Moonstone Engagement Ring Meaning (6 Things It’s Good For)

Picking an engagement ring is one of the most intimidating parts of a proposal. You might worry that your partner will not like what you pick and that the ring will not suit them. You might not even know where to start looking. If your partner is into crystal healing, consider getting them a moonstone engagement ring. 

What’s the moonstone engagement ring meaning? Moonstones have historically been associated with the moon. Across cultures, the moon is seen and worshipped as a romantic figure. Thus, moonstones engagement rings can mean love, fertility, peace, and reconciliation. Moonstones can also represent femininity, softness, intuition, and balance.

Besides the meaning of moonstone engagement rings, people go for this type of engagement ring for multiple reasons: uniqueness, diversity of styles, the versatility of the stone, eco-friendliness, moonstone’s healing properties, and to connect to people.

What is the Meaning of a Moonstone Engagement Ring?


Moonstone is a kind of mineral that belongs to the orthoclase feldspar group. “Orthoclase feldspar” refers to a rock-forming mineral that can be found in the continental crust. Moonstone is composed of potassium aluminum silicate.

One of moonstone’s defining features is its property of adularescence. This property is the scientific name for the metallic glow on the surface of moonstone; when light interacts with the layers of minerals in moonstone, the light becomes diffused and bounces on the surface. The visual effect is reminiscent of how moonlight is reflected by the ocean.

Moonstone is sometimes called the “Lover’s Stone.” This association is rooted in the way many cultures view the moon as a romantic entity. Exchanging moonstones was a way to reconcile with a partner after fighting. Additionally, moonstones also represent fertility, which is helpful to couples looking to start a family.

A moonstone serves as a reminder that like the moon, our lives have phases. Change is inevitable. This stone reminds us to find the beauty in new beginnings, such as marriage. Furthermore, its feminine healing properties encourage us to stay balanced, grounded, and true to ourselves. These qualities are important in any relationship.

Moonstone has been growing in popularity since the 1900s. It started as an accent stone, but by the 1960s, moonstone was fully integrated into fashion. It is frequently found in earrings and necklaces, but moonstone engagement rings are becoming more well-known. Moonstone engagement rings are rings whose center stone is a moonstone.

It is worth mentioning that moonstones are the birthstone for people born in June. If you are born in June, a moonstone engagement ring will be a meaningful choice.

What are Moonstone Engagement Rings Good for?

1. Moonstone engagement rings are unique and nontraditional.

When thinking of engagement and wedding rings, the stone that comes to mind is usually a diamond. Gemstone rings are also common, including emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and opal. However, not many brides go for moonstone rings as their first choice.

With that said, if you want to be one of a kind, a moonstone engagement ring is a great option. There are plenty of types and designs available, which means you can find something that fits your personality.

Moreover, every moonstone is intrinsically different. This is the result of how moonstones are created naturally. The ring itself will be unique, but the moonstone will have nothing else like it in the world.

2. Moonstone engagement rings have a diverse range of styles.

As mentioned above, moonstone engagement rings come in many aesthetics and styles. Some brides might prefer simple and classic. Other brides might prefer intricate and elegant. There are also quirky, experimental, and unique styles that can express your individuality.

3. Moonstones are versatile and relatively easy to shape.

Typically, moonstone rings are sold with the moonstone in a cabochon shape. Simply put, the moonstones are polished and shaped instead of faceted. A domed cabochon shape will take advantage of the stone’s opaqueness and adularescence.

However, more and more jewelers have started utilizing faceted designs. Furthermore, some jewelers also carve moonstones in bespoke shapes. However, the latter takes an immense about of skill and mastery, as moonstone can get damaged easily.

4. Moonstone engagement rings are available in eco-friendly options.

With most jewelers, you can expect that the moonstones in their products are sourced ethically. This means that the materials are obtained in sustainable and responsible ways. Moreover, the jeweler you choose may also assure you that their practices and methods are environmentally friendly.

While traditional jewelers are also making an effort into being environmentally conscious, there is still a long way to go. For instance, the sourcing of diamonds has historically been unethical. If this fact deters you from purchasing a diamond ring, consider opting for a moonstone engagement ring.

5. Moonstone is a Powerful Crystal

gray moonstone

Every stone has a set of metaphysical properties and symbols that may benefit you and your surroundings. Moonstone is often considered a great crystal for love and marriage. Here are some ways a moonstone can be a tool for healing:

  • It can balance your emotions.
  • It can encourage a calmer mood.
  • It can heighten your intuition.
  • It can soothe your anxieties, especially regarding changes in your life. Moonstone can help you transition from one chapter of your life to another.
  • It boosts your confidence.

In general, the meaning of a moonstone engagement ring is good fortune, balance, and new beginnings. It is also referred to as the “Lover’s Stone.” Which property you get depends on what type of moonstone is used for your ring. Here are some types of moonstones and their meanings:

  • White moonstone → a symbol of the new moon. It also signifies the dreams, hopes, and promises that the new moon brings. Having a white moonstone will help you stay grounded and balanced, and it will encourage you to reflect on your inner peace.
  • Peach or yellow moonstone → a tool that can help you understand yourself better. If your emotions are all over the place, a peach moonstone engagement ring will help you make sense of them. It will also push you to be open, vulnerable, and safe in your relationship.
  • Blue moonstone → also known as Cat’s Eye. It radiates gentle energy that can reach even the deepest parts of your soul. It will foster your focus, insight, and vision. More importantly, a blue moonstone will encourage you to recognize your mistakes, learn from them, and ultimately let them go.
  • Pink moonstone → a stone that harnesses feminine energy. Having a pink moonstone will keep your romantic outlook on your marriage and in life. It is also believed to improve your intuition and mental abilities.

