28 Best Sage Green and Blush Wedding Color Inspirations

Choosing your wedding colors can be the easiest or most difficult part of decorating. Even if you know what combinations work best, picking individual shades can get challenging. Having favorites might not feel enough.

In that case, you can search for inspiration from popular color combinations and palettes. For example, a sage green and blush wedding theme is well-loved for its simplicity and elegance. Below is a list of 28 sage green and blush wedding ideas you can consider.

Sage Green and Blush Wedding: Lovely Ideas to Try

Sage Green and Blush Wedding Attire for the Bridal Party

1. Satin Sage Green Maxi Dress

This bridesmaid dress in sage green will perfectly accentuate its wearer’s body. The lustrous and draped appearance of the fabric, resulting from the quality satin material, gives the outfit a luxurious vibe.

The spaghetti straps allow for personalization with accessories. With blush footwear, rose gold jewelry, and a mix of these shades for the bouquet, you can create an aura of vintage elegance.

2. Sage Green Rustic Dress with Tiered Skirt

If you want a sage green and blush wedding, sage green is exceptional as a dress color. This maxi-length dress has several eye-catching features: a tiered and pleated skirt with sheer details; a faux wrap style; ruffle accents along the silhouette.

The relaxed fit and accents make this dress ideal for an outdoor bohemian wedding. Though the picture shows the sage green variant, you can buy the dresses in blush. Either works wonderfully; your bridesmaids will feel comfortable and stylish on your special day.

3. Floor-length Bardot Dress in Blush

This off-the-shoulder blush bridesmaid dress blends modernity and vintage. The silhouette adjusts to your figure and flaunts your natural body using pintucks.

The manufacturer added subtle features you can tweak to personalize the dress: a detachable ribbon belt; a multiway workable strap, allowing you to go strapless, cold shoulder, or spaghetti. Ultimately, choosing this outfit ensures a glamorous night for your bridesmaids.

4. Criss Cross Long-Sleeved Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is composed of several exquisite features: a criss-cross wrap waist; a fitted bodice that flares from the skirt down; simple long sleeves. The satin material is lined in its entirety, giving the gown structure and a shiny exterior.

The model above is wearing a cyan hijab, which also conceals the dress’ round neckline. However, you can opt for a blush pink head covering if you want to adhere to the theme.

5. Sage Green Bowties and Trousers

Suspenders and bowties are a popular choice of attire for groomsmen. The men in the picture above chose to match the suspenders with their leather shoes. Meanwhile, their dress pants, bowties, and boutonnières are in sage green.

This combination of colors — sage green and leather brown — works beautifully in outdoor weddings. If you want a touch of blush in the groomsmen’s attire, coordinate with your florist for soft pink accents in the boutonnières.

6. Sage Green Two-Piece Suit with Blush Necktie

Groomsmen can wear tuxedos or two-piece suits, granted that the groom still stands out in his attire. The crew in the image above fabulously meets the theme of a sage green and blush wedding.

The groomsmen sport a sage green two-piece suit with a white undershirt and blush necktie.  Their pocket squares are also in blush, giving the outfit cohesion. The groom is the most fashionable; he has a three-piece suit entirely in blush.

7. Sage Green Tulle Skirt

Flower girls are an adorable addition to any bridal party; they light up the venue with joy and charm. Thus, they deserve to feel pretty on your special day. Give them a sage green tutu that will transform them into princesses.

8. Blush Pink Attire for the Kiddos

Alternatively, you can give your ring bearers, flower girls, honorary bridesmaids, and junior bridesmaids blush pink attire.

Boys can sport a matching blush bowtie and suspenders. Girls can wear a blush pink dress with tulle skirts or printed bodices. Your options are unlimited, and your younger bridal party members will brighten everyone’s day.

9. Shoulder Corsages with Sage Green and Blush Details

Corsages are an oft-used accessory for the bridal party. They can attach a corsage to their dress, suspenders, lapels, and more. As its name suggests, a shoulder corsage sits on the wearer’s shoulder.

