggest fan.

With all the love I can give,


woman writing on her diary

2. To My Future Husband,

How are you doing today? What did you have for dinner last night? What do you do for fun? What are you passionate about? What’s your favorite game to play? Have you watched Everything Everywhere All At Once?

There are so many things I want to know about you. I can’t stop smiling while I write this, imagining how you’d answer — “I love reading,” or “I had lasagna last night,” or “I’ve watched it and can’t stop thinking about it.”

My first promise to you is that I won’t mind what you answer. I don’t care if you haven’t seen the movies I have, haven’t played the games I have — that just gives us more things to do together.

I promise to love you for all that you are and all that you aren’t. I don’t want you to think that I want you to be a specific type of person. I will love you in all the ways I am able to and all the ways I still have to learn.

I promise to share all of me with you, and I promise to honor everything you want to share with me. I will assure you every opportunity I get: I promise to love you for all that you are and all that you aren’t.

I can’t promise I will be perfect. I have mood swings; I crave random foods and get hangry; I’m stubborn to a fault sometimes; I have moments where I can’t stop talking even though my brain is fully telling me to shut up.

But what I can promise is that I will be kind, forgiving, understanding, and loving about what you think are your imperfections.

I read somewhere that “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” My future husband, I promise that my love will be as constant, radiant, and sure as the sun above — through the sunny, rainy, and stormy days.

You are in my heart,


woman writing on a book

3. To My Future Husband,

This letter is the first time I’m calling you my husband. You just proposed to me a few days ago, and the word “fiancée” still feels new to my tongue. Calling you husband is both the most surreal yet most natural thing I’ve done today — maybe ever.

Yesterday, we began planning our wedding. We couldn’t decide if we wanted a large wedding, a small wedding, a quick wedding at a courthouse, or what have you. We were talking venues, timelines, itineraries, budgets (have I told you how good you look presenting a spreadsheet?), and whatnot.

One of the infinite things I love about you is how passionate and open you are. Discussing all these details made me remember how fun it is to work with you, to throw ideas and flesh them out together. You are brilliant and logical, and you know when to compromise or stand your ground.

I’ve been talking to my mother every night since your proposal. She’s been telling me all about married life, giving practical advice and tips. My biggest takeaway so far is that there are so many factors outside of our control, but we can control how we act and react to those factors.

That’s why I’m writing this promise letter to my future husband.

Eric, I promise to always work on my communication skills. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a lot to improve. I know I still tend to shut away when I’m hurt or angry, but I’m trying to change that.

I promise to continue respecting your individuality. As much as marriage is teamwork, we still need to have separate lives for our relationship to stay healthy. I will be your biggest fan and gentlest constructive critique through all your endeavors.

This weirdly excites me, but I promise to work with you to ensure that our responsibilities stay balanced. Yes, that includes creating spreadsheets, trackers, and to-do lists — again, have I mentioned how attractive it is that you are so organized?

I promise to always give everything I am capable of. There will be days where that’s my 100%, but sometimes, that will only be 50% or 25%. I know you will be forgiving of me, and I promise you I will be the same.

I promise to love myself as much as I love you. You’re always reminding me to take more care of myself, to not bite off more than I can chew.

All in all, I promise to fall in love with you every day like it’s the first time, and I promise to show you my love every day like it’s the last time.

I’d also promise not to pull out all of your and my hair while we plan our wedding… but you know I don’t work well under pressure. I promise to at least fix your hair after I pull on it.



man writing on his notebook

4. To My Future Husband,

People like to say that loving is easy. Based on experience, I know that isn’t true. Loving is scary, it can hurt, and if you fall in love with the wrong person, it can be draining.

I’ve fallen in love with the wrong people before. I’ve had my trust broken, my emotions played, and my love taken for granted. It hurts, and it’s a pain I wouldn’t wish even on my enemy.

I’d like to think that this experience is shaping me to be a better person. I know how to protect myself better, recognize red flags, and determine who is trustworthy.

When you meet me, I know it’ll seem like I’m so emotionally distant. I might try to push you away or make myself disappear. It might seem like I’m uninterested, but I’m just trying to protect myself.

It won’t be a test. But I hope you see past my walls, past my façade. I promise to open up and let you in.

I’m a person of my word. I make promises, and I keep them. So, I’m writing this promise letter to my future husband mostly to keep myself accountable but also to give myself hope.

