50+ Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary Quotes & Wishes

Celebrating years of being together—whether it is your 4th or 36th—is a momentous occasion. Couples choose to commemorate anniversaries in different ways, such as going on trips, buying gifts, and sending romantic messages to each other.

Sending a message to your partner on your 36th wedding anniversary can be a wonderful way to reflect on your relationship, look back at the moments you have shared, and celebrate how long you have been together.

A sweet example of a message is, “One thing I’ve learned after being together this long is that forever’s simply not enough. I love you in this life and the next. Happy 36th anniversary.” Below are 50 more examples you can use for your partner.

Lovely 36th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Your Spouse

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Romantic 36th Wedding Anniversary Messages

In terms of relationships, 36 years is a long time. At that point in your commitment, you have gone through a lifetime’s worth of challenges, milestones, and everything in between; as a result, the love you share has become resilient and encompassing. Your message on your 36th wedding anniversary can reflect this unique language of love between you two.

  1. “36 years later, my heart still skips a beat every time I look at you. Happy anniversary, my love.”
  2. “Happy anniversary, sweetheart. We’ve been through countless seasons of life, and my love for you has only grown deeper and stronger.”
  3. “Look at us—36 years of love, laughter, and making memories together. May the next 36 be just as exciting and wonderful. Happy anniversary!”
  4. “Another year has passed, but the sparkle in our romance gleams brighter than ever.”
  5. “After 36 years of being married, our love is still as fresh and vibrant as it was on our wedding day. I’m so thankful to be with you on this journey. Happy anniversary!”
  6. “One thing I’ve learned after being together this long is that forever’s simply not enough. I love you in this life and the next. Happy 36th anniversary.”
  7. “My love for you has only deepened with each passing year. Happy 36 years, dear.”
  8. “We’ve shared 36 amazing years building our lives together. Thank you for all the love and joy you’ve given me. Happy anniversary to my best friend and soulmate!”
  9. “Here’s to 36 years of telepathic communication, quiet moments, and passionate love. I love you so much.”
  10. “Through all of life’s ups and downs, twists and turns, you’ve been my rock. Thank you for 36 wonderful years of marriage. Here’s to many more!”
  11. “The past 36 years have been the most amazing rollercoaster of my life. Thank you for proving to me that love conquers everything. Happy anniversary!”
  12. “In you, I found my love, my partner, and my best friend. Happy 36th, sweetheart!”
  13. “36 years, huh? I want you to know this: You are my yesterday, today, and all of my tomorrows. Happy anniversary.”
  14. “Cheers to the love story that never gets old no matter how many years pass. Every day, you make me feel like I’m 18 again. I love you. Happy anniversary.”
  15. “Here’s to the 36th chapter of the book of our romance. May our love story have no end. Happy anniversary!”
  16. “Your love is the melody that has been playing in my heart for 36 wonderful years. We may have had moments where we went off-key, but we always managed to get back in harmony. I love you, sweetheart.”
  17. “On our 36th anniversary, I just wanted to say—you’ve been my biggest adventure, and I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Humorous 36th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

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People say that couples who laugh together, stay together; humor adds a delightful touch to any relationship, making the dull moments brighter and the tough times lighter. Make your spouse laugh with a joke, pun, or witty turn of phrase in your 36th wedding anniversary message.

