16 Clear Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring (Easy to Detect)

For many couples, the next step in their relationship is to get married. Marriage proposals involve a lot of stress, planning, and waiting. You might be unaware that your partner is preparing to pop the question.

You and your partner might have talked about getting engaged, but you have no idea when or how. However, you can look for signs he bought an engagement ring for you already, including a sudden interest in jewelry, increased frugality, and being more future-oriented.

Below is a list of 16 signs your partner has purchased an engagement ring, some subtle ways he may have gotten your ring size, and tips to remember while watching for these signs.

Pay Attention: Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

man holding an engagement ring

1. He shows a sudden interest in jewelry.

If your partner was not knowledgeable about jewelry before, his instantaneous interest in jewelry is an obvious sign he bought an engagement ring.

While watching a show together, he might point out a woman’s engagement ring. He might simply like the way it looks. However, in many cases, this act is an indirect way to let him know your preferences. Your reactions and judgments will guide his decisions when choosing a ring.

He might even surprise you with technical knowledge. He might tell you about the 4C’s of diamonds, the differences between pavé wraps and hidden halos, and more. He might point to rings on display and tell you about their center stone, band, cuts, and more.

This interest and proficiency mean that your partner has been researching rings. He will most likely use this to purchase what he thinks is the best ring for you.

2. He asks about your preferences for rings.

In addition to a sudden interest in jewelry, your partner might start asking you about your preferences. He might ask you about the style of ring you want, what stone you would like, and so on.

Your partner wants to ensure that he will buy a ring you love. This desire sometimes results in a lot of pressure and anxiety, which might push back their proposal. 

3. He starts becoming more future-oriented.

man at a cafe using his laptop

Every person is different. While some prefer to live in the moment, other people love to plan their future. You know your partner best — he might belong to the former or latter category or somewhere in between.

However, one of the most apparent signs he bought an engagement ring is his becoming more concerned about the future. He may ask about places to settle down, investments to make, the possibility of having children, and more.

You might also notice that he has been setting more goals for himself. He may focus on getting a promotion at work, completing the repayments for his student loans, setting aside a portion of his salary, and more.

Furthermore, pay attention to your partner’s tone while he discusses the future. If he sounds more eager and excited than usual, he might already have a plan to propose. It is also possible that he is testing the waters; he may be taking note of your responses, using those as indicators of your readiness for marriage.

4. He includes you in all his plans.

pregnant woman holding hands with husband

Beyond just growing more future-oriented, pay attention if your partner includes you in his plans. Firstly, pay attention to his choice of words. If he shares that living in another country has always been his goal, which one does he say:

  • In five years, I want to live in Canada.
  • Are you willing to move to Canada with me in a few years?

In the first line, he is only considering himself. He wants to live in Canada, regardless of whether or not you will be there with him.

In the second line, he asks about your sentiments. He wants to live in Canada, but only if you are willing to go with him.

This conversation is only an example. Generally, notice if your partner says “we” instead of “I” when discussing the future.

More direct statements like, “You would be a fantastic parent,” or “I cannot see a future without you” are signs that he bought an engagement ring or plans to do so soon.

He might also seek reassurance from you more often, especially regarding the future. He might ask questions such as how many children you want, where you want to raise them, if ever, and so on. Doing this is one of his ways to affirm that you two are on the same page.

5. He is more frugal.

As mentioned above, your partner might have started prioritizing savings. It is common to see couples set aside a portion of their monthly salary for their wedding budget. Starting to save before proposing signifies his proactivity; he wants the two of you to have an unforgettable wedding.

If you have been together for a considerable time, you may have noticed patterns in his spending. He might buy a new game for his console every paycheck, order takeout a few times a week, and so on.

One of the signs he bought an engagement ring is the disruption of these patterns. He might get food delivery less, stop purchasing games, and more. He might even have a spreadsheet that tracks his savings and expenses.

6. There is something odd about his behavior.

man smiling while on the phone

When keeping secrets, people usually behave strangely. Your partner might be more anxious and apprehensive than usual, given that he is hiding a secret as monumental as proposing.

This sign he bought an engagement ring will manifest differently for everyone. One man might be more uptight than usual, while another might try to feign innocence.

You may even notice that your partner is more secretive than before. He might have disabled the previews on his notifications. He sometimes takes calls in private. There might be days where he comes home later than usual, with barely an explanation for his absence.

Your partner might be speaking to your family about his plans, making reservations, hiring an engagement photographer, asking your best friend to be in on the scheme, or whatnot.  