6. You can use your moonstone engagement ring to connect to people.

Given all the information mentioned above, moonstone engagement rings can make for a great conversation starter. You can tell admirers of your ring about its healing properties, history, and scientific background. You can also share what the moonstone engagement ring’s meaning is, especially with regard to your relationship.

Finding the Perfect Moonstone Engagement Ring

What kind of style do you want?

To reiterate, moonstone engagement rings come in a lot of styles. You can even mix and match to suit your personality. Jewelers generally recommend a 14-karat rose gold band, a ring with multiple stones, or those with clusters. Pavé bands also create a breathtaking visual. With that said, you have the freedom to choose the materials for your engagement ring.

What color of moonstone do you want?

As outlined above, moonstone comes in several colors. You can simply go with your favorite color or the color that appeals to you the most. However, you can also account for each color’s symbolism and healing powers.

Is it the perfect size?

Given that moonstones are prone to damage, you would want a well-fitting engagement ring so that it does not slip off your finger. Here are some indicators that your ring is the perfect size for you: your skin does not bulge around the ring; the ring does not leave an indent on your finger; you need to use some force to remove the ring; you can spin it around your finger with some effort.

Depending on the materials used on the ring, you can get your moonstone engagement ring resized by a jeweler.

What is the setting of the moonstone?

A four-prong or bezel setting will provide the most security for your moonstone. Though these settings cannot prevent scratches, they can stop the stone from cracking. Ultimately, the goal is to keep the stone safe.

Do I want to engrave something on the ring?

Many couples choose to get an engravement for their commitment, engagement, or wedding ring. This engravement makes the ring more sentimental, romantic, and bespoke. However, not all rings can be engraved.

If your moonstone engagement ring has the following properties, then it might be difficult or impossible to get it engraved:

  • The band is less than 3 mm in width. Though some jewelers may be willing to work with this ring, the resulting text might be too small to read. It might not be aesthetically pleasing.
  • The band has a low surface area. Filigreed bands, for example, cannot be engraved because they have low surface areas.
  • The metal used is too hard. Gold, silver, and platinum are relatively soft. Thus, they can be engraved without issues. Titanium and tungsten rings are harder, so engraving them is more complicated and difficult.

Do I trust and work well with the jeweler?

man sculpting a bull

Assess if you believe in the capabilities of the jeweler. They must be able to handle your moonstone engagement ring safely. Likewise, they must have the skills and machines necessary to bring your dream ring to fruition.

You do not have to be close to your jeweler. However, there must be enough of a connection that they understand your vision. You can determine this through conversations. However, you can also look at their portfolio. If you feel that your styles are not compatible, it might be time to look for another jeweler.

Things to Remember for Your Moonstone Engagement Ring

woman wearing jewelry touching plants

Cons of a Moonstone Engagement Ring

Despite the multiple benefits of getting a moonstone engagement ring, it also has a few disadvantages you need to keep in mind.

1. Moonstones are susceptible to damage.

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness ascertains a certain stone’s level of scratch resistance. The scale goes from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Whereas diamonds sit on 10, moonstones fall around 6 to 6.5.

Thus, moonstones can be scratched by a knife, coin, or another material. You may want to remove your ring when doing household chores. If you have a highly active and adventurous lifestyle, you may want to consider changing your ring .

2. Moonstone engagement rings need more caution to maintain.

Since it is susceptible to damage, moonstone engagement rings should not be kept with other jewelry. The best way to store it is in its original box or its own container.

In terms of cleaning, the best way to do it is to bring it to a jewelry cleaner. A professional will have the necessary tools and skills to safely and properly clean your ring. However, this may not always be an option — professional cleaning costs time, money, and energy.

To clean your ring at home, mix some dish soap with warm water. Submerge your ring in the mixture for five minutes. Afterward, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the settings, stones, and crevices. You can then leave it to dry. The last step is to go through the ring with a polishing cloth.  

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Moonstone Engagement Ring

blank paper and calculator

Expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a moonstone engagement ring as with other engagement rings. However, there are options available that only cost several hundred dollars. Here are some factors that influence the price of a moonstone engagement ring:

  • The type of moonstone used. The physical properties of a particular moonstone will influence the cost of the ring. Because blue moonstones are the rarest, they are also the most expensive. In general, the more transparent the stone, the less costly it will be.
  • The presence of other stones. A ring with multiple stones will cost more than a ring with only one stone.
  • The materials used. For instance, the metal of the band will influence the cost of the ring. Gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and other metals have their own price.
  • The jeweler. The reputation and prestige of the jeweler will influence the cost of the ring. Usually, this is linked to the company or store they are working for.

Moonstone is Great for Every Skin Tone

man putting a ring on his fiancee

Some people worry that their ring will not compliment their complexion. While that may be true for some stones and metals, that is not the case with moonstones. They are great for any skin tone, and they will look good on anyone.

Final Thoughts

Do not put too much pressure into picking the perfect ring; it is fine if you do not get it in one go. You can get it resized, redesigned, and changed if necessary. Ultimately, the purpose of an engagement ring is to profess your love and commitment to each other.