15 Exciting Bridesmaids Drinking Games & Their Rules

Any get-together is not complete without a fun activity. Games, in particular, are effective icebreakers and help everyone in attendance to bond and get to know each other better.

Wedding drinking games are a perfect addition to any intimate pre-wedding events, especially bachelorette parties. Some exciting games you can play include Bottoms Up, Dirty Pint, Prosecco Pong, and Tipsy Tower.

Below is a list of 15 drinking games for bridesmaids, along with their rules and instructions for gameplay.

Bridesmaids Drinking Games

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1. Bottoms Up!

A game of “Bottoms up!” is essentially Never Have I Ever but instead of putting down a finger, you take a shot. The questions can vary in their naughtiness; depending on the planner of the game, the questions can be innocent, sexual, or shocking. Likewise, the questions can be prepared beforehand, or the players can come up with them as they play. Below is a list of questions to give you an idea of the game’s nature:

Bottoms up if…

  • Your partner has a name for their private parts
  • You have gotten so drunk you threw up before reaching the restroom
  • You flirted with someone for the sake of it but ghosted them when they became interested
  • You joined a class or organization because of an attractive member or leader
  • You have gone on a date with someone at least 10 years older than you

Depending on the amount of alcohol you have prepared, you can give each player up to 10 shots of any alcohol. The first person to finish all their shots is deemed the loser of this bridesmaid drinking game.

2. Bride and Groom Trivia

A game of bride and groom trivia tests the guests how well they know the couple. The questions can revolve around their relationship, individual characteristics, and any pre-wedding or wedding-themed event. Furthermore, questions can also take on a this or that format or a risqué nature. Here are some questions you can use:

  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Where did the proposal happen?
  • Where will the wedding take place?
  • How many kids do they plan on having?
  • What are their middle names?
  • What is the color scheme of the wedding?
  • Morning person or night owl?
  • What is the strangest place they had sex in?

People who give the correct answer get a point, while those with the wrong answer take a shot. If everyone gets it right, only the bride will drink from her cup.

3. Buzz!

Have every player stand in a circle, each with a drink in hand. A player starts the game by saying “one” out loud. The mechanics of the game is to continue counting upwards; however, everyone must choose which number and its multiples to avoid. Traditionally, this number is seven. This means that seven, 14, 21, and so on, will be replaced by the word “buzz.”

A sample round with nine players would go like this:

Player 1: “One!”

Player 2: “Two!”

Player 3: “Three”

Player 7: “Buzz!”

Player 8: “Eight!”

Player 9: “Nine!”

Player 1: “Ten!”

Player 4: “Thirteen!”

Player 5: “Buzz!”

As the game goes on, focusing and remembering basic arithmetic will become more challenging. Whoever messes up the counting or adding will drink; it is up to you if you will restart the game or pick up where you left off.

4. Dirty Minds

“Dirty Minds” is a type of bridesmaids drinking game where the players are given suggestive and racy descriptions for mundane and innocent items. This game is better played when everyone has already had a few drinks, as this will make their answers naughtier and more imaginative.

You have several options as to how you want to make this a drinking game. Traditionally, everyone who gives the wrong answer takes a shot. You can also encourage entertainment and creativity by having the players vote for the best answer at the end of each round, then have the winner take a shot. Easy to play card game version of this game is available here on Amazon.

5. Dirty Pint

Before this bridesmaid drinking game begins, every person must pour a portion of their drink on hand into a common glass. After you decide which player will go first, they will flip a coin and try to guess on which face it landed. If they get it right, the person next to them repeats the process. However, if they get it wrong, they have to take a sip or drink from the dirty pint. How much they chug will be up to you.

6. Drop It Gravity Game

drop it game

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The Drop It Gravity Game is played with a pegboard and disks. A player will drop a disk, which will then bounce around the pegboard until it lands in one of the shot glasses lined under the board. The player drinks the content of the shot glass their disk landed in.

To make the game more thrilling, pour different but identical drinks in each shot glass. For example, you can use water, soda, vodka, soju, tequila, and even vinegar, in the same round.

7. Heads Up

Heads Up is a bridesmaids drinking game similar to charades. Although you can come up with words yourself, there is an application to help make the game easier to play. Firstly, divide the bridesmaids into two groups; in each group, there are actors and a guesser. Once the timer starts, the guesser will place the phone on their forehead, and the actors will use words and gestures to describe the word displayed on the phone. Each correct answer corresponds to one point, and the losing team has to take a drink.

