25 Modern Rustic Wedding Themes For a Relaxed Vibe

Choosing a wedding theme is beneficial for many reasons. Most importantly, it makes decorating your venue easier; you can select items and fixtures accordingly, resulting in a cohesive look. However, with so many options for themes available, picking one can be intimidating.

Modern rustic weddings emphasize natural elements, creating a relaxed vibe with mostly organic-inspired pieces. Below are 25 ideas you can use to create an unforgettable modern rustic wedding, such as wooden slices, chalkboards, and floral details.

Unforgettable Ideas for Your Modern Rustic Wedding Theme

1. Acrylic Signs and Table Numbers

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that is an excellent option for any project. You can add acrylic elements to your wedding decoration if you need subtle and minimalist touches.

For example, you can use acrylics to label the tables at your reception. Because this material is transparent, it will not obstruct your guests’ view of the event and your gorgeous centerpieces.

In general, acrylic signs and labels are a staple in modern rustic weddings. You can write important details and instructions — such as wedding hashtags, station names, and more — on acrylic surfaces, then display them without blocking amazing views.

2. Barn Wedding

barn wedding

In some cases, it is more practical to hold an indoor wedding. However, this does not mean you cannot have a modern rustic wedding.

Barns might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of romantic wedding venues, but some are specifically created or repurposed for weddings.

You can also completely customize a barn to suit your preferences. With the right ideas and team of people, anything is possible.

3. Chalkboards

A chalkboard is another material you should consider for your signs and labels. You can ask someone from your bridal party with lovely handwriting to fill the chalkboard with instructions, names, announcements, or whatever information you need to display.

4. Classic Lawn Games

bats and balls

If your ceremony will take place at an outdoor venue, lawn games are a fantastic entertainment option for your guests. Here are some examples of games that will make for an amusingly unforgettable time:

  • Ring toss
  • Giant Jenga
  • Cornhole
  • Giant tic-tac-toe
  • Lawn darts
  • Bocce ball
  • Croquet
  • Yardzee

Some iconic lawn games and sports might be too physically intense for guests in formal attire. If you want to include them, make sure to give them time — and space — to change into more suitable clothes. 

5. Crochet Details

The small details will set your wedding apart from everyone else’s. When looking for a simple but unique way to elevate your decor, consider incorporating crocheted elements into the overall design.

You have unlimited options: you can go for crocheted table runners and doilies; you can hang greenery and light fixtures with crocheted plant hangers; you can even add crocheted elements to your wedding attire. 

6. Drapes Everywhere

Draping light fabric has multiple benefits. For one, if your wedding venue feels too large, you can drape some cloth across the beams and fill up the space effectively. Concurrently, if the venue is too dark, the white fabric will make it seem livelier.

7. Earth Tones Are Your Best Friend

wooden table with plates and leaves

When working with a modern rustic wedding theme, your best route for a color palette is one that is predominantly earth-toned. Think of various shades of brown — wood, caramel, coffee, and whatnot.

However, to avoid having a flat color scheme, it is best to have one or two shades that can add dimension. Copper is an excellent option. Other earth tones include greens, blues, and even some shades of reds, yellows, and oranges.

8. Edible Arrangements as Centerpieces

Fruits, vegetables, and other food items are amazing options for centerpieces. You can put produce in a basket, organize a fruit display, or randomly place vegetables along a table runner.

This idea is an efficient and sustainable way to personalize wedding venue decorations. After the reception, you can use these foodstuffs to feed your animals, create compost, or whatever purpose that suits you and your needs.

9. Flower Crowns or Other Floral Hair Accessories

A modern rustic wedding emphasizes nature and natural features. You can incorporate this focus into your attire by embellishing your attire with floral pieces.

Flower crowns are a gorgeous, trendy accessory that will beautifully frame your face. If you want a subtler approach, consider sprigs of flowers on your hairpins or a smaller crown for your bun.

10. Flowers Down the Aisle

baby breath flower on the aisle

Most modern rustic weddings occur in outdoor venues. As such, it makes sense for decorations to be nature-inspired and organic.

Therefore, flowers and greenery are an ideal way to spruce up your aisles; they are also a simple alternative to flower girls if you are looking for one. Consider working with your florist to create floral aisle runners that fit your color palette and vibe.

11. Globe-Shaped LED String Lights

If you are looking for a vintage, romantic light fixture, consider brightening up your wedding venue with globe-shaped string lights. Hang them across tree branches, wood panels, and other features of your location to elevate the surroundings.

12. Go Outside Tradition for Your Attire

For some people, wedding attire can feel too traditional and restrictive. There are a lot of unspoken rules and pieces of etiquette that surround what clothes you can wear.

A modern rustic wedding is an opportunity to do away with traditions that feel too impersonal and confining. Instead of a white gown, brides can opt for their favorite color — whether that be an off-white variety, a pastel, or a rich purple.

Grooms also have more leeway with their attire. They can replace a necktie with a bolo tie, switch a traditional suit with a vest, or wear something tweed, linen, or corduroy.

