Is Your Ring Size the Same as Your Shoe Size? #MythBusted

Rings are a symbol of love and commitment. While each type of ring has a different meaning and significance, some aspects remain constant — including the stress of figuring out your partner’s ring size and trying to keep it a surprise. Because of this, plenty of methods and misconceptions surrounding ring sizes have arisen, leading many to wonder:

Is your ring size the same as your shoe size? No, ring sizes are not correlated to shoe sizes; the ring size and shoe size being equal is a common misconception. It is purely coincidental if a person’s ring and shoe sizes are the same.

Below, we delve deeper into other misconceptions about ring sizes, providing clarity and debunking myths. We also offer insights on how to accurately determine your partner’s ring size.

Misconceptions About Measuring a Ring Size

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1. Ring size is equal to shoe size

A considerable amount of people seem to believe that one’s ring size is equal to one’s shoe size. As mentioned earlier, these two sizes are in no way connected; any similarities are only by chance. Additionally, keep in mind that everyone has different body types; what works for them may not necessarily work for you as well.

2. Ring size remains constant throughout your life

Certain life events can change how our bodies look. Additionally, our bodies also evolve with time. Moreover, following diet regimens, exercising, binge eating, and stress can cause weight loss or gain, thus possibly changing your ring size. For women, getting pregnant can make the sizes of their fingers fluctuate.

Food intake can also affect your ring size. Eating food with a large amount of salt, such as chips, processed meat, and pizza, can cause your hands to go up half a size.

The exact time of day matters, too. When buying a ring, it is best to measure the ring size in the middle of the day. Our fingers sometimes bloat overnight, so doing it too early may not get you the perfect fit.

3. The two ring fingers have the same size

This is not always the case. For the majority of people, the fingers of the hand they use more dominantly are larger. For instance, if you are left-handed, then it is highly likely that your left ring finger has a slightly bigger ring size.

4. All fingers have the same ring size

Again, this is not usually the case. As stated above, the sizes of your fingers can vary depending on which hand is used more frequently. Between fingers of the same hand, there is generally a half to a whole size difference.

Finding the Right Ring Size for Your Partner

ring size chart
Ring size chart

Understandably so, trying to guess the ring size of your partner is a stressful endeavor. There are multiple ways you can figure out their ring size, varying on whether you want to be discreet or upfront about it.

1. Visit a jeweler.

Consulting a jeweler is the safest bet when figuring out your ring size. They have the appropriate tools and expertise to give you the most accurate measurement. The majority of jewelers do not charge when getting sized, regardless of if you purchase or not. This option is not ideal if the ring is supposed to be a surprise.

2. Measure an existing ring.

If your partner is particularly fond of wearing jewelry, chances are they already have a ring that perfectly fits the intended finger. Depending on when you do this, it is a discreet method of finding the right size. For reference, a ring is said to properly fit if it slides over the knuckle without difficulty but wraps around your finger tight enough that it stays and does not spin.

Ring sizing guides are available online, such as this one from Catbird. After printing the guide, place the ring over each circle until you find the best fit. If you cannot decide between two sizes, go with the larger one.

3. Tie a string around your sleeping partner’s ring finger.

Once your partner is asleep, get a piece of string and wrap it around your intended finger. Afterward, use a ruler to determine the diameter and circumference of the ring size. Depending on how much of a heavy sleeper your partner is, this may not be the most discreet method.

You may also use floss, sewing thread, or any other similar material.

It is worth noting that some jewelers discourage this method of measuring ring sizes. According to them, using a string has a significant margin of error; by proceeding with this method, you are more likely to get the wrong size. Even ¼ of a millimeter counts, so your tool must be accurate.

4. Use a paper ring sizer.

Using a paper ring sizer is similar to tying a string, in that it also goes around your partner’s ring finger. You can do this discreetly while your partner is asleep, or you can ask for their help. This method is generally more recommended because its measurement is more accurate than that of a string.

5. Buy a ring sizer.

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Find a retailer or an online store that sells adjustable ring sizers, such as this one from Gem Breakfast. Using a ring sizer like this will give you precision in the comfort of your home. Likewise, this method is not conducive to surprising your partner.