Rules of This Game on Youtube

8. Bridesmaids Movie Drinking Game

A movie marathon is a popular activity for a small get-together between bridesmaids. Furthermore, there are limitless options when it comes to choosing which cheesy romantic comedy or wedding-themed movies to watch. Here are some examples of prompts or signals to watch out for during a movie-themed bridesmaid drinking game:

  • Drink whenever someone says “marry” or “wedding”
  • Bottoms up whenever sex is mentioned or shown on screen
  • Take a sip whenever the main character’s name is called
  • Drink when a flashback of a romantic scene is shown
  • Drink whenever the words “bride” or “bridesmaid” are said
  • Take a shot every time the main character tucks her hair behind her ears
  • Bottoms up every time someone goes on a monologue about love

9. Name That Drink

To play this game, you need to procure one blindfold for each player, a wide variety of drinks, and a timer. While straight drinks are fine to play with, you can increase the level of difficulty by including cocktails, mixed drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Before the game formally begins, have each player form a line and wear their blindfolds. Once the drink is given to the first player, they have 30 to 60 seconds to smell and taste the drink. After 60 seconds, they pass the drink to the player beside them. Once everyone has had a chance to sip and whiff, they have to guess what the drink was. The first player to get the name right receives one point.

10. Paranoia

To play this bridesmaid drinking game, the players must first form a circle. The game starts with one player whispering a question to the person on their right. The recipient must answer the question by pointing to another person in the game or saying their name — either way, the answer must also be a player. If the person who was pointed at wants to know what the question was, they take a drink. Here are some questions you can consider incorporating into the game:

  • Who do you think will be the first to get married after the bride-to-be?
  • Who is most likely to have a one-night stand?
  • Who do you think still has feelings for their ex?
  • Who do you think is the kinkiest?
  • Who is most likely to get drunk after just one drink?
  • Who do you think has the most parking violations?

However, exercise caution when playing paranoia. Make sure that the questions are not judgmental or hurtful in any way. Failure to do so might result in arguments, disagreements, or fights.

11. Pass Out

pass out game

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Pass Out is a board game specifically made for drinking. The players will choose a colored pawn to represent them. The board has rectangles of different colors, with the center being divided into four areas. Each rectangle along the perimeter contains an instruction, such as “yellow take a drink,” “all drink,” and so on. Players roll dice and traverse the board, and every time they pass the “Start here” rectangle, they will draw a “Pink Elephant” card. Each Pink Elephant card contains a tongue twister, which the player has to recite successfully three times to keep the card. The tongue twisters become more difficult as the game progresses. The first player to have 10 Pink Elephant cards wins the game.

12. Prosecco Pong

prosecco pong

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Prosecco Pong is a chic and classy variation of the classic party game Beer Pong. Instead of the traditional red Solo cups, use coupette glasses and fill them up with prosecco. On two opposite sides of a long table, arrange the coupette glasses into pyramids.

Players will shoot their ping pong balls into the other team’s glasses. Every successful shot means the player of the other team has to drink from the glass in which the ball landed. The first team to have no glasses left on the table loses the game.

13. Sotally Tober

sotally tober game

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Sotally Tober is a card game with five categories of cards you can draw: activity cards, skill cards, curse cards, secret cards, and decree cards. There are 125 cards in total. By the end of the game, not one person will be sotally tober. The winner of the game is the player who took the least amount of drinks.

14. Tipsy Tower

tipsy tower game

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Played like Jenga, Tipsy Tower is a block-stacking party game perfect for any get-togethers. Rules, mini-games, and actions are written on every block. The player has to do whatever is written on the block they pull out. The game becomes more challenging the longer it is played because everyone will start getting tipsy.

15. Truth or Drink

As the name denotes, “Truth or Drink” is a variant of the popular game Truth or Dare. You can come up with original questions, compile lists from the Internet, or purchase card games specifically made for this bridesmaid drinking game.

The rules are straightforward: you can either answer the question given to you or refuse to do so and take a shot. As the game goes on, the players will get drunker. The questions asked in Truth or Drink are usually risqué and intriguing. Below is a list of possible questions:

  • What was the most embarrassing thing that you did or said during a date?
  • Who was your worst kiss ever?
  • If you could do anything without any consequences, what would it be?
  • What is the most bizarre thing you’ve done while drunk?
  • Do you still have feelings for your ex?

Final Thoughts

Weddings are about making lasting memories and fostering close bonds. Introducing a bridesmaids drinking game can infuse fun and laughter into pre-wedding festivities. As always, drink responsibly and ensure everyone’s comfort. Here’s to an unforgettable evening filled with joy and camaraderie!

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