10 Examples of Rehearsal Dinner Invitations (+Guide)

If you have never attended a rehearsal dinner before, they are intimate warm-ups to the couple’s momentous “I do’s.” Friends and relatives, filled with love and happiness, come together to celebrate the nearlyweds and practice the flow of events for the upcoming ceremony.

The invitation for your rehearsal dinner must be a balance of your essence as a couple and the tone of the event. Specifically, the invitation’s wording and design must be tailored to the formality and theme of the occasion.

Below are 10 examples of rehearsal dinner invitations, with the wording varying based on the formality and theme. Tips are also provided to make the process less complicated.

Memorable Examples of Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Wording

  1. The Formal Affair 

Use this timeless and sophisticated example of rehearsal dinner invitation wording if the wedding will be formal. Every word is carefully chosen, creating a classic structure that accurately conveys respect and the gravity of the occasion.

  1. The Elegant and Modern Twist 

“You’re warmly invited to an evening of laughter, friendship, and gourmet delights,

as we gather for the rehearsal dinner of

Sophia and Ethan

Friday, June 21st at 7:00 PM

The Urban Loft, 456 Modern Lane

Kindly confirm your presence to (012) 345–6789 or sampleaddress@email.com by June 1st.”

Combining modern simplicity and warmth creates an inviting atmosphere. Although the wording is still formal, the choice of words has a touch of relaxed elegance—ideal for the nearlyweds who revere tradition with a contemporary twist.

  1. The Humorous Touch 

“Before they say ‘I do’,

let’s dine, laugh, and practice!

Join us for the rehearsal dinner of

Jess and Alex

where good food and great company are on the menu.

Saturday, June 22, at 6:30 PM

Our Backyard, 789 Family Lane

RSVP to (012) 345–6789 or sampleaddress@email.com by yesterday!
(Just kidding, but please let us know by June 2nd.)”

With the rest of your wedding invitation suite probably formal, a touch of humor will go a long way. This example of a rehearsal dinner invitation is perfect for you if you do not take yourself too seriously. Moreover, it promises your guests a night filled with joy and laughter. 

  1. The Heartfelt and Personal

“As we prepare to walk down the aisle,

we would be honored if you could join us

for a rehearsal dinner filled with love, laughter, and memories.

Sarah and Tom

Friday, June 21st at 6 PM

The Rose Garden, 101 Blossom Way

Your presence is a gift, please let us know at (012) 345–6789 or sampleaddress@email.com if you can make it.”

If you want something deeply personal, this rehearsal dinner invitation example wording fits the bill. The warmth in these words will resonate with your guests, conveying your excitement to share your journey and make more memories with them.

  1. The Classic Wine and Dine

Tell your guests exactly what to expect at your rehearsal dinner—good food and good company. More than that, this classic rehearsal dinner invitation example also emphasizes the celebratory and social aspects of the event.

  1. The Nautical Extravaganza 

“Ahoy there! Join us for a nautical night of fun

as we set sail towards the wedding of

Lily and Jack

Chart your course to the Rehearsal Dinner

on June 20th at 7:00 PM

The Dockside Bistro, 123 Ocean View

RSVP to sampleaddress@email.com or walk the plank by June 5th!”

Who says your theme has to stop at the ceremony and reception? This sample wording for a rehearsal dinner invitation plays into your wedding theme. Animated and adventurous, the invitation to this nautical celebration will set the tone for an extraordinary wedding.

  1. Casual and Straight to the Point

“Jackie and Robert’s 

Rehearsal Dinner 

Saturday, June 15, 2024 

7:00 PM 


Oak Springs 

376 Hoppe Spurs 

Lancaster, PA 


Please RSVP to (012) 345–6789 or sampleaddress@email.com by June 1st.  


Hosted by Angela and Nick Klein” 

A casual rehearsal dinner warrants casual invitation wording. You may want to be straight to the point for a few reasons—to set the tone or to avoid confusion, for example—but that does not mean the event will be boring.  

  1. The Rustic Charm

“Under the stars and amidst the whispers of the trees, 

we invite you to a rustic rehearsal dinner celebrating the love story of 

Emily & Jordan 

Join us for a night of warmth, laughter, and good old-fashioned fun. 

June 18th, 7:00 PM 

The Old Barn, Willow Creek Farm 

Dress comfortably and bring your dancing shoes! 

RSVP by June 4th to sampleaddress@email.com”  

If you will have a rustic-themed ceremony and reception, why not extend that theme to your rehearsal dinner? The example of wording above will set the tone for a magical and unforgettable night. 

  1. The Beach-Themed Bash

“Let’s kick off our shoes and feel the sand!

Please join us for a beach-themed rehearsal dinner

honoring Mia and Chris.