  1. “We’ve been married for 36 years, and I still can’t figure out how to turn off the ‘read receipts’ on you!”
  2. “36 years of ignoring my ‘Do Not Disturb’ status on my phone, and yet I still love you with all of my heart… I wonder why that is. Happy anniversary, darling.”
  3. “Here’s to 36 years of stealing each other’s fries. I keep on telling you to order your own, and yet you keep stealing (“It’s called sharing!”) from my plate!”
  4. “Another year of us showing the world how it’s done. Happy 36th, partner in crime!”
  5. “People say love is like fine wine because it gets better as it ages. What people don’t say is, ‘Have less fine wine as you age for your health!’ Happy 36th anniversary.”
  6. “It’s been 36 years, and I still think you’re a ‘keeper’, even if just for spider-removal duties!”
  7. “We’ve been married for so long that I can finish all your stories for you. I’ve heard that one about your trip to Japan 100 times already! (And I’ll still keep listening. Always.)”
  8. “From our wedding day, I already knew that we’d make it to 36 years. I mean, I didn’t have any other plans, so I thought I’d just stick around and see what happens! Happy anniversary, honey.”
  9. “36 years married, and you still give me butterflies in my stomach when you walk in the room. (That might also just be gas.) Happy anniversary, dear.”
  10. “We’ve been married for 36 years, and we still can’t figure out where to eat without using a randomizer online. Happy 36th anniversary, my endearingly indecisive sweetheart.”
  11. “Our 36th anniversary is brought to you by antacids, blood pressure medication, countless afternoon naps, and cat hair on every surface at home. Growing old with you has been more fun than I could’ve ever imagined. Happy anniversary!”
  12. “People say that after being together for so long, romance starts to fade. Good thing we never had any romance to begin with! Just kidding; we’re so full of romance. Happy 36th anniversary!”
  13. “Here’s to 36 years of me constantly asking for updates on your workplace gossip and drama. Happy anniversary!”
  14. “Celebrating 36 years of being married to my best friend. Here’s to 36 more years of laughter, adventure and me conveniently pretending I can’t hear you! Happy anniversary!”
  15. “It’s been 36 years, huh? Good thing our marriage never had a quarter-life crisis like the rest of us. Happy anniversary!”
  16. “Happy 36th anniversary! Hope you like my gift (hint: it might be another pair of socks and a cute mug). You say it’s boring and repetitive, I call it tradition.”
  17. “They say after so many years of marriage, couples start to look alike. I’m sorry in advance for what’s going to happen to your face. Happy anniversary!”
  18. “36 years down, 114 more to go until our 150th! We’re not even halfway there yet – you’re still stuck with me! Happy anniversary!”

Nostalgic and Reflective 36th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

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Celebrating 36 years of marriage warrants a lot of nostalgia and reflection. Look back at the stories and memories you have formed over the years, and let the sentiments and emotions guide you as you pay tribute to your relationship.

  1. “We’ve woven a beautiful tapestry of memories over the past 36 years, haven’t we? Here’s to us, love. Happy anniversary.”
  2. “From the very first day that we met to today, our 36th anniversary, every moment has been nothing short of wonderful. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us.”
  3. “Thinking back to our wedding day 36 years ago still makes my heart flutter. I’m so glad we took that leap of faith together. I love you more now than ever. Happy anniversary!”
  4. “We’ve made something really beautiful, haven’t we? I look at our lives today and am filled with so much love and joy. I love you. Happy 36 years.”
  5. “Your love has been my anchor for 36 years, grounding me in moments of chaos. Thank you for being with me through everything. I love you.”
  6. “36 years of memories that I will always cherish—our beautiful wedding, buying our first home, having our children, our travels together—we’ve built a truly wonderful life, my love. Happy anniversary!”
  7. “I cherish every year, every era that we have gone through. From young lovers to growing old together, I’m having the time of my life. Happy 36th anniversary, my love.”
  8. “36 years in, and every day still feels like a gift wrapped in your love. Happy anniversary.”
  9. “From our first kiss to our first dance, so many moments from our wedding still feel like yesterday. I’m so grateful to have you by my side through it all. Happy 36th anniversary!”
  10. “Happy 36 years, my love. Like an ancient oak tree, our love has grown deep roots, standing tall and unwavering through the seasons of life.”
  11. “Looking through our wedding album takes me right back to that magical day when we became husband and wife. What an adventure these 36 years have been! Here’s to many more. Happy anniversary!”
  12. “Can you believe it’s been 36 years since our wedding day? I still get butterflies remembering how good you looked and the joy we felt saying ‘I do.’ Happy anniversary!”
  13. “Even after 36 years, I remember our wedding like it was yesterday. Your smile, the way you walked down the aisle, our first dance to Michael Bublé’s All I Do Is Dream of You. I’m still head over heels for you. Happy anniversary, darling!”
  14. “They say nothing lasts forever, but our love sure has. Thanks for the best 36 years of my life, and here’s to many more. Happy anniversary!”
  15.  “Our love, nurtured over these 36 years, has blossomed into an epic tale of perseverance, passion, and profound connection. I love you.”
  16. “Each year adds a new layer to our story, building upon the foundation of trust, love, and the silent promises we’ve made and kept. Happy 36th anniversary, dear.”
  17. “36 years ago I vowed before our friends and family to love you for better or worse. Looking back, there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side. You’re my world. Happy anniversary!”
  18. “Who knew that young, starry-eyed couple saying ‘I do’ 36 years ago would make it this far? I’m so grateful to have taken this journey with you. Happy anniversary to my soulmate!”

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, 36th wedding anniversary quotes and messages express your sincere emotions. If you put your heart into writing these words, your spouse will appreciate what you said—regardless of whether it is romantic, humorous, nostalgic, or anything in between.