70 Elegant Champagne Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Theme Ideas

No color palette is more elegant and sophisticated than champagne, emerald green, and gold. The flexibility of champagne, the richness of emerald green, and the grandeur of gold combine to create a luxurious charm—ideal for your most special day.  

Below are alluring ideas on ways to incorporate this gorgeous color palette into your wedding, ranging from clothing and decoration to menu items and invitations.     

Ideas for a Champagne Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Theme 

Champagne, Emerald Green, and Gold Wedding Attire 

  1. Emerald Green Three-Piece Suit

Ideal for formal and luxurious weddings, this emerald green three-piece suit will make any groom look dapper and polished. You can incorporate champagne and gold into his attire through accessories, such as a belt, watch strap, tie, pocket square, and boutonnière.

  1. Champagne Ball Gown With Gold Details

Nothing embodies royalty more than a classic ball gown. This off-the-shoulder gown has a V-neckline, floral details along its entirety, and an enchanting mix of tulle, organza, and lace.

If you are worried about looking pale in your dress, champagne is the perfect color; it suits every skin tone, making everyone shine on their wedding day.

  1. Emerald Green and Gold Dresses for the Bridal Party

Do you plan on having that classic bridal look with a white wedding gown but still want to incorporate champagne, emerald green, and gold into your wedding attire?

Tell your bridesmaids to wear emerald green dresses! To highlight the maid of honor, make her wear a champagne or gold dress.

  1. Emerald Green Ties for the Groomsmen

In the same vein, have your groomsmen wear an emerald green accessory if the groom will be donning an emerald green suit. This is a subtle but fantastic way to match everyone’s attire while still putting the spotlight on the groom.

  1. Champagne Suit With Emerald Green Vest and Tie


Champagne is also a beautiful color for suits and trousers. If you pair it with an emerald green vest and necktie over a white undershirt, the colors will pop on photos.

  1. Velvet Emerald Green Wedding Dress 

This stunning emerald green bodycon wedding dress comes in a mesmerizing velvet fabric. It flutters into a short train, giving the bride an ethereal appearance as she walks down the aisle. The outfit is completed with white and gold flowers and a hairpiece.

  1. Gold Bridal Headpiece 

A subtle way to tie into your champagne, emerald green, and gold wedding theme is through your accessories. In this case, the gold and champagne bridal headpiece will help hold your veil in place while giving you an angelic appearance.

  1. Bridal Chignon Gold Hair Comb With Leaf Motif

Still not settled with your hairstyle for the big day? Ask your stylist for a bridal chignon, which means arranging your hair into a bun on the back of your head. You can further stylize it by wearing a golden accessory, such as the hair comb above.

  1. Emerald Green Suspenders and Bowtie

This combination is classic attire for men at a wedding. To complement the groom in emerald green attire, his groomsmen can don white long-sleeve shirts, emerald green suspenders, and emerald green bowties. Even the adorable ring bearer can wear this combo!

  1. Gold Necktie and Pocket Square 

For the grooms who want to stick with the traditional black two-piece suit, gold accessories are the way to go so you can stay on theme. Complete your outfit with a metallic gold necktie and matching pocket square.

  1. Emerald Green Garter With Brooch

If you plan on doing a garter toss at your reception, why not get an emerald green garter to match your color palette? This one has a brooch that somewhat looks like a champagne color, making it even more of a perfect fit.

  1. Emerald Earrings 

Sophisticated and chic, this pair of emerald earrings will be a small but impactful addition to your outfit. Wearing it is a great way to match your wedding color palette while staying within traditional bridal colors.

Champagne Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Invitations and Stationery

  1. Wedding Menu on White Paper With Gold Edges

The intricate gold cutouts along the edges of the paper give this menu sheet an elegant and refined appearance. The gold text on white paper only makes it more polished.

  1. Emerald Green and Gold Invitation Suite

Though the exterior of the envelopes is a different shade of green, the interior and the main card are in a striking shade of emerald green. The RSVP is in a metallic gold card. Overall, the suite—with the gold font and floral motifs—exudes a luxurious image.

  1. Emerald Green Save the Date

The emerald green background and gold font create a breathtaking combo. Your eyes are drawn to the gold text first, letting your gaze naturally flow down as the text becomes white and small.