Friday, June 20th at Sunset

Seaside Retreat, 567 Ocean Drive

Casual beachwear encouraged.

RSVP to (012) 345–6789 or sampleaddress@email.com by June 7th.”

Is there anything better than a gathering with your closest friends and family by the beach? Invite them to this momentous occasion with this warm example of a rehearsal dinner invitation.

  1. The Intimate Gathering

Most of the time, your bridal party, your closest friends, and your relatives are enough to make a celebration worthwhile. This example of a rehearsal dinner invitation is ideal for an intimate gathering, where the environment can be comfortable and cozy for the couple and everyone involved.  

Crafting Rehearsal Dinner Invitations: Guide + Essential Tips

examples of rehearsal dinner invitations propped up on a paper stand

Start With the Basics

Since this is an invitation to an event, give your guests all the necessary information. Here are the things you should include:

Who: Who is hosting the event? Whose rehearsal dinner is it?

Where: Where will the event take place?

When: When will you hold the rehearsal dinner? What time and date?

RSVP Information: When do guests need to confirm their attendance? How should they contact you (number, email address, wedding website, etc.)?

Provide Additional Information

Once you have the essential information out of the way, you can consider including additional details, such as:

  • Rehearsal dinner theme
  • Itinerary (if there will be games, prayers, activities, etc.)
  • Directions or map to the venue
  • Dress code (if applicable)
  • Accommodation and transportation details (if you have out-of-town guests)

Coordinate Your Invitations

More often than not, rehearsal dinner invitations are included in the general wedding invitation suite. However, some couples prefer sending the rehearsal dinner invitations separately.

Regardless, try to complement the style and color scheme of both invitations. Your guests will appreciate the effort, and the cohesiveness of the design can elevate your wedding aesthetically.

Writing Rules and Conventions

If you plan on sending out formal rehearsal dinner invitations, there are several writing rules and conventions you have to keep in mind. Here are some of them:

  • Do not use numbers for dates and times; spell them out instead. For example, “2024” should be “two thousand twenty-four.” Additionally, it should be “six o’clock,” not “6 p.m.”
  • Clarifying the time of the event with “in the afternoon” or “in the evening” is unnecessary unless it starts at 8, 9, or 10.
  • Do not use abbreviations. Instead of saying “MI,” say “Michigan.”
  • Use minimal punctuation. Only use commas to separate the day from the date or the venue name from the address.
  • Use proper capitalization.
  • The bride’s name always goes first.
  • In the case of same-sex couples and the order of names, they can go with alphabetical order, preference, or common usage (do people call you “John and Joshua” or “Joshua John?”)
  • Whoever’s parents are hosting will have their last name omitted. For example, if the bride’s parents are hosting the event, you can omit the bride’s last name.

Disregard this list if you do not plan on having such a formal event or invitation.

Proofread Carefully

You must double-check (and even triple-check) the details included in your rehearsal dinner invitation, especially pertinent information like the address and schedule. Missing any typographical errors can lead to a lot of confusion.

Specify Who Is Invited

a basket of wedding invitations addressed to mr and mrs

Rehearsal dinners are typically more intimate than other pre-wedding events and the ceremony itself. The guest list is usually limited to the couple’s bridal party and close circle.  

Instead of saying “The Smith Family,” you may want to specify “Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith” to exclude children and other extended relatives.  

You can also say “Evelyn White & plus-one” to say that your guests can bring one person along to accompany them.   

Timing Is Key  

Four to six weeks before the wedding is the ideal time for sending out your rehearsal dinner invitations. This timeline will let your guests plan their outfits thoroughly and make the necessary adjustments to attend the event. 

Keep Track of RSVP Responses 

Given that RSVP responses for rehearsal dinners are received more informally, you should be extra mindful of keeping track of who has responded.  

As simple as writing down the names of who said what on your Notes app or a journal can help a lot. You can also use an online tracker or a spreadsheet.  

This information is important so you know who to thank for their response and whom to follow up with once the event gets nearer.  

Consider Digital Invites   

If you are conscious of the environmental impact of paper invitations, or they are simply out of your budget, there are plenty of digital alternatives you can try. 

Following the examples of wedding rehearsal dinner invitations above, you can design digital ones using Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, or other software.  

Something as simple as sending out the invitations through email or creating a group chat with everyone you want to invite will suffice.   

You can also create custom video invitations to make them more personal.   

Final Thoughts 

Creating rehearsal dinner invitations might seem complicated, but it is just one delightful step in your wedding journey. Feel free to use the examples of rehearsal dinner invitations above as inspiration or guides. More than anything else, remember to convey the warmth and intimacy of the event through the invitations. 

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