Letter to Dad on Wedding Day (8 Examples & Templates)

Everyone’s journey to the altar is different. More often than not, it is filled with overwhelming emotions: anxiety, joy, anticipation, and whatnot. One way you can cope with this barrage of sentiments is by writing a letter that articulates your feelings.

If your dad has been an important figure in your life, write a letter for your dad on your wedding day. Be as sentimental, transparent, and open as you want; thank them for all that they have done for you, and express your excitement for what the future holds. 

Below are six examples of letters to inspire you as you draft your own. Two templates are also provided to make the drafting process easier.

Letter to Dad on Wedding Day: Lovely and Memorable Examples

bride and her father walking down the aisle

1. Dear Dad,

Today just started, but I already feel a bit overwhelmed—mostly positive emotions, but I’m sure you remember the anxiety that comes with your wedding day. I wanted to sit down and take a moment to write a letter for you and mom.

Dad, you have been such a good role model for me through all these years. You continuously show me what it means to be strong and resilient in the face of adversity; you constantly let me see the value of being kind and honest to everyone—including yourself.

I remember vividly how I could never take more than one candy during trick-or-treat. As a kid, it sucked. But I know you were just teaching me how to be a person with integrity, values, and principles. As an adult, I appreciate this invaluable life lesson. All the lessons you’ve taught me make up a big part of who I am today.

As I look ahead to a new chapter of my life, I fondly remember all the times you held my hand—while crossing big streets, buying groceries, watching horror movies, and so on. You’ve always been my biggest fan and my staunchest defender.

I want to emulate the love, respect, and understanding you’ve shown to Mom through the years. I know it’s the bare minimum, but thank you for giving me a healthy example of what a relationship should look like. Unintentionally, just by loving each other the way you do, you’ve both taught me to never settle for less.

Every day, I will aspire to build a bond as deep, a love as encompassing, and a life as fulfilling as you and Mom have.

Thank you for everything, Dad. See you later.

Lovingly yours,


2. To the World’s Most Awesome Dad,

As I write this letter, you and Mom are probably just waking up to the majestic view of our Fiji wedding. I hope you enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet; their brewed coffee is amazing! Liam and I are relishing the bridal suite they offer… and it’s been a magical few days, to say the least.

You’ve both told me multiple times that getting married is a massive deal. Marriage brings about a lot of changes to your life. It makes me nervous, sure, but I look back at the memories I share with you and Mom and think to myself, “I think I’m ready.”

Remember the summer you built me and my sister a treehouse for her 5th birthday? Remember the afternoons we spent chasing butterflies, watering plants, and tending to our vegetable garden? Remember the times we would hike mountains in the wee hours of the morning to catch a breathtaking sunrise?

Your dedication to Mom and your kids is astounding, and it’s a quality that I most admire about you. When I look at pictures from my childhood, I am filled with love, joy, and amazement; I want my future kids to have the experience I had growing up.

Thank you for being the dad that you are. Thank you for your endless supply of dad jokes, pep talks, and life lessons that I carry with me every day.

I can’t wait to see you and Mom later at the ceremony! I’m betting $100 that both of you will cry with me.

With all my love,


3. Dear Dad,

Thought you’d never see the day, huh? The day when you finally get to offload your highest-maintenance but most valuable asset (me)?

Being raised by you has given me plenty of useful skills necessary for marriage. For one, I’ve watched your unparalleled ability to “fix” things around the house and learned from your daily DIYs. If there’s one thing I remember from your repairs, it’s that sometimes, all I need is a roll of electrical tape and a prayer.

You’ve also shown me how valuable a sense of humor is. We might pretend we hate your constant dad jokes, but they do make us laugh sometimes. Your humor and wit also help diffuse tension in some situations, which is a very necessary skill.

Maybe most importantly, you’ve taught me that love alone isn’t enough to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. It needs work. It takes commitment. It requires rolls of electrical tape, prayers, and tons of dad jokes.

All jokes aside: Thank you. Thank you for calling my crayon wall paintings “artistic expression” instead of a nuisance. Thank you for always adding blueberries to my pancakes, even if the result looks more sinister than cute. Thank you for humoring me and my sisters whenever we put makeup or wigs on you.

Thank you for being the man that you are.

Remember the pact we made where you promised not to cry or make me cry on my wedding day? I’m holding you to it! But just between us, a few happy tears wouldn’t be the worst thing. Just remember you’re being photographed by an amazing team, so don’t make any faces I wouldn’t.

Love you, Dad! Here’s to more backyard BBQs, game nights, chaotic family reunions, and non-sequitur GIFs in the group chat!



4. Dear Old Man,

Today’s the day you’ve been dreading and looking forward to your entire life—the day you “give me away” to someone else. Before Sam and I get started on the whole “happily ever after” business, I wanted to write a letter to my dad on my wedding day.

Remember when you told me I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 30? The joke’s on you—you never prohibited me from getting married! Here I am in my wedding dress, far from pushing 30, feeling nothing but joy and love for the man I’m about to marry. You can’t ground me anymore, right?

Moreover, I wanted to tell you that I have compiled all your dad jokes and DIY tips into a book. Sam and I are still workshopping the title, but what do you think about “Old Man Robinson’s Guide to Adulting”? We think it’ll be an international bestseller, so you better start practicing your signature.

