50 Thoughtful Wedding Wishes for a Nephew (+Unique Examples)

As the saying goes, time flies when we are having fun. One day, we are surrounded by adorable toddlers who cannot stop running around. The next day, they are all grown up, spreading their wings and finding the love of their life.

The time will come when you need to prepare wedding wishes for a nephew. In general, these wedding wishes are nostalgic, sentimental, and supportive in tone. Below are 20 examples of wedding wishes. 

Wedding Wishes for a Nephew: Heartfelt Samples


1. It feels just like yesterday when my sister gave birth to her first son. Watching you get married to the love of your life is surreal, but I am so happy and proud of you. Giving you two all my love and best wishes.

2. From a boy who can barely ride a bicycle without training wheels, you are now a handsome man ready to start a family. It has been a joy to watch you grow up. I love you, and I wish both of you a happy marriage.

3. Today is the start of the rest of your life, my dear nephew. And (Name of nephew’s partner), welcome to the family! I hope you know that your entire family has your back when times get rough. We are all one call away.

4. When people say that high school sweethearts do not last, my nephew and his lovely wife are proof that that is a lie. With love, passion, and grit, anything is possible. Keep this in mind as you start this new chapter of your life.

There will be a lot of difficulties ahead. In fact, there will be times when giving up is the easier choice. But remember that love is not just a feeling; it is a commitment, a choice you make every day.

I wish you two all the best! May God give you strength, guidance, and patience with each other.

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5. I watched my nephew go through multiple heartbreaks and rejections. It was sad, but I knew that he will eventually find the right person: someone who will challenge him, make him laugh, and love him for who he is.

That person is (name of nephew’s partner), standing before us as his (husband/wife/partner) for life. I cannot be happier that they found each other; they are truly a match made in heaven.

I will end my wedding wishes with 1 Corinthians 13:4-5: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.

6. I have been married to my partner for 25 years already. I remember planning my wedding and talking to my brother about including my nephew in the ceremony. In the end, a young (name of your nephew) wrote a lovely poem for us at the reception.

Take it from someone who has been married for this long — love each other fully, but do not forget to nurture yourself. Be devoted to your partner, but do not lose your individuality. Love yourself as you love your partner.

Going full circle, I will end my wedding wishes for my dear nephew with a poem. This is Guan Daosheng’s “Married Love”:

You and I
Have so much love,
That it
Burns like a fire,
In which we bake a lump of clay
Molded into a figure of you
And a figure of me.

7. To my dear nephew and his gorgeous, kind (husband/wife/partner), congratulations on an unforgettable wedding. May this be the start of a life full of laughter, fortune, and blessings. I pray that the universe grants you two whatever it is you wish for.

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8. Time really flies. One day, you and your cousins were playing on the playground while your mother and I gossiped on the benches. Now, you have found your other half. I am sure it will not be long before you have your own small army already.

I have no doubt that you will be an amazing companion, husband, and father. I wish you two all the best. Just know that your family is always a phone call away, ready to share the latest neighborhood gossip. I love you!

9. Congratulations to my sweet, caring, and thoughtful nephew, for marrying the loveliest, kindest, and prettiest woman in this room. I cannot offer much advice other than doing what works for both of you. You know your relationship the best.

With that, always remember that we are here for you whenever you need us. We will include you and your marriage in our prayers. I love you both. A toast to a healthy and fulfilling marriage!

10. Among us siblings, it was (name of nephew’s parent) who gave birth first. From the moment (name of nephew) was born, we were all very protective of him. We made sure he went to the best schools, befriended only good influences, and whatnot.

Initially, we were wary of (name of nephew’s partner). However, we quickly realized how kind, hardworking, and compassionate she is. In short, we saw what made our dearest nephew fall in love with her, and we fell in love, too.

So, we cannot be any happier to see you get married to each other. May life treat you kindly, and may God always show you the way. Congratulations!

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11. Any marriage is only as good as the couple’s communication skills. Unfortunately, reading minds is not part of our toolkits as humans. My biggest advice to both of you is to talk to each other with an open mind and heart. That is the key to a healthy marriage. Congratulations, you two!

12. To the newlyweds, may the years be kind to both of you. I have faith that you two can overcome any challenge that God puts in your way. As long as you lean on each other, you can do anything. Cheers!

13. For those of you who do not know, (name of nephew) and (name of nephew’s partner) met in middle school. They were always fighting about something, whether it be homework, grades, pop culture, or whatnot.

I would say it is a surprise to see them get married today, but I also saw how much they have cared for each other over the years. They are each other’s best friends, number one fans, and also number one critics.

To our newlyweds, I wish you nothing but the best this world has to offer. Your families are always here to be the wind beneath your wings. I love you!

14. Dear nephew, I am so proud of the man you have grown to be. From a scrappy kid who cries, because they can’t beat a video game, you are now a determined and resourceful young man.

I wish that married life will treat you and your partner well. I wish that wherever you go and whatever you do, you will find success and fortune. Above all, I wish that you find happiness and contentment.

