What Happens at a Bachelor Party? (The Untold Truths)

Bachelor bachelorette parties are frequently thought of as raunchy, booze-filled parties where the groom and his best friends drink the night away. While this is true for some, every bachelor party has a different set of activities tailored to fit the groom-to-be’s idea of a good time.

As such, what happens at a bachelor party varies widely. Some are indeed full of drinking, but other bachelor parties incorporate games, adventures, and other surprises for the groom-to-be.  

Below is a list of what happens at a bachelor party you might not be aware of. Some myths and misconceptions about bachelor parties are also discussed and debunked. Lastly, things to always keep in mind before, during, and after a bachelor party are enumerated.

Understanding What Actually Happens at a Bachelor Party

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Predominance of Alcohol

The image that comes to everyone’s minds when thinking about what happens at a bachelor party is tons of bottles of beer and alcohol. That is true; most bachelor party games, such as arrogance, beer pong, and king’s cup, revolve around drinking. By the end of the night, everyone is in varying states of drunkenness.

Uneven Intoxication Levels

Everyone has a different alcohol tolerance; similarly, everyone either overestimates or underestimates how much alcohol they can safely drink. This results in at least one person getting shit-faced; you are sure to find someone throwing up and going to bed earlier than the others.

The Ever-present Alcohol Shortage

Plenty of bachelor party ideas involve alcohol one way or another. As mentioned above, common games in bachelor parties need alcohol to be played. As a result, alcohol will run out well before the party ends. Several runs to the store will be necessary to keep the fun going.

Spotlight on the Groom

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One of the guests’ main priorities in a bachelor party is to get the groom-to-be as drunk as possible. After all, this is a party held to celebrate one of his last nights as an unmarried man. Every bachelor in attendance will hand him shots of alcohol in hopes of making the party more fun. The correlation between alcohol and fun is not always established, but they make him drink a lot regardless.

As a result, many grooms get so intoxicated they can barely function. He may wander off, talk to people randomly, enjoy himself too much on the dance floor, or pass out somewhere. This is the mark of a truly great, no-holds-barred bachelor party.

A Culinary Delight

Along with endlessly drinking alcohol, what happens at a bachelor party is everyone eats heaps of food. This food is either delivered, store-bought, or homemade, but regardless, everyone eats as much as they drink. The meals most likely consist of meat, such as hot dogs, burgers, steaks, fried chicken, and so on; after all, some would say that alcohol is best paired with greasy food. With that said, though, the groom’s dietary restrictions must be respected.

Hit or Miss Jokes

Having a good sense of humor makes a great party even better; however, some jokes land better than others. While there are jokes whose badness or absurdity is part of their appeal, such as dad jokes, there are jokes that are simply insensitive. Odds are one guest will make a “Marriage is like a prison” joke, which deserves to just get ignored.

Initial Awkwardness

The guest list of a bachelor party consists of the groom-to-be’s closest friends. It does not necessarily mean that everyone knows and is friendly with each other. The beginning of the day may look awkward and tense, especially before everyone has gotten the chance to get to know each other better. Clashes in personality may also exacerbate this tension.

The itinerary of a bachelor party is composed of multiple icebreakers and bonding activities for this reason. By the time they finish these activities, they might be on better, friendlier terms with each other.

Gift Exchanges

Some guests may choose to bring gifts to a bachelor party. While they are not required to do so, it is a delightful way to enliven the party. Certain gifts can become a spontaneous addition to the itinerary, such as the casino game night set, floating beer pong table, and homebrew starter kit.

Traditionally Masculine Bonding Activities

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Besides drinking, there are numerous activities that the best man — or whoever is in charge of planning the bachelor party — can incorporate into their itinerary. This includes activities viewed as masculine, such as camping, hiking, fishing, going on a road trip, and playing sports. Games, such as a scavenger hunt or “how well does the groom know the bride,” are also great options for activities.

A Memorable Night with Few Actual Memories

As repeatedly mentioned above, alcohol is an essential part of most bachelor parties. Everyone drinks to their hearts’ content and then some more. Many grooms-to-be and guests alike have shared stories of barely remembering the previous night’s events because they were too drunk to function properly.

Exceptionally High Bills

If the bachelors visit a club, bar, or another kind of establishment, they will most likely incur a really expensive bill. As established, what happens at a bachelor party is lots of drinking, eating, and having fun — all of which cost money. If they are already drunk and having the time of their lives, they might not pay close attention to how large the tab is becoming.

In the same vein, if the bachelor party involves going to a casino, they may all end up gambling a big sum of money. This is especially risky if everyone has already had a lot to drink, clouding up their judgments and decisions.

Early Retreats

On the flip side of everything discussed above, some bachelor parties may end early to let the groom-to-be and his guests get some well-deserved rest. This happens frequently when the attendees are already parents, making the “party” a great opportunity to get a good-quality full night’s sleep, which is a luxury if you have children.

Venting Any Last-Minute Anxieties

Wedding planning, and the thought of marriage in general, are stressful and draining. What happens at a bachelor party is that the groom-to-be takes advantage of the fact that his closest friends are gathered in one area, and he vents about his emotions. He may feel that his bride-to-be is out of his league, the planning is not going smoothly, or other negative thoughts have been consuming him.