All kidding aside: there might be a lot of jokes—funny or unfunny—and an embarrassing speech or two today, but every silly moment, every dad joke, every sermon, and every hug has led me to this unforgettable moment in my life.

I love you. I thank my lucky stars every day that the universe gave me a dad as compassionate, caring, and charmingly unfunny as you.

So here’s what we’re going to do today: laugh our hearts out, dance until we drop to the floor, and celebrate with tons of Champagne.

Love you, Dad. More than you’ll ever know.

Rock on,


P.S.: Let’s not bring out those baby photos you’ve been threatening to show everyone for the past few weeks. Please save me from the embarrassment.

5. Dear Dad,

I can only imagine—as of now—how it feels to watch your child get married. It must be an overwhelming mix of emotions, isn’t it?

As I stand on the threshold of this new and exciting chapter of my life, I want to spend a moment to reminisce on the memories we share, reflect on the role you’ve played in my life, and thank you for being a fantastic dad.

Thank you for showing me how to weather life’s toughest storms. Thank you for your guidance, support, and love as I follow my dreams. Thank you for all the little things—bringing me food, checking up on me through text, buying a book for me that you thought I’d like, and more.

I am so fortunate that I was raised by parents like you and Mom.

Your love and influence have shaped me in countless ways, more than I can ever begin to enumerate. I cherish our bond, and I carry a piece of you with me in my heart of hearts wherever I go.

No matter where life takes us, no matter what the future holds for me and Lucy, I will always be your son.

Lovingly yours,


6. Dear Dad,

Sitting here in my wedding dress on the day I get married to the love of my life, I can’t help but feel emotional. Reflecting on the journey that has brought me here means remembering all the big and small ways you were there for me.

One of my most memorable times with you was when you accompanied me to a K-pop concert. It was so funny how out of place you looked that night, but you stayed with me, did not make fun of me whenever I cried and screamed all the lyrics, and drove me home.

When I think about it now, all I see is the love and dedication of a father; ultimately, you just wanted your daughter to be safe and happy.

As my guardian angel, my role model, and my number-one fan, you inspire me every day to be compassionate, kind, and loving. Your love, resilience, and wisdom are something that I will endlessly try to emulate for the rest of my life.

As Jordan and I prepare for the biggest adventures of our lives so far, I want to build our relationship and commitment on love, wisdom, and empathy—just like you and Mom have.

Thank you for everything, Dad. Even as I embrace this new role, always remember that I am still your daughter. Nothing will ever change that.

With all my love,


Letter to My Dad on My Wedding Day: Template to Follow

fountain pen and purple flowers on top of a handwritten letter

7. Dear Dad,

[Give some context. Where are you right now? Are you already in your wedding attire?] [Explain what made you decide to write a letter for your dad on your wedding day.]

From my earliest memories to this very moment, where I stand on the precipice of a new life, [describe the influence your dad has had in your life]. Without your unending love and unconditional support, I wouldn’t be the (man/woman/person) I am today.

Remember when you [share a distinct memory you have of your dad. You can add another one—or two more—to drive the next point home.] These moments have given me a clear understanding of what love, partnership, and commitment are. I want to emulate these values and principles with (partner’s name) in the years to come.

Today, as our family unites with (partner’s name)’s family, and we embrace our new roles as newlyweds, I recognize the part of my heart that carries in it a legacy of love and kindness. I will always see and treat the world warmly because that is what you have taught me.

Thank you, Dad, for being my [what roles do your dad play in your life? Think ‘mentor,’ ‘guardian angel,’ mentor,’ and so on.] No matter what changes from this point forward, I will always be your (son/daughter/child).

With all my love,

(Your name)

8. Dear Dad,

This is one of the most important days of my life, and I’m so glad you’re here with me on this day. Your presence [describe the effect your dad has on you emotionally and spiritually. Does he calm you down? Does he empower you to be the best version of yourself?].

Dad, you’ve always been there for me. You have tirelessly supported me, guided me, and pushed me to follow my dreams. [Share your favorite memory of your dad.]

You taught me the values of [kindness, integrity, hard work, patience, empathy, etc.]. You showed me by example what it means to be a good friend, husband, and father. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the love and support you continuously show me. I know I won’t be perfect, but at least I have someone to rely on if I ever need help.

As I prepare to marry (partner’s name), I wanted to write this letter to let you know how much your love, support, and patience have meant to me my entire life. I’m so thankful to have a [adjectives to describe your dad] dad like you.

I hope that my marriage will be as [adjectives to describe your dad and mom’s marriage] as yours have been. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example; you and Mom truly are the standard.

I know I don’t say it a lot—I definitely don’t say it enough—but I love you, Dad. I appreciate you. You’re the best father anyone could ever ask for.

Sincerely yours,

(Your name)

Final Thoughts

Many people are more comfortable with writing a letter than sharing their sincere emotions in a face-to-face conversation. Face-to-face conversations tend to make people shy or hesitant in this regard. Through a letter, they can be more open and genuine about their feelings.

You can choose to be exclusively sentimental and thankful in your letter to your dad on your wedding day. You can also sprinkle in some humor—adding inside jokes can be a great touch, even better if you can quote a dad joke from the source material. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember to be genuine. It is all that matters; even if you are not the best writer or the funniest person alive, authenticity will go a long way.