4 Fun Bridal Shower Emoji Games (Free Printables)

One of the several purposes of a bridal shower is for the bride to bond with her close friends and relatives. Its itinerary typically involves a couple of games to help break the ice and make the event more fun for everyone. The bridal shower emoji game, also known as the wedding emoji game, is a fun and simple game that everyone can enjoy.

Although many game cards for bridal shower emoji games online are available at a price, some sites offer free printable game cards. You can utilize these for your bridal shower, or you can use them for inspiration as you create your custom cards.

The mechanics of the bridal shower emoji game are explained below, followed by links to four free printable game cards with their answer keys. Lastly, tips for smooth facilitation of the bridal shower emoji game are also given.

Mechanics of the Bridal Shower Emoji Game

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In the emoji game, also known as bridal emoji pictionary, players will try to decode a word or phrase from a set of emojis. These words or phrases are typically related to weddings or relationships in general.

To play the game, the following materials are needed:

  • Game cards containing the questions
  • A writing utensil, such as a pencil, ballpoint pen, etc.
  • A timer
  • Prizes for the winner

To begin, distribute the game cards and writing utensils to each player. Make sure everyone receives one of each. Concurrently, the facilitator will explain the mechanics of the game for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar.

If there are many guests in attendance, it might be better to split them into small teams. Grouping people occupying the same table is the quickest method, though you can also categorize them according to family, relation to the bride, or even let them form their own teams.

Afterward, players are free to ask any questions or clarifications they might have. Once everything is clear, the facilitator will start the timer. Three to five minutes are ample time for the players to fill out their game card.

Once the timer ends, have everyone exchange game cards so they can mark each other’s answers as the facilitator reads the answer key. Each correct answer corresponds to one point, and the player with the most points wins the game. Some people may try to petition their answer, that is, argue that their answer should be considered. Let the bride arbitrate and decide if the point — or half a point — should be awarded.

Because the emoji Pictionary game is easy to play and facilitate, as well as being entertaining for guests, planners prefer to hold the game while the bride is opening the gifts she received.

Free Printable Emoji Game Cards for Your Bridal Shower

The four bridal shower emoji games are accompanied by questions and answers. PDFs for each game can be downloaded from their respective websites.

1. Guess The Romantic Movies Game by Play.Party.Plan

2. Guess the Wedding Themed Words and Phrases Game by PA Unveiled

3. Wedding Movies Emoji Pictionary Quiz by MyPartyGames

4. Bridal Emoji Pictionary Game by Modern MOH

Another option is to get unique and easy to play Emoji Bridal Shower Game Cards from Amazon.

Emoji Bridal Shower Game

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Tips for the Bridal Shower Emoji Game

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Prepare Tiebreakers and Multiple Prizes

In the event that a tie emerges, it is best to be prepared with an additional game or activity to break the tie. You can look into other bridal shower games, such as He Said She Said or Bride and Groom Trivia.

Alternatively, you can prepare multiple prizes so that instead of initiating a tiebreaker, you can simply award multiple people. Below are some ideas for prizes you can give:

  • Chocolate
  • A bag of sweets
  • Small bottles of champagne or any wine
  • Amazon — or any retailer — gift card
  • Coffee mug
  • Adult coloring book
  • Stuffed toy

Have Extras of Everything

In the same vein as the previous tip, you have to prepare for inherent contingencies for games that require cards and writing utensils such as emoji Pictionary. For instance, cards might get ripped or damaged, or pens might suddenly run out of ink. To address this, print out additional game cards and bring some extra pens, which the players can request and receive at a moment’s notice.

Go Digital

Utilizing digital platforms such as Kahoot, Ahaslides, and Mentimeter is an option worth considering. Firstly, it lessens the amount of setup needed; guests only have to go to a website and enter a code. Its built-in timer, scoring system, and other features make the experience smoother and more convenient.

If the venue does not have Wi-Fi, then digital platforms might not be the best way to go. Moreover, if the bridal shower is a gadget-free event, going digital for a game will be counterintuitive. Additional equipment, such as laptops and projectors, are also necessary. All this to say, go with whichever option that you think will work best with you and your guests.

Incorporate the Game into the Bridal Shower Theme

Emoji cutouts are an effortless but endearing addition to a bridal shower’s decor. These are relatively easy to make yourself, though you can find them in various physical and online stores. They can also be used as props for photo ops or photobooths or brought home as a keepsake.

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