Is It OK to Change Your Wedding Ring? When It’s OK & Not OK

Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain while selecting a wedding ring is common, as the fear of future regret can be daunting. With concerns about its appearance or the possibility of disliking it later, you may ponder, “Am I allowed to change my wedding ring in the future?”

Yes, in most circumstances, changing your wedding ring is perfectly acceptable. Yet, it’s advisable to reconsider if you’re currently facing financial constraints or external pressures. Acquiring a new ring can be deferred to a more opportune time when conditions are favorable.

Below, you’ll find more nuanced explanations and considerations you need to bear in mind about the process of changing your wedding ring. These insights will guide you through making an informed decision that aligns with both your feelings and practical aspects.

Is It OK to Change Your Wedding Ring?

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When Is It Okay to Change Your Wedding Ring?

1. You have experienced changes in your body.

Gaining or losing weight is a normal part of life. Some even say that it is inevitable once you get married; you may put on several pounds because of marital bliss. As a result, your wedding ring might not fit properly anymore.

One way to tell if your ring still fits properly is if you can rotate it around your finger. Try spinning it clockwise or counterclockwise. If it does not spin, then it is too tight already. Another sign that it is too tight is if the ring will not come off even when applying pressure.

2. You bought starter rings at the beginning of your marriage.

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Because of finances, some couples may opt for a starter ring. A starter ring has a simpler design and a cheaper price. This practice is common among couples in their 20s, as they usually do not have the financial security that couples in their 30s  have. Once the couple is more financially secure, they can then upgrade to a forever ring.

3. You have damaged your ring.

Because you wear your wedding ring every day, it is highly susceptible to damage. It might get scratched while you do chores or while you are on an adventure. Depending on the material, some rings are more durable than others.

4. You live a highly active lifestyle.

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As mentioned above, your ring can get damaged while you are on an adventure. If you and your partner like living life to the fullest, it is a good idea to change your wedding ring. Certain rings are more resilient, and depending on their design, the damage might not be easily visible.

Alternatively, you can just buy a second ring. You can choose which ring to wear depending on the occasion. For casual and formal events, you can put on your traditional ring. If you know you will be doing strenuous activities, you can wear the second ring.

5. Your personal style has changed.

For most people, their style is not constant. It might change depending on age, life experiences, circumstances, current trends, and so on. For example, in your 20s, you may have found chrome wedding bands to be stunning. It is possible that, by the time you reach your 30s, your preference may shift to a classic gold or silver.

6. You just want something new.

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After a few years of wearing one band, you might be ready to try something new. Additionally, you might find that your ring looks antiquated already. There is nothing wrong with splurging on a new ring if you can afford it. A benefit to having multiple rings is that you can cycle through them depending on your mood.

7. You lost your wedding ring and cannot find it anymore.

You may have misplaced your wedding ring somewhere, or you may have left it at a different place. If you cannot find your ring anymore, it is time to buy a new one. While the new ring might not have the sentiments of the old one, you have the rest of your life to create more memories.

8. You went through a divorce.

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To close the previous chapter of their life, many divorcees prefer to sell their wedding rings. This process can catalyze emotions and help them heal. However, you may find that changing or redesigning your old wedding ring can be just as therapeutic.

Symbolically, redesigning your wedding ring after a divorce can say, “I treasure the memories we have, but I am ready to move on.” Likewise, it may feel like reclaiming a part of your identity that has been put on the back burner for some time.

When It Is Not Okay to Change Your Wedding Ring


1. You are being pressured into changing your wedding ring.

Some people have it in their nature to meddle. Alternatively, they might judge you for your choice of ring. Ultimately, there might be a person who will make you insecure about your wedding ring.

Do not change your wedding ring just because of peer or external pressure. You can let them know why you and your partner chose to go with this ring. You can also simply not pay attention to what they are saying. After all, your ring is none of their business.

2. You do not have the finances to buy a new ring.

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Planning and holding a wedding can get very expensive; even elopements can cost a few thousand dollars. Understandably, money might be tight even months after the ceremony. Throughout your relationship, you will also experience times of hardship.

If this is your current circumstance, you may want to hold off on changing your wedding ring. Focus on your basic needs first, such as food, rent, and other necessities. Once you have some breathing room, then you can purchase a new ring.

Changing Your Wedding Ring: What You Need to Know

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Consider Getting It Resized

If your only problem with your wedding ring is its fit, you may want to look into getting it resized instead. In many cases, resizing a ring is more affordable than buying a new one. However, there are several things you need to consider when getting a ring resized:

  • The material of the wedding ring
  • The intricacy of the design
  • The number of sizes you need to go up or down

Discuss a Redesign with a Trusted Jeweler

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Another way of changing your wedding ring is redesigning it with a jeweler. If you love most aspects of your ring but want to modernize some aspects of it, this method may work for you. Your jeweler can collaborate with you to come up with a design that feels contemporized but still authentic.

Here are some ways you can redesign your wedding ring:

  • Adding a diamond
  • Incorporating your children’s birthstones into the design
  • Using stones from the ring to embellish other pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings
  • Repairing the claws to better secure the stone
  • Changing the band to a different material or color
  • Changing the cut of the stone

Keep in mind that redesigning a wedding ring is not cheap. In some cases, it may cost the same as purchasing a new ring. Before deciding between purchasing or redesigning, think about your visions and priorities for your new ring. 

There Is No Right or Wrong Time to Change Your Ring

Once your ring is not making you happy anymore, it might be time to change it. However, you may worry about finding the “right” time to do so. According to jewelers, they have redesigned or changed rings within a year of a person’s marriage. 

Assure Your Partner

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If you decide to change your ring, your partner might take it personally. After all, they may have been the ones to choose that ring. If this is the case, tirelessly reassure your partner that this decision does not mean anything.

Your partner might also feel that this is a symbol of fading love. However, both of you must remember that marriage is a lifelong commitment. It takes work to keep the fire burning. Changing or redesigning your ring can convey that your love has been strengthened and renewed. 

Explain to them what made you decide to change your ring. For instance, tell them that given your lifestyle, having a sturdier ring is more practical. You might also feel that after wearing the ring for a few years, it looks vintage already.

Over time, your partner will start to understand and agree with your decision. They might even go to a jeweler and get their ring changed as well. 

Change Your Rings as Many Times as You Want

There are many reasons listed above for why people would want to change their wedding ring. One reason might apply to you now; in a few years, you might have another reason to switch rings. With that said, there is no limit as to how many times you can change your rings. This is your decision to make; if it is not making you happy anymore, then get it redesigned or buy a new one.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a wedding ring often comes with the pressure of choosing a piece that will stand the test of time. However, as love transforms and evolves, so do our tastes and preferences. It’s essential to acknowledge that it’s okay to change your wedding ring, signifying the ongoing and dynamic journey of love and commitment between partners.

Embracing the idea of changing your wedding ring reflects not only personal growth but also the development and deepening of your relationship. This change isn’t a departure from commitment but rather a renewal and affirmation of your love and the life you’re building together.