Bride and Groom Trivia Questions: Who Knows the Couple the Best?

Even though a wedding is all about celebrating a couple’s commitment, providing activities that include the guests is a fun way to make the event more memorable. There are plenty of games you can play during the reception that will make the day even more special.

A trivia game is an exciting and engaging way to let the guests learn more about the couple. Bride and groom trivia questions can be grouped into five broad categories:

  1. Questions about the bride and groom’s relationship
  2. Personal questions about the bride and groom
  3. Questions about the ceremony, reception, or pre-wedding events
  4. This or that questions
  5. Risqué questions 

Across the five categories, 90 specific examples of questions for the bride and groom trivia game are listed below. Then, the instructions for how to facilitate the game are given. Tips for smooth gameplay are also provided.

Bride and Groom Trivia Questions

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Questions About the Bride and Groom’s Relationship

These bride and groom trivia questions focus on their history and dynamics. This is a fun and engaging way to reminisce, letting the guests learn more about the nature of their relationship. The game itself is also an effective icebreaker to get your shy and introverted guests to become more comfortable and interactive.

  1. Where is their honeymoon taking place?
  2. Where did the couple meet?
  3. Where did they have their first date?
  4. How long were they in a relationship before getting engaged?
  5. When did they have their first kiss?
  6. Where did they go on their first vacation?
  7. Who planned the proposal?
  8. Do they want to have kids?
  9. How many kids are they planning on having?
  10. Who is the better cook?
  11. Who does more household chores?
  12. Who said “I love you” first?
  13. What is the inscription on their ring?
  14. Who made the first move?
  15. What are their pet names for each other?
  16. What do they consider to be “their song,” or the song that best describes their relationship?
  17. What destination would they choose for an adventure elopement?
  18. Where do they want to build their home?
  19. What was their first fight about?
  20. Who is the first to apologize after a fight?
  21. What were the exact words used to propose?
  22. How did they spend their first Valentine’s Day together?
  23. Where did they have their most recent vacation?
  24. What do they love most about each other?
  25. When did they first realize the other was “the one?”

Personal Questions About the Bride and Groom

The purpose of the bride and groom trivia game is to get to know them better, both as a couple and as individuals. The questions listed below revolve around their personal lives, ranging from their interests to childhood information.

  1. What are their nicknames?
  2. How many siblings do they each have?
  3. What college did they go to?
  4. What did they major in?
  5. What was their first job?
  6. What is their current job?
  7. What is their favorite genre of music?
  8. What is their favorite restaurant to go to?
  9. What are their middle names?
  10. What is their favorite sport?
  11. When is their birthday?
  12. Where were they born?
  13. If they were to be stuck on a deserted island, what are the three things they would bring?
  14. If their house got on fire, what is the first thing they would save?
  15. Who is their celebrity crush?
  16. If they were given any superpower, what would they want?
  17. If they were to go viral, what would it be for?
  18. What is their favorite song?
  19. Who do they consider their best friend?
  20. If they win the lottery, what is the first thing they will buy?
  21. What car do they drive?
  22. Which social media platform do they spend the most time on?
  23. What was their favorite subject in elementary school?
  24. What is their favorite way to pass the time?
  25. What is their love language?
  26. What is a sure way to get them angry?
  27. What is their ultimate pet peeve?
  28. What is their Zodiac sign?
  29. What is their favorite book?
  30. What is their eye color?

Questions About the Ceremony, Reception, or Pre-Wedding Events

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Trivia games can be played during the reception or any pre-wedding event, such as the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Depending on when you decide to play the bride and groom trivia game, you can include questions referencing the details of other events.

  1. How many guests are in the reception?
  2. What is the flavor of the wedding cake?
  3. What kind of flowers is the bride carrying?
  4. What are the specific colors of the wedding color scheme?
  5. What is the theme of the wedding?
  6. Where was the bachelorette party held?
  7. Where was the bachelor party held?
  8. What song was playing during the bride’s entrance?
  9. What song was playing during the parents’ entrance?
  10. What song did the groom and his mother dance to?
  11. What song did the bride and her father dance to?
  12. What book from the Bible were the readings taken from?
  13. What are the names of every person who made a toast?

This or That Questions

This category of “Who knows the couple best?” questions puts two similar or related items together. You then choose which one you think the bride or groom prefers more. You may do this by simply encircling or ticking the box that corresponds to your answer.

  1. Dog or cat?
  2. Beach or mountain?
  3. Twitter or Instagram?
  4. Sweet or spicy?
  5. Chicken or meat?
  6. Japan or South Korea?
  7. Travel or stay at home?
  8. Audio call or video call?
  9. Spaghetti or carbonara?
  10. Mexican food or Thai food?
  11. Summer or winter?
  12. Rainy day or sunny day?
  13. K-pop or classical music?
  14. Morning person or night owl?
  15. Long car rides or airplane rides?
  16. Pizza or sushi?
  17. California or New York?

