15 Bold and Elegant Royal Blue and Black Wedding Dresses

Since childhood, you have probably associated weddings with a beautiful white gown. While that is still the most popular and well-loved choice, modern changes in etiquette have allowed brides to be bolder and more unconventional with their attire—such as a royal blue and black wedding dress. 

Below are 15 wedding dresses in royal blue and black you can use as inspiration while trying to find the perfect gown.

Royal Blue and Black Wedding Dresses You Will Fall in Love With

1. Off-Shoulder Royal Blue Wedding Dress With Appliques and Tulle Details

Nothing screams elegance and charm like a wedding dress with layers of tulle and appliques. This off-shoulder royal blue gown gracefully drapes across the floor with an A-line silhouette, giving its wearer an enchanting aura.

2. Royal Blue Ball Gown With Black and Metallic Appliques

Speaking of enchanting, this royal blue and black wedding dress has a natural yet magical appeal to it. The decolletage neckline and ball gown silhouette, along with the black and metallic appliques, all combine to give you a feminine and unforgettable charm.

3. Off-Shoulder Royal Blue Ombré Ball Gown With Lace Appliques

Looking for a royal blue and black wedding dress for your winter ceremony? This gown might be the answer. The ombré effect from royal blue to white, combined with the lace appliques along the hem and body of the gown, gives off a frosted wonderland effect.  

4. Floor-Length Gown With Corset Bodice

For a practical way to make your outfit unique, consider a royal blue and black wedding dress with a corset bodice. This is great for brides looking to hide back fat or mask their shoulders. More than that, the corset top, short flutter sleeve, tulle overlay, and black and gold details will make you look—and feel—like royalty.

5. Royal Blue and Black Bodycon Gown With Matching Cape

The see-through cape and velvet fabric of the dress make a sophisticated combo. The straight-across illusion neckline allows for modesty, but the bodycon silhouette of the dress will breathtakingly accentuate your figure.

6. Satin V-Neck A-Line Gown With Additional Lace Layer on the Bodice

The two words to best describe this dress are chic and regal. The satin material gives the dress a metallic finish, and the A-line silhouette with a subtle cinch at the waist creates an elegant and feminine look. The additional layer of lace is just the cherry on top of this fabulous cake.

7. Black Translucent A-Line Dress With Royal Blue Motifs

This dress is perfect for brides who do not feel comfortable with showing a lot of skin. Black semi-sheer fabric covers the entire body, and an intricate royal blue motif runs across the gown, giving it a unique and intriguing charm.

8. Sheer Gown With Full-Body Sequin and Lace Motifs

The bodice and sleeves are sheer, but the lower half of the gown is more opaque. Royal blue motifs with sequin and lace run across the entirety of this dress, creating a sparkly and one-of-a-kind image that will surely steal everyone’s eyes.

9. Royal Blue and Black Evening Dress With Astrological Motif

This wedding dress is for the quirky brides who love to stare up at the sky and dream. The bodice is an interesting combination of royal blue and black, while the skirt is composed of layers of tulle. This is a perfect evening dress—literally, as there are moons and stars applied along the skirt.

10. Constellation-Inspired Boat Neck Dress With Royal Blue and Black Bodice and Tulle Skirt

This is highly similar to the royal blue and black wedding dress above, but it incorporates the idea of astronomy in a different, more mature way. Gold constellations are applied throughout the bodice and the skirt, giving the dress a sparkly and dreamy finish.

11. Off-Shoulder Royal Blue Gown With Black Lace-Up Corset

This gothic-inspired wedding dress has a black lace-up corset, a tulle skirt with a thigh-high slit on the right leg, and a length that ethereally brushes the floor. You can walk down the aisle with style and comfort.

12. Royal Blue Off-Shoulder Dress With Sparkling Crystals

By itself, an off-shoulder floor-length dress with a solid color is a fantastic choice. However, the addition of crystals, concentrated along the bodice but with some on the sleeves and upper half of the skirt as well, gives it more dimension—for one, it gives the illusion of two colors. The resulting sparkle will ensure that no one can keep their eye off of you and your gown. 

13. Black to Royal Blue Ombré High Neck Gown With Gold Specks

The choice to have a high neck alone is already distinctive. With the fabric in an elegant ombré from black to royal blue, and with sparkly gold dotted along the entire gown, you will be brighter—and more gorgeous—than the night sky.

14. Floor-Length Royal Blue Gown With Sheer Straps and Black and White Details

Simple yet elegant, this royal blue and black wedding dress features a sweetheart neckline and an A-line silhouette, making it universally flattering. The addition of sheer straps and black and white designs dotted across the gown makes it even more visually appealing.

15. Layered Royal Blue Gown With Sweep Train and Mesmerizing Neckline

The gown gives the illusion of a wraparound style, with an extra layer of fabric adding dimension to the look. However, the neckline and waistline are the most striking—a vision of black, white, and gold glitter, looking like a majestic belt of asteroids.     

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, as you plan your outfit for your wedding, always prioritize your comfort and confidence. If you feel that royal blue and black will make you look and feel your best at your ceremony, then rock those colors and make them your own.

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