14 Types of Bridesmaids – Are You One of Them?

Bridesmaids are one of the most iconic aspects of any wedding. They are an integral part of the wedding planning process and bring life to any pre-wedding party. Brides often have several bridesmaids in their crew, and each one has a unique personality.   

These differences can be an advantage or a disadvantage within a bridal party. Moreover, these unique personalities lead to many, many types of bridesmaids. Below is a list of characters you might find in a bridal crew, such as the girl boss, the crew clown, and the social media intern.  

Types of Bridesmaids You Might See in a Bridal Crew

bride and bridesmaid smiling at each other

1. The Seasoned and Experienced

This bridesmaid has been a member of multiple bridal crews; she knows the ups and downs of planning a wedding with an eclectic group of people. In short, she has seen it all — if you show her this list, she can probably name a specific bridesmaid from a past wedding.

You can count on a seasoned and experienced bridesmaid to step up. She has a lot of wisdom to impart, practical advice to give, and comfort to offer when things get wild. She is a must-have in any bridal party.

2. The Girl Boss

She will show up to your meetings with a clipboard or an iPad Pro. She might even have a PowerPoint presentation ready, filled with ideas and suggestions. Occasionally, you will see this bridesmaid jotting something down in her notebook or digital planner.

If given the opportunity, this type of bridesmaid will give your wedding planner a run for their money. However, having her on your bridal crew will be a lifesaver; she can provide structure to the planning process and help everyone stay productive.

3. The Fashionably Late

Do you have a bridesmaid who arrives at 11:15 for an 11:00 a.m. brunch? Did you indicate a 2:00 p.m. call time on your RSVP but have one of your bridesmaids barely make it to the venue by 2:30? Odds are there is one girl who is always late to anything. 

4. The Crew Clown

bridesmaid looking out the window

In any group of people, there is always someone who cracks the wittiest and funniest jokes. This bridesmaid will point out everything they see and make a pun out of it. She will try on a silly hat, choose a goofy prop in the photo booth, and wear a graphic shirt with a punchline.

If you have a crew clown in your crew, consider yourself lucky. Wedding planning can get stressful and overwhelming; comic relief with excellent timing can make a massive difference in the process.

5. The Mysterious

This type of bridesmaid never replies to a message in the group chat, only sending an emoji reaction whenever she deems it necessary. If she responds, it is always at a certain time. If you are looking for one word to describe her, the one that comes to mind is enigmatic.

6. The Fan Favorite

This bridesmaid lights up the room with her pleasing personality, charming laugh, and wholesome nature. The children adore her, and the grandparents dote on her. She can make friends with everybody, even that vendor you think is a bit cranky.

She is essential to any bridal crew. She can be the icebreaker that gets everyone closer or the peacemaker in an argument. If you need a master of ceremonies for your pre-wedding parties, consider having her for the role. 

7. The Partygoer

bride and bridesmaids taking a selfie

She accepted your invitation to join your bridal crew for two reasons: she wants to celebrate this amazing chapter of your life with you, and she wants all the booze that comes with weddings. She will beat everyone in and take the most shots but be the least drunk by the end of the night.

8. The Best Friend Forever

Any bride loves her bridal crew equally, but there is always one person she is the closest with. This bridesmaid might be her childhood friend, a friend from college who has been with her through it all, or a sister. They are basically inseparable.

9. The Emotional One

There is a 50% chance she is bawling her eyes out on any given day. She cries over the smallest of things; she might cry because of something not going well or simply because she saw “the world’s cutest dog” in the street.

10. The Source of All Knowledge

bride and bridesmaids laughing together

She knows everything there is to know about anything. She is a living search engine and history book. Beyond trivia, she will tell you the latest gossip about her coworker or a celebrity blind item she read on TMZ or DeuxMoi.

11. The Social Media Intern

Among all the types of bridesmaids, she is the most active on social media. Her Instagram stories look like one long PowerPoint presentation, documenting everything that happens on a particular day. Every post has all the significant hashtags and always makes sure she tags everyone.

12. The Go With the Flow

This bridesmaid is down for anything you throw at her. The other women might want to go barhopping instead of the original plan for the night, and she will be chill about it. You can say the most adventurous — or wildest — idea, and she will be game for it.

13. The Responsible One

two women hugging each other

Sometimes, the other bridesmaids call her the “mom” of the group. She opts to have only one shot or bottle of alcohol so she can supervise everyone else. She asks all the right questions, such as, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” or “Do you really want to do that?”

14. The Crafty One

This bridesmaid has a Pinterest board full of DIY ideas or a YouTube playlist of tutorials. She has all the important tools and can make the cutest decor for your venue. Her creativity is essential in any bridal crew.

Final Thoughts  

Regardless of what type of bridesmaids you have in your crew, always remember to be grateful for their presence and support. You can rest assured that you will be surrounded by a unique and loving group of people in the next chapter of your life.  

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