Naturally, this secretiveness is suspicious, especially if it came out of nowhere. Firstly, trust your partner. Furthermore, pay attention to other likely signs he bought an engagement ring; if you observe several other indicators, you might be getting a proposal soon.

7. Your close friend is also acting strangely.

If you have a close friend who knows you well, your partner might enlist their help. He might ask for their advice about rings, your style preferences, your ideal proposal, and more.

If your partner did approach a close friend, expect that friend to start acting strangely around you. They might be more tense than usual. Depending on their personality, they might get more talkative or more silent. They might even start being unavailable more often.

This behavior is also suspicious. However, your friend is likely only helping your partner out. They do not want to ruin the surprise by accidentally telling you what your partner has planned.

8. He discusses wedding-related details.

woman showing her ipad to her boyfriend

For example, let us say that you and your partner regularly drive around the city to try new restaurants and coffee shops. One of the most evident signs he bought an engagement ring — and plans on proposing — is his interest in wedding-related details.

During your drive, your partner might point out that a new wedding venue is now open. He might comment on the venue’s branding, location, and more. He might wonder about the place’s accessibility, nearby establishments, and more.

Later that night, you might see your partner searching Google for the venue’s website. He might browse their services, read reviews, and even share what he finds with you.

On another day, he might ask if you have ever thought about having a bachelorette party. He might share that he does not want a bachelor party, given how the media usually depicts what happens at these parties.

Furthermore, you might even see him browsing Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding blogs for inspiration. He might be deciding between casual engagement photos or rainy engagement photos. He might even show the pictures to you and ask for your opinion.

Ultimately, this willingness to have discussions regarding weddings is a positive sign. If your partner has not bought an engagement ring, at least he has started thinking about marriage as a realistic prospect for both of you.

9. He starts learning more life skills.

man chopping carrots while woman cleans kitchen

Outdated beliefs dictate that house chores are only for women. However, marriage is a partnership. Your partner expressing interest in improving his skills in the household is a visible sign he has bought an engagement ring.

For instance, he might start practicing his cooking skills. You might wake up to a breakfast he cooked or a meal he prepped the night before. Your partner might accompany you to the grocery more often, paying close attention to what you buy.

Another example is your partner improving his skills as an all-around repairman. He might buy a toolbox, make minor tweaks in your house, watch YouTube tutorials of DIY home improvements, and so on.

Having a fair division of labor is essential to a happy marriage. One partner should not carry most of the burden; it should mostly be 50-50. By working on such skills, your partner acknowledges the importance of this balance.

10. He is vague about plans for a specific day.

blank notebook, camera and map

Holidays and special occasions are popular choices for proposal days. Examples include Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and more. Typically, you would plan your itinerary for this day weeks — even months — in advance.

One of the subtler signs he bought an engagement ring is being purposefully vague about plans. He might tell you that you are traveling to another country, staying in your hometown, or visiting his family. However, there would be no further details.

Keep in mind that there may be nothing planned yet. Both of you might have been busy, or restrictions could make it challenging to prepare a schedule.

However, if you notice that your partner exhibited other signs on this list, his vagueness might be purposeful.

11. He is making plans for a sudden trip.

Oppositely, your partner might actively plan a trip wherein he will propose to you. This travel does not have to occur during a holiday. In fact, a sudden overseas journey or staycation is a convenient “excuse” to bring you someplace special for an unforgettable proposal.

You may have mentioned a state or country you wanted to visit during your early months as a couple. Alternatively, you may have told him a story about a particular place that is still important to you.

Your partner might bring these past conversations up and then plan a trip. Your memories of that place, whether new or now stacked, will only consist of positive things and happiness.

12. You start spending more time with his close circle.

group of friends on adventure

In committed relationships, introducing your partner to your close circle — friends, then eventually, family — is a milestone. Moreover, it is necessary. Although you do not have to become friendly with everyone, you need to know them.

A clear sign your partner bought an engagement ring for you is his sudden enthusiasm for you to spend time with his close circle. He might host dinners, plan lunch dates, or coordinate trips with others.

On the one hand, he is doing this because he wants you to know the people in his life and vice versa. He might ask them about their opinion of you. He might even ask for their advice about how to propose to you.

On the other hand, he wants you to be part of his world. People often say that when you marry someone, you also get the community to which they belong. Watching you interact with his friends and charm his family, his decision to marry you will become firmer.

13. He wants to learn more about your upbringing.

Your partner likely knows much — if not everything — about your upbringing. You may have already told him where you were born, where you lived, what schools you attended, what hobbies you had, and so on.