As his support system, the best man and the rest of the guests must give the groom-to-be a shoulder to lean on. They should listen, sympathize, and offer advice when prompted.

Social Media Lurking

Some single groomsmen have admitted to searching the bridesmaids on Facebook or Instagram and looking at their profiles. If they have not been introduced to each other yet, this is a good way to get to know the bridesmaids a little. Most are content with simply seeing their profiles, though some may want to strike up a conversation once they are formally introduced.

Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Bachelor Parties

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Bachelor Parties Always Happen in a Strip Club

Some people, especially the partner of the groom-to-be, have the preconceived notion that bachelor parties occur exclusively within a strip club. This is, in part, caused by the misrepresentation of bachelor parties in mass media; they are often portrayed as salacious and risqué.

However, this is not always true. Grooms-to-be who are religious, for example, have a great deal of Christian bachelor party ideas to choose from. There have been occasions where a guest tried to encourage — or force — everyone to go to a strip club, though. Rest assured that if the situation happens to your partner, they are most likely not going to enjoy the experience if they did not want to be there in the first place.

Everything Is a Surprise to the Groom-to-Be

The groom-to-be is highly involved in the planning of his bachelor party; his preferences and decisions ultimately decide what happens at the bachelor party. However, the best man may still keep some of the details hidden to surprise the groom-to-be on the day of the party.

The Groom-to-Be Will Cheat During a Bachelor Party

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A hasty generalization that people tend to make is that attendees of a bachelor party are bound to cheat on their partner. This misconception is directly linked to the one mentioned above. While there have been cases that grooms-to-be have cheated on their partner during a bachelor party, it is not as common as one believes. The bachelor party might even be a simple get-together with the groom’s closest friends, just playing games and reminiscing among themselves.

It is a different story for the best man and the guests, though. There have been many cases where the groom-to-be will deny any services, but the other bachelors will take advantage of the party. As long as they are single, not in a commitment, and being safe and responsible, there is no problem with them having this kind of fun.

Illicit Drugs are Involved

This is not always the case. Whereas some parties may involve a joint or two, most bachelor parties stick to alcohol and traditional cigarettes. Legality aside, many grooms simply do not want to partake in such illicit activities. The best man and guests have to abide by what the groom wants and is comfortable with.

Lots of Money Must Be Spent

While this is sometimes the case, not all bachelor parties rack up expensive bills from clubs and bars. Some grooms-to-be may prefer a chill day just playing games, watching sports, and drinking beer with their closest friends. Simply put, every groom has different preferences when it comes to what happens at their bachelor party.

A Bachelor Party is the “Last Day of Freedom”

This is one of the many clichés that are often repeated in bachelor parties; the groom-to-be uses this as an excuse to do things he would not normally do, such as engage in harmless flirting or drink excessively. However, this sentiment is not true. From the moment one enters a committed relationship, they stop having the full freedom that comes with being single.

Things to Remember During Bachelor Parties

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Set Boundaries

Before starting the planning process for a bachelor party, the groom and his partner must have an honest conversation regarding boundaries. They may have ideas that they want to incorporate; oppositely, they may have a list of things that they would rather not have. Regardless of the reason, make sure that these preferences and boundaries are clear. Whoever is helping with the planning must be aware of these guidelines.

Trust Your Partner

It is easier said than done, but partners must trust that their groom-to-be will be on their best behavior at the bachelor party. In the first place, what happens at a bachelor party is less filthy and indecent than it is always stereotyped to be. Regardless, partners must learn to trust each other and believe in their commitment to one another.

The Partner Must Always Be Informed

Once the plans have been finalized, inform the groom-to-be’s partner about how the bachelor party will go. Let them know of the activities you will do, places you will go, and who is invited. Not only will this give his partner peace of mind, but this is also a way to ensure everyone’s safety.

Get the Partner Involved

There are several ways the groom-to-be’s partner can get involved in the bachelor party. Besides helping with the planning and financing of the event, they can also prepare a surprise for the groom-to-be. A small gift or video of appreciation can go a long way. Make sure to coordinate with his partner and see what the best way for them is to be involved.

Watch the Groom Carefully

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The groom-to-be, as mentioned, will most likely end up very drunk by the end of the night. The best man and other guests must pay close attention to the groom — if left unattended, the intoxicated groom-to-be may accidentally get himself hurt. He might slip, fall, or hit his head somewhere, which are just some of the possibilities.

The groom should have one man, such as the best man, always be by his side. At least one person should be keeping an eye on the groom at any given time. This is to prevent injuries, accidents, and other mishaps that may disrupt the night and even the wedding.


At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for themselves. If they make a mistake or do something they should not have done, there is no one or nothing to blame but them. On the occasion that the groom cheats, that is his fault — not the alcohol and not the stripper. Being at a bachelor party is no excuse for such an act.

The attendees must be honest among themselves. Instead of protecting the groom-to-be (or anyone else in the party), they must encourage him to own up to what he did. Lying for him and covering for him makes them an enabler, which is just as bad, if not arguably worse.

Final Thoughts

So, what happens at a bachelor party? Essentially, bachelor parties are an excuse for the groom-to-be to gather his closest friends, hang out, and spend quality time with each other. Bachelor parties differ in how they define “quality time.” Regardless, the purpose of the party is to strengthen the groom’s support system as he enters the next chapter of his life.