Risqué Questions

Risqué questions, as the word’s definition goes, are questions that are suggestive and sexual in nature. These questions may pertain to the couple’s sex life, past adventures, and preferences.

These bride and groom trivia questions will not be appropriate for every event, so exercise caution and think carefully if you want to include these. 

  1. What is their favorite sex position?
  2. What is the strangest place they had sex in?
  3. What is their guilty pleasure?
  4. What is the weirdest kink they have?
  5. What is the weirdest kink they want to try?

Some questionnaires also include general trivia about a wide range of topics: pop culture, history, science, literature, art, food and beverage, geography, and more. Ultimately, you and your partner will decide which questions will be included.

How to Facilitate the Game

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The first step is to come up with a list of questions. This is usually the responsibility of a member of the bridal party or a close friend or relative. This arrangement makes the most sense, as they know more about you than other people. The wedding planner can also assist in brainstorming for more questions.

The final questionnaire should not be too long. Pick around 15 questions from different categories. This should make the length of the gameplay not too short that it will feel abrupt, nor too long that your guests will feel bored midway through.

The bride and groom will provide the correct answers to whoever will be facilitating the game. This could be the maid of honor, a relative, an emcee, or anyone who volunteers to do so.

Traditionally, the questionnaires are printed and will be passed to the guests during the event, along with a pen. They will be given time to write their answers, and, in the end, they will exchange papers to mark each other’s sheets. Although optional, you can give the winner a prize.

Essential Tips for the Game

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Get the Couple’s Approval

As the game will revolve around the couple themselves, they must be comfortable with the content of the questionnaire. They may feel that some questions are too personal, inappropriate, or obscure that the majority of their guests would not be able to get the correct answer.

Assign Roles to Those Willing to Help

As with any other aspect of wedding planning, asking for assistance will lessen the stress for everyone involved. Here are some tasks that can be distributed:

  • Designing the layout of the questionnaire
  • Printing and cutting the questionnaires
  • Distributing the questionnaire along with a pen

Use an Online Template

To make the task of creating the layout easier, you can instead look for templates online. Various sites such as Pinterest carry a diverse range of designs to be used or serve as inspiration.

If you are making your own format for the questionnaire, leave ample space for the guests to write their answers. If the questions are directed to both partners such as those listed above (e.g., “What is their favorite song?”), you can use two columns. One will contain answers for the bride and the other for the groom.

Be Considerate to the Guests

Not all wedding events are kid-free. If the bridal shower, reception, or whichever event the game will be played at has children in attendance, do not include risqué questions. Pushing through with sexually suggestive questions in the presence of children is inappropriate and may anger their parents.

Furthermore, if the guests will be composed of mostly acquaintances, coworkers, and colleagues, they may not be able to answer personal or nostalgic questions.

Ultimately, the questionnaire must be tailored in a way that will not make the guests uncomfortable.

Use Quality Materials

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Utilize a brand of paper that is not too thin to prevent any tears; sheets of paper that are too glossy may smudge easily. Buy paper with the right thickness so that guests will not accidentally rip their questionnaires.

The same can be said about pens. Certain brands’ pens will dry or get clogged easily. Furthermore, some pens stop functioning after one drop.

Test the Pens

As mentioned earlier, a contingency to keep in mind is the pens not working. Test the pens on scrap paper before distributing them to ensure that they are functional.

Have Extra Materials on Hand

Regardless of how much planning and preparation goes into every aspect of an event, there is bound to be an accident or unexpected occurrence. Have additional pens and questionnaires ready to go in case of an emergency.

Make the Prize Special

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To reiterate, it is optional to give a prize at the end of the game. However, setting a prize is an effective way to get the guests more engaged in the game.

If you are looking for an alternative to a garter toss or a bouquet toss, you can set those items as a prize for the winner of the trivia game.

Go Digital

Playing the trivia game traditionally presents a few logistical problems. Firstly, having to print and distribute the questionnaires and pens may be chaotic and time-consuming.

There are also contingencies such as the sheets ripping, the pens not working, and people cheating that although unlikely, might dampen the overall experience.

Online platforms such as AhaSlides, Mentimeter, and Kahoot can make your trivia game easier to facilitate and more engaging for the guests. However, it must be noted that going digital also has potential issues, such as an unstable Internet connection and a lack of equipment at the venue.

Final Thoughts

A game of trivia is an effective icebreaker for any pre-wedding or wedding event; it will get your guests engaged and entertained. More than that, a bride and groom trivia game is an efficient way to help the guests know more about the newlyweds.

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