Dear future husband, I promise you I will stay. I’m in it for the long haul, for the good times, bad times, and all the times in between. I want the sunny days, the cloudy days, and the stormy days — I want them all with you.

Dear future husband, I promise you my love will be unconditional and limitless. There might be days where you think you don’t deserve it, days where you feel unlovable, but I know there will always be something to love.

Dear future husband, I promise to be forgiving, compassionate, and patient. We all deserve these three things, but I know how easy it is to be hard on yourself. I will remind you every day that you are worth it.

Dear future husband, I promise to always push myself to be the best version of myself. Even more, I promise to always strive for improvement. I can be better for myself, for you, and our family if we decide to have one.

Dear future husband, I promise to just try. We don’t know what challenges we’ll face. We don’t know what married life will bring us. But I assure you I will do my best to stick it out through it all. I will never give up on you, myself, and our relationship.

I don’t know when I’ll meet you or if I already have and I just don’t know it. I can’t promise you I’ll welcome you with open arms, but what I can promise you is that my love will make up for it.



woman painting outdoors

5. My Love,

Actually, I don’t know if “love” is your preferred pet name. We’ll have to discuss that when we finally meet.

Growing up, I watched a lot of Disney movies. I internalized a lot of ideas about a fairytale-like kind of love. As a teen, I’d daydream about finding my prince charming, getting married in a castle, and throwing a big party.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve become disenchanted. That’s not to say I don’t believe in love anymore, but I’ve come to accept that those ideas are unrealistic. For one, getting married in a castle is expensive — I don’t want to go broke right before entering marriage, you know?

However, I still believe that there is someone out there for me: a prince charming, who will sweep me off my feet (or get tired from trying), who will dance with me even if the whole world is watching, and who will love me for who I truly am.

To that prince charming, I promise that I will love him back with all the love I can give. This love will know no limits, see no flaws, and have no conditions. I have so much love to give, and I cannot wait to shower you with it.

I promise that we will be equals. I will support you as much as you will support me; I will protect you as much as you will protect me; I will lift you up as much as you will lift me up. 

While I can’t promise that every day will be a smooth ride, I promise you that we will face it head-on together. We might get nauseous, but that’s okay. I’ll make sure to pack a lot of antihistamines.

I promise to be the woman you deserve. I won’t always be the best version of myself, but I promise you I will try.

I promise to remind you that you deserve nothing but the best.

I can’t wait to meet you. In the case that I already have, I can’t wait for the magical moment when we both realize we’re the one for each other. (We don’t have to break into a song-and-dance number with birds chirping in the background, but it would be nice if we did, no?)

Until then, take care.

With all my love,


woman writing in bed

6. Dear Future Husband,

Right off the bat, I will admit that I’m a big sucker for romance. I love reading romance books, romcoms, and everything that has love in its plot line. I love seeing my friends so happy with their significant others, and it gives me so much joy to think that someday, that will be me with you.

Even though I consume a lot of love-related media, I have struggled to describe the love I want for myself. However, Alison Cochrun expressed it perfectly in her book, The Charm Offensive: love is a bottomless well inside of you that you could spend your entire life filling.

But I don’t want you to think that I expect a lot from you. That’s not the case. I don’t expect you to have no flaws, always say or do the right thing, and just be perfect in general.

I promise you that I will take you as you are. My love for you will see no bounds, ask no questions, and expect no returns. I will love you the way you deserve: unconditionally, kindly, and patiently.

I promise to be your number one fan. I will support you, help you improve, and stand on the sidelines once it is your moment. I will clap the loudest and cheer the most enthusiastically.

I promise to be with you against all odds. I will be there with you through thick and thin. You can doubt anything else, but you can be sure that I’ll always be there.

I promise you my heart — my heart that tries its best to have compassion, be kind, and persevere. My heart that is a bottomless well.

Yours in love,


Promise Letter to My Future Husband Template

blank paper

7. Dear Future Husband,

[Share a personal anecdote. Tell a story about your past. You can let your future husband know what you think about love, how you feel, etc.]

I promise [write your promise here.]

[Repeat the line above until you have written all your promises.]

[This part is optional, but you can dedicate an additional paragraph to sharing your excitement to meet your future husband. You can also wish them well or say some parting words.]

With love,

[Your name]

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