Find the Guest Bridal Shower Game (3 Free Printable PDFs)

Games are always an excellent addition to any social gathering. They can increase engagement, entertain, and strengthen bonds between people. For these very reasons, bridal showers typically have a couple of games in their itineraries.

The “Find the Guest” bridal shower game is a simple yet effective icebreaker. Players must find people who match specific characteristics on the game card. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate this game into your bridal shower.

The mechanics of the “Find the Guest” bridal shower game are explained in more detail below, including the required materials, duration, and ideas for guest attributes. Free printable PDFs of game cards are also given. Lastly, some tips for gameplay are provided.

How to Play the Find the Guest Bridal Shower Game

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Mechanics of the Game

As its name denotes, the “Find the Guest” bridal shower game asks players to go around the venue to talk to other attendees. While planning the event, the facilitator will prepare a list of attributes that describe particular guests. Here are some examples:

  • They have been married for over ten years.
  • They can speak more than three languages.
  • They can play a musical instrument.
  • They hold a Ph.D.
  • They have more than five children.
  • They are allergic to nuts.
  • They have more than 10,000 followers on social media.
  • They are the same age as you (the player).
  • They met the bride in college.
  • They are or were a professional athlete.
  • They will also get married this year.

The players must approach as many guests as possible. Furthermore, they must list the names of the guests with whom they interacted. With that said, the “Find the Guest” bridal shower game is a fun and effective icebreaker that will help your loved ones feel more comfortable with each other.

There are several ways you can play this game. As with other bridal shower games, you can set a specific time in the itinerary for “Find the Guest.” This approach makes the game more competitive, as guests have limited time to fill up their cards. You can set a prize for the winner.

Let your guests relax with another approach: let them play the game the entire day. Place the game cards by the entrance, instruct them to take one card and pen each, and tell them that they have the whole shower to fill up the card. Theoretically, your guests can interact more naturally through this approach.

You can also mix the two abovementioned approaches. Your guests can have the whole day to play, but the game will still be competitive. Instead of counting who has the highest number of answers, pay attention to who has the most diverse responses (i.e., different names for each attribute).

More Ideas for Guest Attributes

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  • They are a great chef.
  • They own a small business.
  • They have their own farm.
  • They read at least 50 books a year.
  • They had a destination wedding in Italy.
  • They have displayed original artworks in galleries.
  • They work for a fashion magazine.
  • They have met a famous person.
  • They have quit (or never started using) social media.
  • They have more than three tattoos.
  • They are ambidextrous.
  • They are working in their dream job.
  • They have a similar astrological chart as yours.
  • They are currently working on a master’s or doctorate.
  • They take care of at least three pets.
  • They are currently enrolled in medical or law school.
  • They volunteer for charities or organizations in their spare time.
  • They traveled the longest distance to attend this event.
  • They do not drink coffee.
  • They are related to the bride-to-be.
  • They have the same hobby as you.
  • They can do the splits.
  • They live in the same city where they were born.

Required Materials for the Game

  • Game cards. While most game cards will have a plain list of attributes, you can get creative with the layout. For example, you can use a bingo format and add bingo-related rules to the mechanics.
  • Writing materials. Prepare pens, pencils, or any writing material of your choice.
  • Prize. A prize is optional and only necessary if you decide to have a competitive round of “find the guest.”

Duration of the Game

The duration of a game of “find the guest” on your approach. As for a competitive game, you can set aside 15 to 20 minutes. However, feel free to adjust the allotted time depending on how many attendees your bridal shower has.

Non-competitive approaches to the game can last the entire event. Alternatively, it can end before the bride starts opening her gifts. Doing this allows everyone to direct their attention to the bride. However, analyze your timeline and determine what will work best for your shower.

Find the Guest Bridal Shower Game: Free Printable PDF

1. Find the Guest Bridal Shower Game: Floral Template

find the guest bridal shower game floral template

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

2. Find the Guest Bridal Shower Game: Simple Template

find the guest bridal shower game simple template

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

3. Find the Guest Bridal Shower Game: Bingo Format

find the guest bridal shower game bingo template

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

Tips for Playing the Find the Guest Bridal Shower Game

Prepare for Multiple Winners

Because the game cards have a limited number of attributes, there is a chance that multiple players will win. In that case, you have two options: set aside several prizes or plan a tie-breaker.