13. Hire a Live Acoustic Band

Another excellent entertainment option for a modern rustic wedding is a live band. You can hire them to sing some songs at your reception or have them provide all the music throughout the day.

14. Intricate Stationery

Wedding invitations are your guests’ first impression of the vibe of your ceremony. Through floral and lace-like elements, you can implicitly communicate to your guests that your wedding will have a modern rustic theme.

You can go for paper with floral motifs and earth-toned colors. You can also purchase envelopes and wrappers with intricate trims that mimic lace details.

15. Lanterns Everywhere

Lanterns are another rustic and romantic lighting option. You can place them anywhere — hanging from trees, snug on the center of a table, or along the aisle. Your bridal party can even carry lanterns as a whimsical alternative to flower bouquets.

16. Light a Bonfire

group of people circling around a bonfire

If your wedding ceremony or reception will take place at night, consider setting up a bonfire somewhere in your venue. Not only does a bonfire provide heat and light, but it is also a charming way to make people gather at a certain place.

Bonfires are especially great for intimate afterparties. People can sit around the fire, share stories, play games, sing songs, and wind down after a long day.

However, make sure to check with the venue staff if it is okay for you to have a bonfire. Some areas have strict regulations about creating fires. In this case, look for a similar and safe alternative.

17. Mismatched Vases and Containers

Mismatched elements lie at the heart of the modern rustic wedding theme. The task of couples, planners, and decorators is to figure out how to artistically and tastefully cluster different pieces. The goal is to create an aesthetically disorganized effect without being too chaotic.

One way to achieve this effect is by utilizing different bottles, glasses, and containers as vases. Take some empty beer bottles, mason jars, and drinkware, add some water, then place some fresh flowers. You can also use this idea for lighting options, such as fairy lights and candles.

18. Naked Cake

Naked cakes are traditional cakes with little to no frosting around their sides, exposing the layers. Although seemingly unconventional, a naked cake will suit your theme because cake layers often have an earth-toned color. You can tie your cake into the theme better with edible flowers and greenery.

19. Nature-Inspired Fairy Lights

fairy lights

Fairy lights are a staple for whimsical, rustic designs. They are subtle, but they make your venue much more romantic and dreamier.

There are many ways you can incorporate fairy lights into your space. Simply lining surfaces and walls with fairy lights will instantly add a charming touch to your venue. You can also place them in mason jars, hang them from tree branches, or wrap them around centerpieces.

Buy a set with nature-inspired elements to achieve fairy lights’ maximum potential in a modern rustic wedding theme. The wiring may have leaves and flowers, or it can be brown, making it blend perfectly with trees.

20. Support Local Industries


Modern rustic weddings emphasize the importance of supporting local industries. You can purchase ingredients directly from the farmers in your area. You can hire local photographers, makeup artists, and caterers to supply you with important services.

Sourcing products from a local business is a fantastic way to provide wedding favors to your guests. Collaborate with a winery, brewery, apiary, or artisan. Using their items as favors will help them grow.

You and your partner can also highlight your cultures and heritage. Serve time-honored food, incorporate local designs into your theme, and showcase your identity proudly.

21. Used Crates and Planters as Design Elements

crates and planters

A great and sustainable way to save on decorations is by repurposing items you already have. For example, if you have crates and planter boxes lying around, you can use them as containers at your wedding.

You can combine this idea with the others in this list. For example, you can place mismatched vases inside a crate or create a fruit display inside a wood planter.

You can also use crates and planter boxes as containers for wedding favors, stationery, gifts from guests, and other items. 

22. Vineyard Cross-Back Chairs

The type of chair you rent for your wedding may seem like a minor detail, but comfortable seating options will take any event to the next level. If you have the budget, why not splurge on vineyard cross-back chairs for your guests?

These durable chairs provide excellent support for anyone sitting on them. The cushion adds comfort, and the back’s shape will hug your guests’ physique. Lastly — and probably most importantly — they suit the theme incredibly, and you can personalize them in unlimited ways.

23. Wood Slices

As illustrated above, you should pay equal attention to major and minor details. Doing so ensures that your decorations, and wedding as a whole, will be an unforgettable experience.

You can elevate your table centerpieces — literally and aesthetically — by placing them on a wood slice. This decor piece will add a touch of color and dimension to your setting.

24. Wooden Arch With Greenery

wooden arc with flowers

When you look at pictures of couples kissing at their wedding, you will often see a gorgeous arch placed behind them. Sometimes, your chosen venue already comes with an arch that fits the theme.

Otherwise, you can create a custom wedding arch. You can take this opportunity to bond with your friends and relatives, as DIYing this project will require time and collective effort.

You can gather all the materials, such as wood, foliage, and flowers, from your own backyard. As such, DIYing your wedding arch is also a cost-friendlier option.

25. Wreaths on the Walls

wreath on a wall

When people think of wreaths, they usually envision them as wintertime decorations. The idea of a wreath is inextricably linked to Christmas.

However, wreaths are gorgeous decor pieces for any wedding. They provide a natural pop of color and make a space feel livelier and more alive.

Consider dotting the walls of your venue with wreaths. You can add twigs, flowers, and other details to make it match your wedding theme and color palette.

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