This particular shoulder corsage consists of a blush ribbon, neutral flowers, pearl details, and sage green leaves. A corsage is a subtle addition to an ensemble, but they look fabulous and elegant.

Sage Green and Blush Wedding Attire for the Groom

10. Sage Green Two-Piece Suit with Printed Undershirt

The sage green suit and trousers fit perfectly, resulting in a solid silhouette. The white undershirt with various shades of green print adds dimension to the outfit.

This ensemble gives the groom plenty of flexibility. For a more formal look, he can wear his jacket during the ceremony. Once the reception starts, he can remove the suit and leave some buttons undone.

The printed undershirt also lends well to other themes. The groom can add a neckerchief or a vest if your sage green and blush wedding has a bohemian dress code.

11. Monochromatic Sage Green Three-Piece Suit

Adding a waistcoat to your outfit is an easy way to increase its formality and elegance. The three-piece ensemble above comes in solid sage green. The black necktie matches the waistcoat’s buttons, and the boutonnière ties the attire together.

A white undershirt is a classic choice. However, in a sage green and blush wedding, a light pink undershirt is a subtle yet gorgeous touch.

12. Sage Green Necktie and Pocket Square

Some men prefer wearing a classic color for their suits, such as black or gray. In this case, you can choose sage green or blush accessories to match your wedding’s theme.

Given that green is a colored neutral, a green necktie will complement most — if not all — coats and undershirts. A green-and-white plaid pocket square is another excellent touch. Other accessories include sage green socks, boutonnières, watch bands, and more. 

13. Blush Tweed Suit with Pleated Collared Shirt

Formal menswear can sometimes feel limiting because there are few options. One way to stand out from the sea of suits and tuxedos is by choosing different fabrics and textures. If you combine layers and textiles tastefully, your outfit will make a memorable statement.

The blush suit above has a tweed fabric and, upon closer look, has columns of diagonal lines that give it dimension. Meanwhile, the collared undershirt has pleats running down the material. The pocket square adds another touch of elegance. Ultimately, the outfit is eye-catching and breathtaking.

14. Sage Green Two-Piece with Blush Embellishments

Sage green and blush are a well-loved color combination because of their softness and elegance. The groom can utilize both shades in his wedding attire, choosing one as the dominant color and the other as the accent.

If you think pink does not suit you, sage green is a lovely color for a two-piece suit. Complete your outfit with a plain pink tie and a boutonnière. Your bride will fall in love with you all over again when she sees you in this ensemble. 

Sage Green and Blush Wedding Attire for the Bride

15. Off-Shoulder Floor-Length Gown with Nature-Inspired Appliques

This blush pink off-shoulder dress grazes the floor with its paneled skirt. The tulle overlay adds texture and dimension to the outfit. Furthermore, the bishop sleeves mimic the overall silhouette, making the ensemble cohesive.

The textured bodice is simple. However, the floral appliques give the dress a whimsical, elegant touch. This attire is perfect for outdoor sage green and blush weddings; your guests will talk about your gorgeous gown for weeks.

16. Tulle Dress with Mesh and Sequins Appliques

Like the gown above, this tulle dress gives off a whimsical fairytale vibe. Several stunning features are noticeable: plunging V-neck; see-through lantern sleeves; A-line silhouette with a belt at the waist; gathers along the bodice and skirt.

The most eye-catching feature is the sprinkling of sequins on the mesh. If the light hits them right, the sequins will sparkle. You will feel beautifully magical in this dress, like a walking constellation.

This dress is a spectacular choice for indoor sage green and blush weddings. Moreover, you can wear it regardless of the season or time, whether spring or late summer. Instead of leaving it in storage after your ceremony, you can also put this dress on for cocktail parties and formal events.

17. Off-Shoulder Sage Green Maxi Dress

Consider this off-shoulder sage green maxi dress if a mermaid silhouette works best for your figure. The satin fabric gives the gown a lustrous, luxurious appearance. The off-shoulder slash neckline is elegant, lending itself to gorgeous accessories should you want to wear them.

