Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game Questions (Free PDFs)

You have many options for bridal shower games you can include in your party, ranging from simple to complicated. However, they all serve the same purpose: breaking the ice and entertaining everyone. Nevertheless, trying to choose which games to play can get challenging.

The “Would She Rather” bridal shower game presents a list of dilemmas that the bride must answer. The players must correctly guess which option the bride chose to receive a point. The player with the most points wins the game. 

Below is a more in-depth explanation of the game’s mechanics, including sample dilemmas, required materials, and duration. Game cards are then provided in the form of free printable PDFs. Lastly, several tips for smoother gameplay are also listed.

How to Play the Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game

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Mechanics of the Game

The “Would She Rather” bridal shower game is a spin-off of the popular party game “would you rather.” Before the event, the facilitator of the game will prepare several dilemmas. These dilemmas can consist of two good options, two bad options, or two habits.

The bride-to-be will mark her answer on her game card. Concurrently, the rest of the players will try to guess which option she picked. Each correct answer gives the guest one point, and the guest with the most points wins the game.

This bridal shower game is an excellent way to help the guests know the bride better. Her responses to the questions will give the players an idea about her personality, preferences, and so on. The answers can also function as conversation starters among guests and the bride.

Examples of “Would She Rather” Bridal Shower Game Questions

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Typically, players of “would you rather” must find it difficult to resolve the dilemma. You can choose to follow this expectation, making the game more interesting.

However, if your objective is to help the guests know the bride better, you can stick with relatively less complicated questions. Here are some examples of dilemmas you can include in your game card:

  • Be a morning person or night owl
  • J-pop or K-pop
  • Italy or France
  • Purple or orange
  • Home-cooked meal or five-star restaurant
  • Beer or wine
  • Schitt’s Creek or Friends
  • Sushi or pasta
  • Museum dates or picnic dates
  • Be under-dressed or be overdressed
  • Nutella or peanut butter
  • Live in forever summer or forever winter
  • Brand new or vintage
  • Only read books or watch movies
  • Go to the beach or go to the mall
  • City life or country life
  • Chocolate or strawberry
  • Always be 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late
  • Be stranded on an island or live in a haunted mansion
  • Donut or cupcake
  • Have a dog or a cat
  • Give gifts or receive gifts
  • Vibrant colors or neutral colors
  • Hear everything said about her or read people’s minds
  • Be a jack of all trades or a master of one
  • Coffee or tea
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • Have free WiFi everywhere or unlimited battery life
  • Speak foreign languages or understand what her pets say
  • Give up her phone or give up her laptop
  • Go on a hike or Netflix and chill
  • Be the hottest or most intelligent person in the room
  • Thai cuisine or Chinese cuisine
  • Get a piercing or a tattoo
  • Only listen to her favorite song forever or listen to new music every day
  • Be famous or be rich
  • Live in a cabin by the lake or a high-rise condominium
  • Cheetos or Doritos
  • Work in her dream job or double her current salary
  • Red wine or white wine
  • Horror-thriller or rom-com

Required Materials for the Game

  • Game cards. You can create a unique design, use the PDFs below, or purchase them from a retailer. The layout can be simple, creative, or consistent with the bridal shower’s theme.
  • Pens or pencils. Distribute any writing material of your choice.
  • Prize. Reward the winner of the game with a simple but thoughtful prize.
  • Timer. Use a timer while your guests try to answer their game cards.

Duration of the Game

One round of the “Would She Rather” bridal shower game lasts five to ten minutes. However, the duration depends on how many questions your game card includes, your itinerary, and your guests.

Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game: Free Printable PDFs

1. Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game: Simple

would she rather bridal shower game simple template

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

2. Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game: Fall-Themed

would she rather bridal shower game fall template

Click here to download the PDF and here to download a blank copy.

Tips for Playing the Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game

Bring Extras for Everything

If you have 30 guests at your bridal shower, do not bring just 30 of each required material. It is best to carry several extra game cards and pens. 

For instance, a pen might suddenly stop working while a player marks their card. They might accidentally rip or lose their game card, necessitating a new one. If you have additional materials on hand, you will prevent the stress of rushing home to fetch them.

