12 Major Pros and Cons of Eternity Wedding Bands

Eternity wedding bands are wedding bands made in the style of eternity rings. The ring is inlaid with gemstones (traditionally diamonds) all around the whole band as symbols of endless loyalty to one another. However, as this wedding band design is unconventional, it’s worth noting its advantages and disadvantages.

Eternity wedding bands share many of the pros and cons of traditional eternity rings. For pros, they sparkle extremely well and are perfect for occasions. For cons, they’re generally more expensive and have trouble sizing. Specific eternity ring designs may also be impractical for daily life.

As eternity rings are traditionally given post-wedding to mark an anniversary, their design isn’t made with regular wear in mind (unlike, say, traditional wedding bands). Thus, it’s best to talk about this decision with your partner and be aware of all the factors that go into choosing an eternity wedding band.

Eternity Wedding Bands: Things to Consider

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When getting an eternity wedding band, it’s best to consider these factors:

  • Affordability
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Conspicuousness
  • Day-to-Day Practicality
  • Long-Term Adjustments (e.g. Resizing)

As with most relationship rings, it’s wise to evaluate the above factors according to your needs. Unless you’re planning with your partner, you both may want to take time to set expectations when buying your wedding ring.

12 Pros and Cons of Eternity Wedding Bands

6 Pros of Eternity Wedding Bands

  1. They’re excellent symbols of dedication, loyalty, and commitment.

In an eternity ring, the circle of gemstones runs across the metal band, which is a gorgeous symbol of everlasting love and dedication to one another. An eternity wedding band pairs this meaning perfectly with the significance of a wedding ring, a ring meant to symbolize the longevity and unbreakable loyalty of your marriage.

  1. Their sparkle is unmatched.

The gems running along the entire wedding band have so much more sparkle and gleam compared to the polished metal of a conventional wedding band. If you’re one for a scintillating design for your wedding band, then nothing comes close to an eternity wedding band.

  1. Ring spinning doesn’t matter

As with a traditional wedding band, the design of an eternity wedding band looks beautiful no matter how much it spins. This offers it an advantage over wedding bands with a single gemstone or any other outstanding detail on only one part of the band.

  1. They’re incredibly conspicuous.

Because of the brilliance of an eternity wedding band’s gems, they’re extremely hard to miss and can immediately be seen even from across a large room. With that in mind, if you ever drop or lose your eternity wedding band, it can quickly be spotted because of its intense shine.

  1. There are many designs to choose from.

Compared to a traditional wedding band, eternity wedding bands have many potential designs, from the kind, cut, size, and number of gemstones, to how the metal band wraps around the stones. Thus, if you’re looking for variety, eternity wedding bands are a good choice.

  1. They’re perfect for occasions.

The beauty and visibility of eternity wedding bands make them a wonderful choice of ring for occasions. The style and design of the eternity wedding band also make a great icebreaker as others immediately notice it.

6 Cons of Eternity Wedding Bands

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  1. They’re expensive.

The added gemstones of an eternity wedding band naturally mean that it’s much more expensive than traditional plain metal wedding rings. Indeed, if you’re looking to get an eternity wedding band, then expect costly options no matter the band material or gemstone.

  1. They’re high maintenance.

As you will be wearing the gemstones of your eternity wedding band regularly, you will need to have them checked and maintained now and then as gemstones can experience wear and tear through time.

  1. They can be uncomfortable for regular use.

With gemstones all around the ring, their added weight and friction can be quite uncomfortable for daily use as compared to the smoother surface of a traditional wedding band.

  1. They can be a concern at work and in everyday tasks.

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The many gemstones of an eternity wedding band as well as its brilliance can be considered hazards or concerns at work due to how conspicuous they are. Moreover, such a design can also be irritating while doing household tasks.

  1. The gemstones can be lost or damaged.

Every gemstone of an eternity wedding band can be dislodged or scratched with improper care, which can lead to costly repairs.

  1. They’re hard to size and can’t be resized.

Owing to its multiple gemstones, an eternity wedding band takes great skill and precision to size. With that given, once sized and made, it can’t be resized and adjusted over the years (unless your eternity wedding band’s design is half-band, in which case it can be readjusted).

Final Thoughts

The all-around bejeweled design of an eternity ring enhances the meaning of a wedding band, which is the undying and endless love and loyalty of your marriage. On the other hand, this same design also makes it quite expensive and difficult to maintain, which doesn’t complement the fact that a wedding ring should be worn every day.

Indeed, an eternity wedding band brings out the worst and best between an eternity ring and a wedding band. On the side of beauty and meaning, it brings out their best. On the side of expense and practicality, it brings out their worst.

In any case, it’s best to talk over your choices with your partner while weighing the critical pros and cons of eternity wedding bands with your specific concerns and considerations.

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