75 Most Likely to Questions for Bachelorette Party (+PDF)

Bachelorette parties are all about having fun. Every bride — and bridal party — has a different definition of fun. Some brides want to go barhopping and make new friends wherever they go; some brides want to stay in with their friends and play entertaining drinking games.

“Most Likely To” is an amusing and engaging party game, which humorously tests how well the players know each other. The prompts for this game can be divided into four broad categories:

  1. Most Likely to Questions for Your Bachelorette Party
  2. Funny Most Likely to Questions
  3. Unique Most Likely to Questions
  4. Risqué Most Likely to Questions

Below are 60 prompts you should consider including in your game, followed by an explanation of how to play the game. In case you need them, free PDF templates are also provided. Lastly, several tips for a better experience are listed.

Most Likely to Questions for Bachelorette Party

group of friends on a field

Most Likely to Questions for Bachelorette Party

1. Most likely to ask a cute stranger in the street for their number?

2. Most likely to get a tattoo while drunk?

3. Most likely to get a free drink because they flirted with the bartender?

4. Most likely to get the whole party in trouble?

5. Most likely to get on a table and dance?

6. Most likely to score 100 at karaoke?

7. Most likely to drink the most and not have a hangover?

8. Most likely to skip morning yoga to get more sleep?

9. Most likely to impress everyone on the dance floor?

10. Most likely to be too competitive at bachelorette party games?

11. Most likely to drink a thermos of coffee on the morning of the ceremony?

12. Most likely to get married next?

13. Most likely to cry through the wedding?

14. Most likely to forget a speech they rehearsed for days?

15. Most likely to kiss and tell?

16. Most likely to give the most money to a stripper?

17. Most likely to post too many Instagram stories?

18. Most likely to get so drunk she needs to be carried out of the bar?

19. Most likely to make an entire friend group at the bar?

20. Most likely to elope in Vegas?

Funny Most Likely to Questions

21. Most likely to lose their phone at the bar?

22. Most likely to make up the most elaborate excuse to leave a party?

23. Most likely to call herself a cool parent but is actually strict?

24. Most likely to join a public Zumba class and outshine everyone?

25. Most likely to go viral on TikTok for something weird?

26. Most likely to adopt 10+ cats in the next five years?

27. Most likely to offend their partner’s in-laws?

28. Most likely to wear white at someone else’s wedding?

29. Most likely to go into debt just to have their dream engagement ring?

30. Most likely to pass out drunk in the middle of the street?

31. Most likely to give someone a gift they themselves received?

32. Most likely to break up with someone through a text?

33. Most likely to go to work with an intense hangover?

34. Most likely to pee in public and get caught in the act?

35. Most likely to say something embarrassing on a first date?

36. Most likely to say I love you to a new partner first?

37. Most likely to attend a wedding wearing something against the dress code?

38. Most likely to forget their own birthday?

39. Most likely to flirt with someone at a funeral?

40. Most likely to start a fight with someone at a wedding?

41. Most likely to message their ex every time they get drunk?

42. Most likely to max out their credit card in one day?

43. Most likely to eavesdrop on an important conversation? 

44. Most likely to start drama in the workplace?

45. Most likely to do something embarrassing while asleep?

46. Most likely to be a hoarder?

Unique Most Likely to Questions

yellow sticky notes on the wall

47. Most likely to become a billionaire?

48. Most likely to join the Olympics?

49. Most likely to go to jail?

50. Most likely to marry a member of the royal family?

51. Most likely to retire in a different country?

52. Most likely to travel to 100 countries?

53. Most likely to publish a book?

54. Most likely to become a famous YouTuber?

55. Most likely to break up with someone because they are scared of commitment?

56. Most likely to retire at the age of 35?

57. Most likely to own a successful business?

58. Most likely to join a pyramid scheme?

Risqué Most Likely to Questions

59. Most likely to sell pictures of their feet online?

60. Most likely to ghost someone after sex?

61. Most likely to wake up in a stranger’s bed after a party?

62. Most likely to make a sex tape?

63. Most likely to sleep with someone twice their age?

64. Most likely to date at least two guys at once?

65. Most likely to flirt with a cop after getting pulled over?

66. Most likely to go commando for a whole day?

67. Most likely to be late to a meeting because of a hookup?

68. Most likely to accidentally send someone a nude picture?

69. Most likely to get back with their ex because the sex is good?

70. Most likely to cancel plans just to hook up with someone?

71. Most likely to bring a sex toy to the wedding?

72. Most likely to sleep with their boss?

73. Most likely to meet a man abroad and marry him within a year?

74. Most likely to fall in love after one night?

75. Most likely to date a celebrity?

How to Play the Most Likely to Game at Your Party

There are multiple ways you can play the “Most Likely To” game at your bachelorette party.

