87 What Did the Groom Say Game & Questions (Free Templates)

Bridal showers, and pre-wedding events in general, are an opportunity for the couple to spend some time with their loved ones. Choosing what activities to include in the itinerary can make or break the event. In bridal showers, one to three games are commonly played to entertain the guests and break the ice.

The “What Did the Groom Say” bridal shower game is an excellent choice for an icebreaking activity. The mechanics of the game are explained below, followed by sample questions for the groom to get you started. Free PDF templates are also provided for your use. Lastly, several tips related to the what did the groom say bridal shower game are enumerated.

What Did the Groom Say Bridal Shower Game 101

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As its name suggests, the “What Did the Groom Say” game has players guess how the groom responded to various questions for groom about bride. The questions can range from simple ones, like asking for the bride’s favorite color, to more personalized queries, like how the groom knew he wanted to marry the bride. These are great questions to ask groom about bride, providing insight into their relationship.

There are two ways to play the game. In the first version, only the bride answers the questions. The guests are given a game card where they can predict if the bride and the groom will have matching answers. This version of the game is also known as “How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride?”, which is a variant of the popular “He Said She Said” game.

The second way to play the “What Did the Groom Say” game is to have the guests try to answer the questions, too. Getting the right answers to certain questions will be almost impossible; however, players know this and simply go with the funniest answer they could think of instead. The winner of the game is determined by whoever got the highest number of correct answers.

Regardless of which way you choose to play, the “What Did the Groom Say?” game is an entertaining and efficient way for guests to know the couple better. It is not too difficult to set up, nor is it too awkward for the bride, making it an excellent addition to your bridal shower itinerary.

Bridal Shower Game Questions for the Groom

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Before playing the what did the groom say game, it’s essential to prepare a list of questions. Below are some sample questions to get started:

  1. How did you know you wanted to marry her?
  2. How many children does she plan on having?
  3. If you could adopt any pet, what would it be?
  4. Using one adjective, how would you describe her?
  5. What did she name her first pet?
  6. What does she want most in your new home together?
  7. What habit of yours annoys her the most?
  8. What household chore does she hate the most?
  9. What is her best quality?
  10. What is her biggest pet peeve?
  11. What is her biggest phobia?
  12. What is her coffee order?
  13. What is her comfort food?
  14. What is her favorite candy?
  15. What is her favorite movie?
  16. What is her favorite store to shop at?
  17. What is her favorite shade of pink?
  18. What is her favorite song?
  19. What is her favorite song lyric?
  20. What is her favorite TV series?
  21. What is her favorite quote?
  22. What is her go-to cocktail?
  23. What is her go-to order at McDonald’s?
  24. What is her guilty pleasure?

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  1. What is her ideal date? 
  2. What is her most prized possession?
  3. What is her primary love language?
  4. What is your favorite thing or things about her?
  5. What is the one thing she cannot live without?
  6. What is the title of her favorite book?
  7. What food is she the best at cooking?
  8. What pet name does she like the most?
  9. What song does she usually sing at karaoke?
  10. What was her childhood nickname?
  11. What was her dream job as a kid?
  12. What was her first job?
  13. When did you realize you wanted to marry her?
  14. When was she born?
  15. Where did you have your first date?
  16. Where did you have your first kiss?
  17. Where did you meet for the first time?
  18. Where did you propose?
  19. Where does she see herself in five years?
  20. Where is her “happy place”?
  21. Which country does she want to visit next?
  22. Who is her celebrity crush?
  23. Who is her favorite fictional character?
  24. What type of flowers does she love the most?
  25. What kind of dress would she wear on a casual day?
  26. What color are her eyes?
  27. What is her shoe size?
  28. Who is her role model?
  29. What kind of movies does she dislike?
  30. Which sport does she enjoy watching or playing?
  31. Who is her best friend?
  32. What’s her favorite holiday destination?
  33. What is her favorite type of cuisine?
  34. How does she like to spend her weekends?
  35. What is her favorite season of the year?
  36. Which perfume does she wear most frequently?
  37. Does she have any allergies?
  38. How many siblings does she have?
  39. What is her favorite beverage?
  40. What’s her favorite ice cream flavor?
  41. What’s her favorite social media platform?
  42. Does she prefer gold or silver jewelry?
  43. What is her favorite form of exercise?
  44. What’s her preferred style of dance?
  45. Which musical instrument does she wish to learn?
  46. Does she enjoy sunrise or sunset more?
  47. What’s her favorite type of chocolate?
  48. What’s her favorite breakfast item?
  49. How does she usually style her hair?
  50. What kind of movies makes her cry?
  51. Which fruit does she enjoy the most?
  52. What’s her favorite brand of makeup?
  53. What is her dream car?
  54. Which language does she wish to learn?
  55. What is her favorite board game or card game?
  56. What’s her favorite genre of books to read?
  57. Does she have a favorite flower?
  58. What’s her favorite type of cheese?
  59. What’s her go-to pizza topping?
  60. Does she prefer tea or coffee?
  61. What is her favorite snack?
  62. What is her Zodiac sign?
  63. What is her favorite type of muffin or pastry?