18. Sage Green Maxi Dress with Flutter Sleeve

This chiffon maxi dress features a backless design, plunging V neck, empire waistline, a gathered waist, a two-tiered flutter sleeve, and a thigh-high slit.

This floor-length gown immaculately balances simplicity and elegance. You can wear it to your sage green and blush wedding, but you can also go out in this outfit for casual or semi-formal occasions.

19. Sage Green Headpiece and Bridal Bouquet

Some brides may prefer a white wedding dress because of tradition, cultural significance, or preference. In this case, you can incorporate sage green or blush into your attire as accents and embellishments.

Consider going for a floral headpiece with sage green details. This accessory works beautifully with braided or tied hair; it can also cover bobby pins if wearing a veil.

Most bridal bouquets, especially those with foliage, already fit a sage green and blush wedding theme. Consider getting an arrangement of dusty pink flowers to emphasize the color palette.

Sage Green and Blush Wedding Inspiration

20. Floral Wreaths

Although common in fall weddings, floral wreaths are a charming decor piece every couple should consider. With sage green leaves as the base, choose blush pink flowers — and nearby shades — to ornament the wreath.

You can find wreaths in plenty of retailers. However, they are also uncomplicated to DIY; you can even use homegrown and handpicked materials.

21. Flowers as Table Runners

Flowers are a staple in wedding decoration. You see them as centerpieces and arches, invitations and other stationery, and more. Another way to utilize flowers is by laying them down along the middle of tables.

Scatter sage green leaves on the entire middle section of the table. Afterward, place flowers in semi-consistent increments; you can be as precise or sporadic as you want. The flowers can all be blush pink, or you can incorporate other shades like white.

22. Floral Table Numbers

You might consider wedding-related stationery, such as invitations and table numbers, as a minor detail. However, the design and layout of your cards are often a guest’s first introduction to your wedding theme. Moreover, they can elevate your event’s elegance when used right.

The table number card above uses a floral motif, featuring sage green leaves and blush roses. The font, borders, and the circle also use blush. This consistency might be subtle, but they help with the overall vibe of your wedding.

23. Sage Green and Blush Stationery

In the same vein, consider using sage green and blush stationery for your invitation suite. As mentioned above, your guests’ first impression of your wedding will come from the save-the-dates and invitations they will receive.

The image above shows a sage green envelope and blush pink seals. The save-the-date card has a watercolor illustration and, along with the text, uses a blush pink color.

24. Handmade Flower Petals

Flower petals have several uses in a typical wedding ceremony. Firstly, you can fill a flower girl’s basket with petals. You can also use them as tabletop decor, markings along the aisle, and subtle details on walls and ceilings.

You can purchase petals from a retailer and specifically ask for them in sage green and blush. Oppositely, you can DIY these petals using fabric. You decide which option is more convenient for you.

25. Sage Green and Blush Macarons  

As for dessert, you can ask your baker about ordering sage green and blush macarons. You can even ask for a particular flavor to accompany the color. For example, the green macarons can be matcha, while the pink ones can taste like strawberries.

If you are having a small wedding, you can consider baking the macarons yourself. However, they require a lot of experience and skill. Only do it if it is convenient for you and you feel capable.

26. Balloons

Some couples want to include balloons in their wedding decor. Balloons are handy if you have children among your guests, as they can entertain themselves using these. You can purchase sage green and blush balloons with different designs and transparencies.

27. Can Coolers

For a cool wedding favor, consider ordering personalized can coolers. You can add your initials, last names, wedding hashtags, or other details on the surface. The picture shows a sage green can cooler, but you can also get them in blush.

28. Sage Green Tiered Cake

The cake-cutting ceremony is a highlight of wedding receptions. Some couples prefer a simple cake, while others want an extravagant cake with several layers. Regardless, you can personalize them to fit your sage green and blush wedding theme.

For instance, some layers of the cake can have sage green frosting. The floral details, such as petals and buds, can be edible blush flowers.