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15. (Name of nephew), if you are anything like me and your mother, you are stubborn, loyal to a fault, and full of kindness. These are some of your best traits. You never give up on what you want, but you do not step on others to get it.

And if you really are anything like me and your mother, I know that you find it difficult to ask for help. Even if we wish you all our best, there will always be ups and downs in a marriage.

I pray that when the time comes and you need help, you will approach us or other resources. My biggest advice is that there is no shame in asking for help. I love you so much, and congratulations.

16. To my funniest, most charming nephew, congratulations on getting married. Some days, marriage will feel like the most natural thing in the world. There will be moments, though, when it will feel like the rockiest road on a highway.

Embrace every day that you get to spend with your (husband/wife/partner). Challenges are only impossible if you think they are. Have a great start to the rest of your life, (name of newlyweds), I love you both!

17. Love is such a beautiful thing. My dear nephew, I am so happy that you get to experience the type of love that feels like coming home after a long day. May you be tireless in nurturing this love. Congratulations, sweethearts!

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18. Even though I know you have traveled far and wide, marriage will be the biggest adventure of your life. I wish that it will be filled with good memories, good food, and good fortune. A toast to the newlyweds!

19. When your mother told me that you will be getting married, I was overtaken with joy. Right then, I knew that there was no way I was missing your ceremony, even if it was a thousand miles away.

Words cannot express how proud I am of you, (name of nephew). I wish you and (name of nephew’s partner) the happiest marriage, full of laughter, love, and luck. May you always be kind to each other, and may you find success and contentment.

20. (Name of newlyweds), it is an honor to witness you profess your love and commitment to each other. Congratulations on your union and on the delightful wedding weekend!

May God always be at the center of your relationship. Find Him in times of doubt, thank Him in times of good fortune, and seek Him in times of trouble. You can do all things through Christ.

May you two always remember where you came from but never be afraid to widen your horizons. Nourish your passion. Dream high. Be each other’s biggest fan and gentlest critique. Most importantly, choose to love each other every day through thick and thin.

21. (Name of nephew and his partner), today marks the beginning of a beautiful adventure for both of you. As you take this next step in your journey, I wish you both endless happiness and a lifetime of love. May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Congratulations!

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22. I couldn’t be happier for you, my dearest nephew. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, love, and laughter. May your love story be filled with wonderful memories, laughter, and joy, and may your story be an inspiration to others of what true love looks like. Congratulations!

23. To my wonderful nephew, congratulations on finding your forever love, and congratulations on your wedding day! May your love be a beacon of hope and inspiration to those around you.

24. On this beautiful day, I pray that God blesses your marriage and fills your hearts with His love and wisdom. May your commitment to each other be a testament to your faith and may your love for each other grow stronger with each passing day. Congratulations, dear nephew.

25. Dear nephew, as you start this new chapter in your life, I couldn’t be happier for you. May your marriage be filled with love, trust, and understanding. May you always cherish each other and never take your love for granted.

26. I am so happy to take part in your special day, (name of nephew). It was an honor being one of your groomsmen. May your wedding be filled with love and joy, creating wonderful memories that you will cherish forever.

May your life together be even more beautiful than you ever imagined. Lastly, may you be strong and resilient as life throws challenges along the way. Congratulations!

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27. Darling, I am so filled with joy seeing you in love and excited to start your journey together. May your love for each other only continue to grow stronger with each passing day. May you always find reasons to celebrate each other and cherish every moment together.

28. May God’s love and blessings be upon you both as you start your journey together. May your marriage be a reflection of His love for us all, and may your commitment to each other be steadfast and unwavering. Congratulations!

29. Today, on this wonderful day, I ask God to shine His love upon you and your lovely wife. May He bless your marriage and guide you through every step of your journey together. May your love for each other be a source of joy to those around you.

30. On this gorgeous day, I wish the two of you a life filled with love, happiness, and adventure. May your marriage be full of laughter, joy, and beautiful moments that will make your hearts swell with love years down the line. May you never stop loving each other and may your love story continue to inspire others.

31. As you begin this exciting journey together, always remember to be each other’s best friend. Be each other’s cheerleader, confidante, and support system. May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing year, and may your marriage be filled with nothing but love and happiness.

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32. My dear nephew, I’m so delighted to see you all grown up and getting married! Remember, marriage is like a good bottle of wine – it only gets better with age. Just make sure to let it breathe, give it the right amount of attention, and never ever serve it with ice. Cheers to you both!

33. Congrats on your wedding, (name of nephew)! Always remember that marriage is like a beautiful flower. You need to water it, give it sunlight, and occasionally talk to it—even when it doesn’t talk back.

Here’s to a lifetime of growing love and beautiful blossoms! As the Koreans say, I hope you and (name of nephew’s partner) only walk on the flower road.

34. (Name of nephew), I hope you don’t mind that I’m giving you another piece of unsolicited advice before you embark on this exciting—or intimidating—journey called marriage.

I’m sure you’ve already heard the saying, “A happy spouse makes for a happy house.” As someone who’s been married for over two decades, there’s nothing truer than that.