  1. Emerald Green Envelope with Gold Seal and Text

The gold seal and font contrast beautifully with the emerald green envelope. Moreover, the translucent paper with gold text is a unique and ethereal choice.

  1. Velvet Emerald Green Envelope 

Velvet, with its texture and the way it shows color, is a luxurious and well-loved fabric. You can also use it for your stationery, such as your wedding invitation envelope. With gold calligraphy and a gold seal, your guests will have a fantastic first impression of your wedding.

  1. Emerald Green Paper Wrap and Gold Seal 

If you are opting not to use an envelope, emerald green paper wrap is a great alternative. Add a seal and some dried flowers to give the invitation a more polished appearance.

Decor for a Champagne Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Theme

  1. Framed Mirror Wedding Sign 

This mirror wedding sign is surrounded by a gold frame, an artistic take on a classic decor piece. This is perfect for any wedding, but it is especially fitting if you have a gorgeous venue—think a museum, a church, or a historically significant landmark.

  1. White Wedding Sign With Gold Calligraphy 

Classically elegant, this white wedding sign with gold calligraphy is set on a wooden easel to fit in with the natural backdrop. The sign is further embellished with symmetrical golden motifs.

  1. Emerald Green Wedding Sign With Gold Motifs 

The contrast between an emerald green background and gold designs will make for a luxurious and sophisticated image. Moreover, the geometric patterns create another form of contrast with the smooth calligraphy and floral motif.

  1. Wedding Arch With Emerald Green Drapery 

The champagne emerald green and gold wedding theme and color palette must also be established outside the venue. Welcome your guests with this stunning wedding arch, decorated with greenery and a gracefully draped emerald green cloth.

  1. Circular Emerald Green Backdrop 

Give your guests an amazing backdrop so they can take gorgeous pictures. This circular emerald green backdrop comes in 7.5ft, suitable for even the tallest of your guests. Add some flowers and other props to make the space even more picture-perfect.

  1. Emerald Green, Champagne, and Gold Balloon Display

Everyone loves balloons, regardless of age. These champagne, emerald green, and gold balloons come in different sizes, creating a fun and sophisticated backdrop for display tables.

  1. Decorative Wreaths 

Although more well-known as Christmas decor, wreaths can also be a gorgeous addition to wedding decor. Dark leaves have a similar color to emerald green, and you can add decorative fabrics and ornaments to make your wreaths more beautiful.

  1. Gold Champagne Shelf 

Upon entering your venue, treat your guests to their first glass of champagne. This champagne shelf has the added benefit of guiding your guests to their table. There is also a cute “Sip and be seated” mirror sign that comes in a matching champagne color.

  1. Emerald Green Chair Sash 

Think the chairs at your venue need a facelift? Chair sashes are an easy yet effective way to make them match your theme. These crinkle taffeta chair sashes have a metallic finish to them, and a champagne-colored rose is placed on top of where it is secured.

  1. Champagne Tulle Chair Sash 

Champagne tulle chair sashes are a more subtle—but just as gorgeous—option for chair decor. They are especially suitable for wooden and natural-looking chairs.

  1. Gold Chargers and Cutlery With Emerald Green Table Napkin

Eat with style and luxury using these gold charger plates and matching cutlery. The table setting is completed by the emerald green table napkins and greenery used as centerpieces.

  1. Bespoke Champagne Flutes With Gold and Emerald Green Design

Make a toast luxuriously and stylishly with these bespoke champagne flutes. The stem is stained emerald green. Emeralds hang from a gold bow, and the bottom third of the bowl has an intricate golden lace-like design.

  1. Champagne Toasting Flutes With Emerald Green and Gold Glitter

Most of the champagne flute is covered with emerald green and gold glitter, perfect for a sparkly drink. An ivory ribbon and a gold diamond brooch are added, giving the flute a luxurious touch.

  1. Personalized Flutes and Utensils for the Newlyweds 

This set of champagne flutes, cake knife, and cake server are all customized to have intricate golden details and emeralds. This is ideal for the cake-cutting ceremony, toasts from the newlyweds, and other unity ceremonies included in your itinerary.

  1. Gold Paper Straws 

A fun and colorful addition to your utensils, this pack of gold paper straws has various patterns that will make it more fun for your guests to pick (and drink).