The Card Game Version

who's most likely to card

Some companies already sell “Most Likely To” as a card game, such as this one from Amazon.

However, you can also create cards yourself, giving you the freedom to control how family-friendly or risqué the questions are. You can use any editing software, such as Canva, Photoshop, and PowerPoint, and design the cards as simply or elaborately as you want.

Before the game begins, the players have to decide who will be the “judge.” Anyone can be the judge. Their task is to read the question on the card. Afterward, everyone will make accusations and discuss which player best fits the “Most Likely To” prompt.

You can set a time limit for the discussion or let it drag on until there is nothing left to discuss. Either way, the judge has to account for everyone’s input and ultimately decide who is most likely to do what is on the card.

That player gets to keep the card. The first player to reach seven cards — or any number of cards you decide — is declared the winner (or loser) of the game.

The List Version

Similar to many bridal shower games, “Most Likely To” can also be played as a listing game. You can create a template, purchase one from a seller, or use the free PDFs below.

Essentially, instead of writing each question on one card, you will put multiple — up to 15 or 20 prompts — on one sheet of paper. You will leave some space next to the questions, on which the players will indicate their answers.

After a certain amount of time, you will go through each question and discuss everyone’s answers. You can opt to have a judge, or the point can automatically go to the player with the most accusations for that prompt.

The player with the most points wins — or loses — the game.

Duration of the Game

Regardless of which version you play, expect the game to take up a considerable amount of time at your bachelorette party. Generally, you might need to set aside at least 20 minutes for this game alone.

You can limit the duration of the game by setting a timer for discussing and throwing accusations. For example, you can give the players around three minutes to debate before the judge has to make a decision.

Most Likely to Questions for Bachelorette Party: Free PDFs

1. Most Likely To – Simple Template

most likely to simple template

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

2. Most Likely To – Plant-Themed Template

most likely to plant theme

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

3. Most Likely To – Card Format

most likely to card format

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

Tips for a Memorable Gameplay

Add Twists to Make the Game More Fun 

“Most Likely To” would be an amazing drinking game at your bachelorette party. Every time the judge decides on the loser of a round, make them take a shot. You can also ask them to defend themselves if the accusation is false or tell the backstory if it is true.

Likewise, you can add a penalty or punishment for the loser at the end of the game. If making them drink does not sound fun enough, give them a dare they must do.

Award Prizes at the End of the Game

most likely to shirts

Although this game debatably has no winners, you can still give a prize to the player with the most accusations. You can go as wild or as simple as you prefer. Here are some ideas you can consider:

  • Jewelry
  • Pajama set
  • Accessories
  • Gift card
  • Mini wine bottles (or any drink you prefer)
  • Mug
  • Wine glass
  • Bespoke socks
  • A box of condoms
  • Lubricant
  • A small sex toy

Alternatively, you can purchase a set of “Most Likely to Bachelorette” themed shirts for everyone. The player who receives the most accusations for that prompt will get a corresponding shirt. Not only will this prize be a funny memento but having everyone wear matching shirts will also make for amazing photoshoots.

Prepare Extra Materials

Regardless of which way you play the game, you should bring additional materials. You may want to print more lists or cards than you need.

Being prepared is essential, especially at a bachelorette party where everyone is drunk and careless. Someone might spill their drink on the paper, or you might have too much fun and run out of prompts too fast.

Do Not Go Too Far

couple of friends laughing together

Some of the prompts above may be inappropriate or sensitive. As the facilitator of the game, be mindful of your players’ limits and boundaries while choosing which prompts to include. You want to have fun, but not at the expense of their comfort and trust.

It might be helpful to have a conversation about this game — and other games you will play — before the party itself. For instance, when you distribute the itinerary to your guests, consider adding “talk about games and gauge everyone’s reactions” to your planning checklist.

Explain the mechanics of the game briefly, and give them an idea of what to expect. Allow them to set boundaries, discuss what they are comfortable with, and, if necessary, decide as a group whether or not this game is something you want to play.

Once you start playing the game, knowing their comfort zones and boundaries is critical. Whether you are a facilitator or a player, be mindful of what you and others say.

You can joke around, be sarcastic, and even be shady as much as you want. However, do not be insensitive or go too far. Know when enough is enough; a game is not worth ruining your friendship over.

Final Thoughts

“Most Likely To” is only one of the endless number of games you can play at your bachelorette party. Not every person will be comfortable with this choice because of the nature of the prompts.

While the bride-to-be has the freedom to include what she wants in her bachelorette party itinerary, she should consider the feelings of her guests. She can explore plenty of other less offensive options, such as Bridal Jeopardy or Would She Rather.

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