6. Use a ring sizer app.

A ring sizer app works identically to a ring sizing guide, except it is done with your phone. Search for “ring sizer” on the App Store, Google Play, or the platform specific to your device. One example of this app is “Ring Sizer by Jason Withers ©.”

7. Ask a close friend or relative of your partner.

Some of your partner’s close friends or relatives might be able to help you find the right ring size. The topic of marriage might have come up in their conversations; some friend groups make Pinterest boards of their dream wedding. If this is the case for your partner and their friends, they might know — or be able to know — your partner’s ring size.

8. Get your friend to ask your partner for their ring size.

Ask a close friend who is in a relationship to contact your partner. Have your friend pretend they are proposing soon, and they want to keep it a surprise, so they need assistance with finding the correct ring size. This works especially well if your partners have similar body types, which would make it reasonable to assume that they have similar ring sizes.

9. Invent a formula and tell your partner about it.

This method is where your partner’s shoe size may come in handy. Tell them that you found this formula on social media that can apparently find someone’s ring size. For example, tell them that “ring size = (shoe size x 0.5) + 1.5” or something similar. Compute it and let them know the resulting value. There is a small chance you will get it right; otherwise, it might make them laugh and correct you with their actual ring size.

10. If all else fails, buy a smaller ring size.

If you cannot execute the methods listed above and are thus unsure about your partner’s actual ring size, go with a smaller size. Despite it being a little too small, the ring will still fit on their finger during the proposal or on the wedding ceremony itself; as opposed to a larger ring which might fall off if not careful.

Once you finally have the time, you can get your ring resized. Keep in mind that depending on certain aspects of the ring, such as its composition, width, design, and if it has any inscriptions, resizing the ring might be complicated, if not downright impossible.

Make sure that the retailer you are buying the ring from offers free lifetime resizing services. This accounts not only for possibly getting your partner’s ring size wrong the first time around but also for the changes your body will go through as time goes by.

Other Questions About Ring Sizes

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What is the average ring size?

In general, the average ring size for women in the United States is 6, while men typically have a size of 8.5. These sizes are commonly displayed in jewelry showcases. More specifically, the average ring size varies by height and weight.

  • Below average height and small body frame → size 4 to 6 for women, size 7 to 10 for men.
  • Average height and slim body frame → size 6 to 7 for women, size 10 to 11 for men.
  • Above-average height and bulky body frame → size 7 to 9 for women, size 11 to 15 for men.

For reference, data from 2018 suggests that the average height for men is 5’9” or 175.4 centimeters, and 5’4” or 162.56 centimeters. Furthermore, the average weight for a man is 197.9 pounds and 170.6 pounds for women.

What other options are available if the ring’s size is wrong?

If your ring cannot be resized using traditional methods, there are sizing assistants available. These are installed into the ring to make it fit better.

  • Sizing beads → small metal spheres soldered on the back of the ring. These are great for those with larger knuckles.
  • Spring inserts → a strip of metal placed in the band. Spring inserts are more forgiving, as they can be used for at most a full size smaller; they are more comfortable than sizing beads as well.
  • Ring guards → metal bars placed around the band’s base. These are overall cheaper, easier to use, and more comfortable. Ring guards are temporary, though, so they are better options for those undergoing weight fluctuations. Moreover, these are most commonly used for rings that cannot be resized due to their composition.
  • Adjustable shanks → a hinge that allows the ring to open when a small button is pressed, making access over the knuckle easier and smoother. Although more expensive than other options, adjustable shanks are more permanent solutions.

You may also do away with the tradition and etiquette of wearing rings on your fingers. For instance, you can use your ring as a pendant for a necklace. This is usually done with a promise ring, a commitment ring, and other pre-engagement rings. Ultimately, the decision on how you will wear your rings is up to you.

Final Thoughts

So, is ring size same as shoe size? Your ring size and shoe size are not related — there is no causal or correlational relationship between the two numbers. Occasions wherein the aforementioned sizes are equal are purely coincidental. Clarifying misconceptions surrounding ring sizes and discussing recommended methods of measuring ring size are essential in finding the right fit for you and your partner.

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