Free PDF Templates for What Did the Groom Say Game

1. Template 1

what did the groom say free printable

Click Here to Download PDF.

2. Template 2

what did the groom say free printable

Click Here to Download PDF.

Tips for Facilitating the What Did the Groom Say Game

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Prepare Multiple Prizes

As with any bridal shower game, there is a chance that more than one player will win. While you are free to do a tiebreaker round, you can also simply give every winner a prize. Not only will this save you time for other activities, but this will also make more people happy. Here are some prizes you can consider giving:

  • Mini bottles of wine
  • Gift baskets
  • Candles
  • Socks
  • Gift certificates
  • Complimentary spa treatments
  • Stationery
  • Chocolates
  • Personalized bottle or mug

Involve the Groom More

To play the “What Did the Groom Say?” game, the organizer or facilitator will send the questions to the groom ahead of the party. Typically, he will then provide the answers through a straightforward, text-only reply.

To make the game more exciting and memorable, ask the groom to send his answers through a video. He can ask someone to read the questions out loud, or he can read them himself. Moreover, he can be as romantic or playful as he wants; regardless, it will make for an unforgettable experience. Make sure to ask for his consent to have the video played at the party.

You can also ask him to give a short message or speech at the end of the video. It is an easy yet touching way to further involve the groom on one of her special days.

Have Someone Be the Arbiter

As mentioned above, points will only be awarded if the player gives the same answer as the groom. However, there will be countless instances where the answers are similar but not verbatim. Someone has to decide whether the point will be given in these situations.

In other games, the bride-to-be is usually the arbiter of various games. She has the authority to decide whether an answer is close enough, thus deserving of points. However, if she is also playing the game, ask someone else to verify the answers. This person can be the maid of honor, the facilitator of the game, or another close friend.

Adapting the Game for a Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party

While the “What Did the Groom Say?” game is originally intended for bridal showers, you can easily adapt it for a bachelorette party. In fact, you can proceed with the same templates and rules as you would with a bridal shower.

You can add a few twists to the mechanics to make the game more exciting and fitting for a bachelorette party. Here are a few examples:

  • Ask the bride to take a shot every time she gives a wrong answer.
  • Prepare a few truth or dare prompts for the bride. You can ask her to pick every time she gives a wrong answer.
  • Include a few risqué questions in the game card. However, make sure the groom and the bride are comfortable with these questions. Here are some suggestive questions you can consider adding to the game:
    • What is her biggest turn-on?
    • What is the weirdest place you did the deed?
    • What is her favorite position?
    • What is her ultimate fantasy?

Adapting the Game for a Wedding Shower

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One of the major differences between a wedding shower and a bridal shower is the presence of the bride and the groom. If you want to include the “What Did the Groom Say?” game in your wedding shower, you are free to do so. You do not have to change any of the rules or mechanics of the game.

With that said, it is best to balance it out by adding a groom-centric game. For instance, you can play “What Did the Bride Say?” right before or after this game. You can either use a completely different set of questions or simply replace the pronouns used in the other game.

Have Extra Supplies

As the saying goes, it is better to be overprepared than underprepared. Besides preparing a couple of gifts, you should also save extra pens and print additional game cards. Contingencies, such as a pen not working, or accidents, such as spilling a drink on the game card, cannot be avoided. In these situations, you need to act quickly to avoid disrupting the game. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to play this, the left-right game, scattergories, or a different game, the important thing is that everyone has fun. Games like “What Did the Groom Say?” allow the guests to get to know the couple better. Ultimately, games are a way to strengthen connections and solidify support systems.

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