Are 3 Bridesmaids Enough? Making the Most of Your Wedding Party

Pinterest is an essential resource for any couple planning their wedding. As you plan your special day, odds are you will come across a photo — or a hundred — of a bride with her bridesmaids. While creating your bridal party, you might be unsure how many bridesmaids to invite.

You might wonder if three bridesmaids are too many or too few. However, depending on your circumstances, three is just the right amount. 

Below are some tips to help you make sure that three is the right number of bridesmaids you need, followed by some essential tips to make the most of your bridal party. Lastly, some related frequently asked questions are answered.

Are 3 Bridesmaids Enough?

As mentioned above, having three bridesmaids is enough! It might feel like you have too few bridesmaids; sometimes, you might think you have too many. In short, there are no rigid rules about how many bridesmaids you must have — some couples can have none at all.

Ultimately, you must consider your needs and circumstances. Here are some ways to determine if three bridesmaids are just right for you:

  • How many guests do you have? The general advice for determining the size of the bridal crew is to take 10% of the entire guest list. For instance, if you have 100 attendees, the recommendation is to have ten wedding party members. In this case, three bridesmaids are just the right amount.
  • How large is your budget? The more members your bridal crew has, the more expenses you will make on them. Examples include gifts, pre-wedding parties, bonding activities, and other miscellaneous aspects.
  • How many bridesmaids do you want? It is primarily a question of personal preferences. Do you want three bridesmaids in your bridal party? If you think three is too many or too few, follow your heart.
  • What are the bridesmaids’ personalities? There are plenty of types of bridesmaids. You may love them equally, but you do not know how well they will take to one another. Before setting your bridal crew in stone, consider how their personalities will fit — or clash against — each other.

How to Make the Most of 3 Bridesmaids: Helpful Tips

Help Them Bond from Early On

As soon as you choose your bridesmaids, find ways to get all of them to bond. Plan a brunch, have a karaoke night, or organize a slumber party with a movie marathon and lots of booze.

The more comfortable your bridesmaids are with each other, the more smoothly the planning process will go. A tight bond will also prevent any tension down the line.

Assign a Point Person

Who is the most reliable among your bridesmaids? Assign them as the leader or point person.  You can rely on them to help make planning easier and more organized; they can manage tasks, delegate responsibilities, and more.

While you worry about other things, the de facto leader can handle some aspects and take some of the burdens off your shoulder.

Allow Them to Make Their Own Decisions

If there is anything your bridesmaids will hate the most, it is you micromanaging them. Most of the details definitely need your signature, but some can be left to your bridesmaids’ will.

For instance, you have control over the color scheme, formality, and vibe of your wedding. However, you can let the bridesmaids decide the outfit they want to wear and how they want to style their hair.

Having 3 Bridesmaids: Frequently Asked Questions

women wearing robe and holding wine

Does the wedding party have to be even?

You might be worried about having three bridesmaids because your partner has chosen two or four groomsmen. The common concern is the asymmetry during photoshoots and the processional. However, the bridal party does not have to be even.

Remember that the main focus will always be on the couple getting married. No one is looking too closely at whether or not you have the same number of groomsmen or bridesmaids walking down the aisle.

If you have an extra groomsman, you can pair him with a relative — your mother or grandmother — during the processional. The same trick will work if you have more bridesmaids than groomsmen. If they enjoy having a spotlight, why not let them walk down the aisle alone?

During a photoshoot, coordinate closely with your photographers and videographers. They have formations, poses, and other gimmicks in mind to work with your bridal crew, regardless of how many members it has.

You can even do away with posed, formal portraits. You can opt to only have candid shots where symmetry does not matter; you might not even notice that you have three bridesmaids and a different number of groomsmen in the pictures.

Am I obligated to make anyone a bridesmaid?

bride and bridesmaids laughing

You may have attended a wedding last year where you were a bridesmaid. Alternatively, a relative or friend might be messaging you regularly, hinting they want to be your bridesmaid. The bottom line is you are not obligated to make anyone a bridesmaid.

Your future sister-in-law does not have to be your bridesmaid. Your college best friend, high school ride-or-die, and work buddy do not need to be your bridesmaid. Make them your bridesmaids because they are special and deserve the role.

How many bridesmaids do I need?

If it helps, the average number of bridesmaids ranges between three and six. Extremely large weddings, such as those with over 300 guests, might have ten. Small and intimate ceremonies might have two bridesmaids at most.

As illustrated above, there is no set figure for how many bridesmaids — or groomsmen — a couple needs. It depends on individual circumstances and necessities.

Do I need a bridesmaid?

bride and bridesmaids holding bouquet

No, you do not need bridesmaids at all — or even an entire bridal party. This exclusion might make sense if you have a limited budget, a small guest list, a destination wedding, or an elopement.

You can still organize a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and other wedding-related events without a bridal crew. Likewise, you can still have close friends and relatives walk down the aisle without forming a formal bridal crew.

How do I choose who makes it into my bridal crew?

bride and bridesmaid looking at each other

One downside to having only three bridesmaids is you need to be careful and wise with whom you include. Sometimes, this process is quick and easy — you might have a circle of close friends with three people (not necessarily women), or you might have three sisters.

Other cases require more thought. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before inviting someone to join your bridal crew:

  • How close am I to them?
  • Do they have the emotional and financial capacity for the role?
  • Are they reliable and responsible enough for what being a bridesmaid entails?
  • Will my chosen bridesmaids get along well?

Final Thoughts

Again, there is no hard rule for how many bridesmaids you should have in your bridal party. Think about your circumstances; ultimately, go with what feels right for you and your partner.