The prizes do not have to be extravagant or expensive. You can give them self-care items, trinkets, gift cards, small accessories, and so on.

As for the tie-breaker, you can choose to play a different bridal shower game. You can let the rest of the guests participate, gauging their reactions as a criterion for winning. You can also simply have them play rock paper scissors.

Confirm the Answers

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You need to confirm the players’ answers if you choose to play the “find the guest” bridal shower game with a competitive approach. Doing this for everyone is tedious, so you should only do it for the players with the most responses.

For instance, you might have two players with 15 responses each. Call them both to the front and ask them to read their answers. When they say a guest’s name, that guest must stand up to affirm the player’s answer. Once the guest confirms, the player receives a point.

You can encourage the guest to elaborate on the attribute they are listed. This simple addition to the game will break the ice even more. For example, if a guest said they are fluent in more than three languages, ask them to introduce themselves in those languages.

Give Reminders to Your Guests as They Play

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Before the game officially starts, you can quickly explain the mechanics. Most game cards also include an explanation. However, you must still remind them of the instructions now and then.

For instance, tell them to write their name on their cards. Doing this will prevent their cards from getting lost or swapped. Although you may think this reminder is unnecessary, they might forget to write their name in the midst of the excitement.

Here are some ways you or your master of ceremonies can remind your guests:

  • “Before you start socializing, please write your name on the upper portion of the game card!”
  • “Before you meet your new best friend, please write your name on the allotted space on the game card.”
  • “We know you are excited to make new friends, but please do not forget to write your names on the game card!”
  • “Make sure you write your newfound friend’s name on the right attribute!”
  • “Please keep an eye on which attribute you write your new friend’s name! You might accidentally write on a different line; after a few drinks, it can happen!”
  • “If you have any questions, feel free to approach me.”
  • “If you need a new pen or game card, come forward, and we will take care of it.”
  • “If a particular trait applies to you, you are not allowed to write your name!”

Prepare Extras for Everything

On average, bridal showers have 15 to 50 attendees. If you have precisely 50 guests, do not prepare only 50 pens and game cards. It might be best to bring around ten additional materials.

A guest might accidentally ruin their game card by spilling their drink or getting food on it. They might even lose their card. Alternatively, pens might suddenly stop working. Regardless of what happens, you are prepared to handle the situation.

Write Appropriate Attributes

blank notebook with calligraphy pen

Bridal showers often have guests from older generations, including relatives. Moreover, some guests sometimes bring their children to the event.

Regardless, it is still best to only include positive or appropriate attributes. Write an accomplishment, achievement, talent, or occupation. Write something you know your guests can be proud of if they talk about it. 

Avoid writing details that are too personal. Likewise, avoid being judgmental about a guest’s physique. It might also be a bad idea to include attributes that are too niched, obvious, or insensitive.

Target Guests by Writing Specific Facts

notebook with cursive writings

If you invite someone to your bridal shower, you probably know them well. If not, then you at least know some facts about their lives. Use this knowledge to your — and the guests’ — advantage by including these facts on the game card.

For instance, consider including “They are a professional athlete” if you know you have two or three people who fit under that criteria. Once they find each other, they can quickly connect on their similarities and shared interests.

Adapt this Game for Other Parties

Although “find the guest” is popularly known as a bridal shower game, you can include it in any event, regardless of whether it is related to your wedding. It is a splendid game for wedding showers, engagement parties, vow renewals, and so on. 

Final Thoughts

Bridal showers are all about celebrating the bride-to-be, showing support to her, and letting her know that she has a community that loves her. Playing games such as “Find the Guest,” “Over or Under,” or “What Did the Groom Say?” allows this community to be stronger and more tight-knit, not only for the bride’s sake but theirs as a whole.

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