  1. Emerald Green Table Runner With Gold Cutlery on Champagne Table 

Champagne and emerald green look gorgeous together, especially when one is used as a tablecloth and the other as a table runner. The gold accents on the cutlery and the chargers paint a sophisticated and opulent picture.

  1. Gold Crossback Chairs With Emerald Green Tablecloth 

For a rustic wedding, consider getting gold cross-back chairs with champagne cushions. They will match gorgeously with an emerald green tablecloth.

  1. Emerald Green Candles in Gold Candle Holder 

Upgrade your centerpieces with these gold candle holders and emerald green candles. When lit, these candles will cast an intimate light on the entire celebration.

  1. Gold Geometric Centerpiece With Greenery 

Elevate your table decor with this tall and golden geometric centerpiece. This lets you place greenery on top, leaving the table surface itself cleaner and more spacious.

  1. Acrylic Emerald Green and Gold Table Numbers 

These acrylic table numbers are the perfect way to guide your guests toward the right table. The emerald green background ensures that the gold lettering will be legible.

  1. Table Numbers in Gold Frame

Gold is a beautiful and luxurious color to use as a frame, as exhibited by these table numbers. The richness of the emerald green design contrasts beautifully with the white paper and the brightness of the gold.

  1. Emerald Green and Gold Table Number, Menu, Wedding Program Tri-Fold 

Give your guests all the necessary information through this emerald green and gold tri-fold. They can easily find their table number, the menu, and the flow of events. This can also double as a keepsake once the day is done.

  1. Emerald Green and Gold Place Cards 

Instead of table cards, some couples opt to use place cards for individual guests. Doing so gives them more control of the seating arrangement. Although a seemingly small detail, getting place cards in your color palette will make the day an aesthetically cohesive event.

  1. Gold Pumpkin Place Cardholders 

Having a rustic, outdoor, or fall wedding? These gold pumpkin place cardholders will fit right in, all while matching your champagne, emerald green, and gold wedding theme.

  1. Emerald Green and Champagne Flower Petals 

These flower petals are versatile. You can use them to decorate tables, line walkways, and throw them at the newlyweds during the processional, send-off, or fake exit.

  1. Bouquet With Emerald Green and Gold Flowers

This gorgeous flower bouquet consists of emerald green, gold, and ivory flowers with brooches scattered on top. You can use this as a centerpiece, place them throughout the venue, or even use them as actual bouquets for your bridal party.

  1. Champagne Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Theme Card Box

This two-tiered emerald green satin box will let your guests leave wedding cards and monetary gifts, making it convenient to store and collect them later on. Touches like the gold rose, champagne ribbons, and rhinestones make for a grand addition to your wedding decor

Champagne Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Theme: Food Ideas

  1. Champagne, Gold, and Emerald Green Macarons 

Macarons are a popular dessert because of their taste, texture, and appearance. Bakers can customize the flavor and the color of the macarons. These macarons are organized in tiers, making a satisfying image with the three colors.

  1. Five-Tiered Gold, Emerald Green, and White Wedding Cake

Nothing says grandeur like a five-tiered cake. The first and third tiers are decorated with gold and emerald green motifs, respectively, while the remaining tiers have champagne streaks. The display is embellished with matching flowers

  1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries


Chocolate-covered strawberries are another decadent dessert choice. You can decorate the shell with different colors and patterns to match the champagne emerald green and gold wedding theme.

  1. Three-Tiered Cake on Gold Cake Stand 


The emerald green and gold design creates the illusion of a five-tier cake. Simple yet chic, the display is completed with cream-colored flowers, leaves, and a gold geometric cake stand.

  1. Four-Tiered Cake With Elaborate Presentation and Gold Topper

Want to amaze everyone with your cake display? All four tiers of this cake have very different colors and designs, with the top two tiers seemingly floating because of the flowers underneath them. To tie everything together, the cake topper and the cake stands are in sparkly gold.

  1. Cupcakes With Emerald Green and Champagne Frosting 

Cupcakes are a well-loved alternative—or supplement—to wedding cakes. These cupcakes have emerald green and champagne frosting, all topped with edible gold balls.

  1. Emerald Green and White Donuts

Another great dessert option for your wedding is donuts. You can also customize the glaze, frosting, and decoration on the donut. These donuts come in a mix of emerald green, gold, and white, further adorned with gold designs.

