Is Rain On Your Wedding Day Good Luck? Meaning Explained

Weddings are riddled with superstitions, and one of them is whether or not rain on the wedding day is good luck. Most people feel that rain on the wedding day is unlucky because it can ruin plans, especially for weddings with outdoor venues. However, some believe otherwise.

Is rain on your wedding day good luck? Yes, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck. It’s good luck because it represents fertility, cleansing, and unity. Some sources also say it represents the bride’s tears and how she no longer has to cry alone.

Rain On Your Wedding Day: Good Luck & More

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Rain represents fertility since it is the trigger that brings new life into the world. The water from the skies nourishes the earth so that plants may bloom, and as a result, these plants may nourish other life forms like humans and animals. Hence, rain during a wedding is believed to bring a fruitful marriage. It is said to bless the couple with fertility, similar to how the rain makes the soil fertile. Ultimately, it is a sign that the couple will have children with whom they can live a happy life.

Cleansing And Purity

As what happens in real life, rain pours down and the water washes away any impurities on the surface of the earth. The rain carries the dust and dirt to rivers, seas, lakes, and oceans, where they will be filtered out. After some time, the water will evaporate, condense into clouds, and pour down once again to cleanse the earth’s surface.

Thus, rain on your wedding day is good luck as it signifies a clean and fresh start for you and your partner. It’s the official beginning of the rest of your lives together. It’s a clean slate on which you can build memories and connections together. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to let go of the past and to have an optimistic view of the future.


Rain unites whatever it touches: sand clumps together when wet, and so does soil and virtually any other item in nature. Rain also pours down and gets collected in different bodies of water, and every single droplet from the sky unites in a pool.

This representation of the rain is a good omen for the couple. The marriage is already a strong symbol of commitment, but the rain adds another layer of binding to the couple’s love for each other.


Rain also represents tears because it seems like the sky is crying. However, that doesn’t automatically mean a bad thing. People cry over different reasons, during good and bad times. A wedding day is one of those good times. There might be tears shed on this day, but they’re tears of joy that come from witnessing the union of two hearts.

Tears are also an inevitable part of going through life. Life is tough, and you’ll probably experience so many ups and downs. Fortunately, this time around, you won’t be alone, and you’ll face these hardships with the person you love.

How To Handle Rain On Your Wedding Day

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Talk To The Venue Coordinator

Set up a meeting between your venue coordinator and wedding planner to explore your options. Check if there’s a sheltered location where you can relocate to. Determine as well if it is feasible to transform the outdoor party into an indoor space. You can also try flipping the room of the wedding ceremony into something that can host the reception by simply rearranging the furniture and moving the outdoor decorations inside.

However, if it looks like just a mild drizzle that will not last, you can set up tents or canopies that will provide shelter to the guests until the rain passes. It’s important to speak to the venue coordinator regarding this because he might have resources and connections to help you out.

Make sure to set out supplies that your guests can use to make them more comfortable. Have readily available towels on a towel stand so that they can take one and dry themselves with it. Hand out pashminas or cozy throws to keep them warm during the ceremony and reception. And, make sure the guests have umbrellas whenever they step outside.

Stay Positive

A rainy wedding may dampen your spirits, but it’s important to roll with the punches and just embrace it. Don’t let unforeseeable weather ruin your special day. Roll with the punches and proceed with the wedding instead of calling it off or letting it negatively affect your mood. Think of solutions but don’t stress over them too much. Remember that you have a wedding planner that you can rely on, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help and assistance.

Make The Most Out Of It

No one likes it when their parade gets rained on, but this can be a blessing in disguise for you. Rain on your wedding day turns the experience into a unique and memorable event for your guests. Think of all the rainy paraphernalia that you can give out to the guests: cute umbrellas, cozy shawls, ponchos, and more.

A rainy wedding sets a cozy atmosphere that will make your guests want to huddle together. It also sets a romantic tone that will make the guests feel the love that you and your partner share. It’s the perfect weather for sharing kisses and hugs with the people you love and appreciate. Not to mention, a rainy setting creates a unique photoshoot opportunity that you can’t replicate on a normal day. Just imagine you and your partner running barefoot through the rain, or sharing a romantic kiss under a transparent umbrella as the rain pours around you. These rare opportunities will surely create unique and breath-taking photos.