So, I want you two to laugh together, cry together, and be together through the ups and downs. When push comes to shove, get a dog! They will always brighten up a home.

Congratulations, (name of nephew)!

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35. Mazel tov, (name of nephew)! Always remember that marriage is like a rollercoaster—it has ups, downs, the occasional scream, and the occasional bouts of nausea. Don’t forget to hold on tight, enjoy the ride, laugh, and watch out for the scream cam. Here’s to a lifetime of thrilling adventures together!

36. Congratulations on a stunning wedding, (nephew)! I know you’ve heard of marriage being described as a rollercoaster, but I thought long and hard of another metaphor for you.

Marriage is like a game of chess, except the board is constantly moving, and you actually have no idea of how the game works. All you know is that the queen is the most powerful piece.

Don’t mess with your queen, (nephew). Let her work her magic, but also protect her, cherish her, and appreciate her for all that she does.

37. Dear (name of nephew), congratulations on your wedding! It feels just like yesterday when you were playing with toy cars; now, you’re about to drive off into the sunset with your soulmate.

When the going gets tough, just remember to treat your marriage like a classic car: keep it polished, well-maintained, and always fueled with love.

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38. To my favorite nephew, congratulations on getting hitched! As your cool aunt, I’ve watched you grow up and make many great decisions. But I have to say, marrying (name of nephew’s partner) has to be your best decision yet.

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! May your love be as contagious as that one time we all caught the flu during our family vacation!

39. Congratulations on your wedding, (name of nephew)! As you and (name of nephew’s partner) come together in marriage, may your lives be filled with endless love, laughter, and happiness.

Always remember to cherish each moment together and let your love be the guiding light throughout your journey. God will always be there to show you the way. Wishing you both the very best.

40. To my dearest nephew, as you enter this sacred union, may your love for your spouse and yourself continue to blossom and flourish. May your marriage prove and improve the strength of your bond and the depth of your commitment. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and blessings. Congratulations!

41. (Name of nephew) and (name of nephew’s partner), as you begin your journey together as husband and wife, may your love be a strong and enduring force that guides you through life’s challenges and triumphs. May God always guide you down the right path.

I wish you two nothing but the best — a lifetime of happiness, love, and laughter. Congratulations on your wedding!

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42. (Name of nephew), may this new chapter of your life bring you nothing but joy, wisdom, and happy memories. May you and your partner grow together as a couple and as individuals. Congratulations on your wedding!

43. (Name of nephew) and (name of nephew’s partner), this day marks the beginning of a beautiful journey with your soulmate. May your love for each other continue to grow, and may you be each other’s rock through thick and thin. Wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness, and cherished memories. Congratulations!

44. Congratulations on your wedding, (name of nephew)! I’ve watched you grow up into a mature, sensitive, and caring man. I am so proud of the person you are today, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and (name of nephew’s partner).

Regardless, it’s such a joy to see you find a wonderful partner to share your life with. May your marriage be filled with love, laughter, and mutual respect, as you navigate life’s ups and downs together. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

45. To my dear nephew, congratulations on your wedding! Not everyone gets to meet their perfect match, so I am so delighted to see you get married to yours. May the next chapter of your life be filled with love, trust, and joy, and may you always be there for each other through life’s twists and turns. Wishing you both a wonderful life together.

46. Congratulations on the gorgeous wedding, (names of nephew and partner)! As the next chapter of your lives unfolds, may your love and commitment to one another only grow stronger. Remember to cherish the little moments and celebrate your love every day. Wishing you both a lifetime of love, happiness, and beautiful memories.

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47. Congratulations, (name of nephew)! It’s been a delight watching you grow, and, now that you’re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, I can’t help but feel a bit emotional.

Before I start crying here, there’s one thing I want you to remember: a successful marriage is like a well-timed joke — it requires perfect delivery, understanding, and laughter. Wishing you both a lifetime of love, happiness, and successful punchlines!

48. (Name of nephew and his spouse), congratulations! As you go on this wonderful journey with each other, remember that a happy marriage is like a game of chess—strategic, thoughtful, and sometimes, you have to make a little sacrifice for the greater good. However, don’t forget to have fun.

May your love be your queen and your marriage your kingdom. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

49. Dear (name of nephew), on your wedding day, I wish you and your wife a lifetime of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. May your marriage be a beautiful garden: full of vibrant colors, sweet fragrances, and the occasional weed that you tackle together. Congratulations!

50. On this momentous day, I am filled with joy and pride as my nephew and his partner embark on the lifelong journey that is marriage.

To Mr. and Mrs. (last name), may your love for each other continue to grow and flourish, providing you with strength, comfort, and warmth throughout the years. Wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness, and cherished memories. Congratulations on your wedding!

Final Thoughts

If you need to, feel free to use the samples above and modify them according to your circumstance. You can also use them as inspiration for writing your own wedding wishes for a nephew. The latter is preferable, as you can inject your personality and humor into it.

No matter the delivery, the important thing is to be genuine and heartfelt. Give practical advice if you have some. Your nephew will appreciate all the support and love you can give.

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