  1. Champagne-Colored Cakesicles

You may have heard of cake pops, but have you tried a cakesicle? It looks like a popsicle, but instead of ice cream, your guests will be getting cake. These ones have champagne frosting, glittering gold sticks, and emerald green decorations.

  1. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels and Oreos 

A unique choice for dessert, these pretzels and Oreos are dipped into chocolate dyed with champagne and emerald green. You can use gold display plates or gold cupcake liners to further tie this into the overall theme.

  1. Vanilla Wafer Sticks

These wafer sticks have a champagne color due to the vanilla flavor. You can put them in a sophisticated and cute container. Though it may not be a standalone dessert, you can add it to a dessert bar—especially if you are serving chocolate fondue.

  1. Edible Gold Glitter Rim

Though a subtle detail, putting edible gold glitter on the rim of glasses will make your champagne emerald green and gold wedding theme more cohesive. More than that, it adds an interesting twist and texture to the drinks being served.

  1. Popcorn in Gold Containers

If you plan on serving popcorn at your wedding, provide gold popcorn boxes that guests can fill up. Many retailers sell them in bulk with different patterns. Even popcorn can take on a gold or champagne-colored appearance, depending on how you cook it and the powders you add.

  1. Mango Lemonade

Mango lemonade is a fantastic non-alcoholic drink that everyone at your reception will love. Feel free to follow any recipe available to you, but the fresher the mangoes, the more refreshing this lemonade will be.

  1. Mango Mojito

Meanwhile, if you do want an alcoholic mango drink at your reception, mango mojitos are a stellar choice. You can add honey, fresh mint, and other ingredients to make the flavor more to your liking.

  1. Gold Candy and Chocolate Buffet

Gather all the gold and champagne-colored candy and chocolate you know, and organize them into a buffet for your guests to enjoy. Examples include marshmallows, chocolate coins, Ferrero Rocher, gold chocolate balls, and Hershey’s Kisses.

Wedding Favors for a Champagne Emerald Green and Gold Wedding Theme

  1. Bespoke Wine Label 

Wine bottles are a popular wedding favor. To make it a memorable keepsake, print personalized labels that include a romantic quote, your and your partner’s names, and other details about your wedding.

  1. Emerald Green and Gold Matchbox Label 

Similar to the idea above, this bespoke matchbox label will make your wedding favor more unique and unforgettable. The quote “Perfect Match!” is also an adorable addition.

  1. Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Sweets are also wonderful as wedding favors. Paste a personalized label on the chocolate bar wrapper before distributing each one to your guests.

  1. Thank You Card for Wedding Favors

You can add this thank-you card to any wedding favor. Write a generalized thank-you message on the card, and include some details from your wedding as well.

  1. Gold Can Cooler

Koozies are a practical wedding favor; they insulate your drinks to keep them cold while keeping your hands warm. To give them to your guests, personalize them to have a marriage-related quote and some details about your ceremony.

  1. Gold Wedding Candy Box With Emerald Green Bow

This gold candy box, with its emerald green bow, is a cute wedding favor. Though created to store candies, you can put anything you want to give out as favors inside the box.

  1. Velvet Emerald Green Drawstring Pouch With Champagne Tassel 

Similar to the container above, you can put anything you want inside this gorgeous drawstring pouch. Use a tassel to tie it securely, then include a small thank-you card or tag to express your gratitude to your guests.

  1. Emerald Green Rose in a Dome

A small and adorable wedding favor, this green rose in a dome is a nod to Beauty and the Beast. Likewise, it is a wonderful addition to any home decor or display.

  1. Gold Champagne-Shaped Bottle Opener

Personalized bottle openers are another classic wedding favor. Get them personalized to have the color and engraving of your choice. Since you have a wedding theme, choose a color from there and tie everything together.

  1. Thank You Bottle Hanger Tag

This emerald green bottle hanger tag is a simple yet effective way to thank your guests for making the effort to attend your wedding. To stick to the theme, why not give them a bottle of champagne or wine as a wedding favor?

Final Thoughts

A champagne emerald green and gold wedding theme is luxurious and versatile. You have an infinite number of ways to incorporate it into your special day. By exercising your creative muscles—or hiring an experienced wedding decorator—you can easily achieve your vision.

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