Have Your Guests Check Each Other’s Game Cards

Once the timer ends, ask your guests to exchange game cards. Doing this will ensure the most accurate scores; otherwise, some people might discreetly change their answers to get the point.

Use Music as a Timer

speaker on table

A traditional timer, or the one on your phone, will work well for the “Would She Rather” bridal shower game. However, the venue might become too quiet while the guests focus on their game cards.

You can prepare one to four songs to play while the timer runs in the background. Music will make the event livelier, and the venue will not feel awkward because of the silence. However, ensure that the songs will not be too distracting; choose smooth and relaxed tunes instead.

Remind Your Guests of the Mechanics

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Although you may have explained the instructions before the game started, it is best to give reminders periodically. The master of ceremonies can clarify parts of the mechanics and answer any questions the players may have. 

Here are some reminders you can give to the players:

  • “Please do not forget to write your name on the space provided! If you win, your name will prove that the game card is yours.”
  • “You can only choose one answer! Do not mark both or neither options.”
  • “Because the game is “Would She Rather,” answer the questions while thinking about our bride-to-be! You may not have the same preferences, but the game centers around her.”
  • “Think carefully! And then think again! It will be difficult to change an answer once you have marked it on your card.”
  • “If you have questions or clarifications, feel free to raise your hand so I can approach you.”

Anticipate Multiple Winners

weekly planner and soap

As with any bridal shower game, there is a chance that multiple players will win. When that happens, you have two options: purchase several prizes or organize a tie-breaker. 

As mentioned above, the prizes do not have to be expensive and flashy. You can even forgo rewards if you know your guests do not need them. With that said, here are some ideas for simple prizes you can give to the winners of the game:

  • Skincare items
  • Gift card
  • Baked goods
  • Card games
  • Make-up
  • Puzzles
  • Stationery
  • Cute socks
  • Wine with custom labels
  • Water bottle
  • Scented candles
  • Unique mugs and glasses
  • Succulents
  • Bath salts or bombs

A different bridal shower game can function as a tie-breaker. Alternatively, you can also use audience impact as a deciding factor for the winner. Even a few rounds of rock paper scissors will do the trick.

You can also prepare additional questions for the tie-breaker. To increase the stakes, make the question as challenging as possible. Whichever player gets the correct answer first wins the game. You can award the rest of the prizes to the second and third placers.

Integrate Other Games

Sometimes, it is possible to incorporate “Would She Rather” into another bridal shower game. For example, “Would She Rather” can be a round in bride and groom trivia or bridal jeopardy. Feel free to get as creative as possible to maximize your guests’ entertainment.  

Similarly, you can also play this game at different wedding-related events. You can include it in a wedding shower itinerary, engagement party, bridal luncheon, or even a bachelorette party. Feel free to introduce twists to the mechanics as you see fit.

Involve the Groom

man wearing a suit

If everyone has the time, they can ask the groom to play the “Would She Rather” bridal shower game with the rest of the crowd. He does not have to be physically present at the venue; for one, the event planners can set up a video call so that the groom-to-be is digitally there.

Alternatively, the event planners can film the groom while he reads his answers. Encourage him to share relevant anecdotes or explain why he responded that way. You can play his video, and the bride-to-be can respond affirmatively or negatively to his answers.

Would He Rather

Another way to get the groom-to-be’s involvement is by playing “Would He Rather.” This game is the same as the “Would She Rather” bridal shower game, but the focus is now on the groom.

This game will test the bride’s and guests’ knowledge about the groom. Even the bride will be a player. However, if she wins first place, the prizes should go to the second-place finisher.

Final Thoughts

Like other bridal shower games, “Would She Rather” aims to nurture the bonds between the guests and the bride-to-be. This game, in particular, allows the players to understand the bride’s personality better.

Overall, the goal of any bridal shower is to prove to the bride that she has a support network. Marriage is undoubtedly an intimidating journey, but one that she will not go through alone. Remember that, beyond winning games, bridal showers serve as a reminder to the bride that she is surrounded by love.

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