Bridal Shower Purse Game: 10 Twists to Make the Game Thrilling

Games are an integral part of a typical bridal shower itinerary; they are usually played shortly after the guests have arrived and before the food is served. There are endless options for games, one of which is the bridal shower purse game.

This scavenger hunt-like game, also known as “What’s in your purse?”, is a popular choice of activity for bridal showers. To make it more exciting, you can incorporate twists into the mechanics such as grouping the players, introducing deductions and penalties, adding bonus rounds and non-specific items, and so on.

Additional twists to make gameplay more riveting are given and expounded below. Before that, the mechanics of the bridal shower purse game are briefly explained.

How to Play the Bridal Shower Purse Game

Before the bridal shower, the organizer of the game will prepare a list of items that can be found in the guests’ purses. Each item has a corresponding point, the value of which depends on how common they are.

The list of items will then be distributed to the players. Once the timer starts, the guests will begin searching through their purses for the items. Every time they find an item, they will mark it off of their list.

At the end of the timer, the players will compare points. Once the player with the highest number of points emerges, the facilitator of the game will verify each item to check its validity.

Twists to Incorporate to Make the Game More Thrilling

guests groups

1. Arrange the guests into groups

If you have a relatively high number of guests, you can organize your guests into small groups. Doing this will ensure that if one player lacks an item on the list, their teammates may have it. Furthermore, this twist will also encourage socialization, especially between people who are not close.

2. Only one purse will be searched

This twist is an extension of the previous one. Once the players are in their groups, have them decide which purse they will use. Only items found in that purse will be counted toward their final score. To avoid dishonesty, have them place the other purses in a designated area away from their reach.

3. “Bring me!”

Instead of providing a list to your guests, have them on standby with their purses as you recite the items they will need to earn points. Only the first person to bring the item you asked for will receive the corresponding points. This is an excellent way to engage the children present at your bridal shower, as they can be the ones to bring the item to the facilitator.

4. Add non-specific items

To add some thrill and entertainment to the game, you can add categories or non-specific items to the list. Some examples include:

  • Something that starts with the letter C
  • Something worth more than $100
  • Something the bride gave you as a gift
  • Something pink
  • Something handcrafted

The facilitator of the game or the bride will then decide if the items to be presented fit in the category, thus warranting points for the player. This twist is also a great way to have everyone in the shower bond with each other.

5. No repeating items

If two or more players present the same item, the corresponding points will not be awarded. The facilitator of the game will decide how strict they will be regarding this twist. For example, they can choose whether to accept lipstick from different brands or with different shades or reject them all.

Given that verification may take more time, this twist is only advised for those with a smaller number of guests or a shorter list of items.

6. What’s in my pair’s purse?

item purse woman

This variation of the game is perfect for small and intimate bridal showers. Have your guests pair up, either by choosing their partners themselves or randomizing. They will then guess the contents of each other’s purses, gaining points for each correct item.

7. What’s in the bride’s bag?

As the name of the game denotes, the guests will guess what the bride-to-be has in her purse. They can do this individually or in groups. Each correct answer will get them a specific number of points. To add more entertainment, you can ask the groom-to-be to submit a video of him participating in the game as well.

8. Unchecked items incur deductions

The mechanics of the game state that a player will receive points for every item on the list that they have. To add an exciting twist, unchecked items on the list will instead give a deduction. The penalty given can be constant (i.e., subtracting five points for each unchecked item) or can correspond to their original score (i.e., subtracting 20 points for not having a power bank).

9. Include a forfeit

Whereas the player with the highest number of points will receive a prize, the player with the lowest will receive a forfeit. This forfeit can be an alcoholic shot, a dare, or anything the facilitator and bride will decide in advance.

10. Have a bonus round

women phone

Items in the bonus round can have a higher corresponding value. Depending on the guests of your bridal shower, these items can be embarrassing, risqué, or silly. Some examples of items you can place in the bonus round include:

  • A packet of condom
  • Travel-sized lubricant
  • A naughty photo on your phone
  • Expired piece of food or candy
  • Parking ticket
  • Spare underwear

Bonus rounds are also an efficient method of breaking ties, should the need for a tiebreaker arise. Otherwise, bonus rounds can be a highly amusing addition to the game.

Final Thoughts

The bridal shower purse game is a splendid icebreaker activity that you can play in a bridal shower, wedding shower, or any wedding-related event. As the bride-to-be opens her gifts, this is a great game to play in the background. The itinerary of a bridal shower may include multiple games, so besides this one, you can consider also facilitating other games such as He Said She Said, Emoji Pictionary, Bridal Jeopardy, and Couple Trivia.