However, one sign he bought an engagement ring and is now preparing to pop the question is a renewed interest in your early life. Rather than just learning more about you, this information will help him plan a memorable and one-of-a-kind proposal for you. 

14. He is more affectionate than usual.

man whispering on a woman

Every couple is different. Much of the variety boils down to love languages: some couples express their love through acts of service, while others may prefer physical touch, words of affirmation, or any combination of the languages.

However, your partner becoming more affectionate is a sign he bought an engagement ring and is ready to take the next step with you.

Suddenly, your partner might start complimenting you more. He might bring you breakfast in bed now and then. He might bring home multiple little gifts or offer to pay for a spa day. He might become cuddlier and clingier.

This show of devotion does not mean to guilt you into saying yes (if he does plan on proposing). Instead, it displays his commitment to making you happy in any way he can.  

15. He goes down memory lane more frequently.

You might notice that your partner often reminisces on memories in your conversations. He might bring up something funny that happened on your first date, what you did for your first anniversary, or whatnot. He might even look for keepsakes from those times, such as pictures.

On the one hand, taking trips down memory lane signifies feelings of contentment. On the other hand, it can be a sign that he bought an engagement ring and is now ready to take the next step with you.

16. He asks for your ring size.

There is no more unmistakable sign he bought an engagement ring — or plans to buy one — than his asking for your ring size. Your partner will likely not be as forward as directly asking you, but if they have already exhausted all their options, they have no choice but to do so.

(Not So) Subtle Ways He Will Ask for Your Ring Size

man holding a ring

As mentioned above, men have plenty of options to explore when determining their partner’s ring size. Most men believe they are cunning or sly enough to evade their partner’s suspicions. In some cases, they are right.

However, here are some not-so-subtle techniques your partner might use to figure out your ring size. Catching him do a method — or several — is an undeniable sign he intends to buy or has already purchased an engagement ring for you.

  • Tying a string around your finger
  • Taking a ring from your jewelry box and measuring it
  • Asking for help from your close friends or relatives
  • Taking your band and wearing it
  • Comparing ring sizes to shoe sizes (even though this is a misconception)
  • Placing his hand over yours
  • Wrapping a finger or hand around your ring finger
  • Looking at average sizes based on height and weight

Watching for Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring: Tips

woman sitting behind glass

Manage Your Expectations

Looking for signs he bought an engagement ring can be exciting. There is a joy in thinking that your partner loves you so much he wants to spend his life with you. Likewise, there is a thrill in believing that such a life-changing event will happen to you soon.

However, you are only looking for signs he bought an engagement ring. Until you see the piece of jewelry yourself, or until your partner pops the question, there is nothing sure yet. To be sure, do not search about planning engagement parties and taking engagement photos for now.

After some time, if your partner does not propose, do not take it personally. He might not be ready to get married financially, emotionally, or physically. In time, he will ask you to marry him or initiate the conversation leading up to it.

Sit Back and Stay Calm 

If you have a strong gut feeling that your partner has bought an engagement ring, do not do anything about it. Sit back, stay calm, and wait until he is ready to get on his knee and pop the question.

Try to pretend that you do not suspect his plans. If you show signs of suspicion or excitement, he might feel more pressured and nervous than he already does. Instead, behave as you typically would.

Alternatively, you might desperately want to tell your closest friends or relatives. Doing so would risk setting yourself and the people you tell up for disappointment. If you cannot stop yourself, share your predictions with someone you trust or write them in your journal.

Do Not Invade His Privacy

woman browsing instagram

The list above of signs he bought an engagement ring contains indicators you can observe without difficulty. These manifestations are apparent and do not require you to poke around their personal belongings.

You might feel tempted to rummage in his closet, turn over his drawers, and even read his messages on his phone. Do not do this; you are invading their privacy, potentially damaging how much they trust you.

Remember the golden rule: Treat others the way you want them to treat you. If you would not appreciate your partner going through your stuff without permission, then do not do that to him.

 Trust Your Gut

As you browse lists of signs he bought an engagement ring, your inner voice or intuition might be saying that you are right. You will feel that instinct in your heart or stomach; you just know that your partner will propose soon.

However, it is worth noting that some of these behaviors — being secretive, more anxious than usual, and love bombing, to name a few — might also indicate something negative. Your partner might be participating in illicit activities or cheating on you.

It is sad to think about, and you might feel tempted to focus on the positive. However, if your gut is telling you otherwise, trust it. Pay attention and be vigilant.

Final Thoughts

Getting engaged is an unforgettable experience. While part of you is curious if your partner is planning the proposal, remember not to overstep any boundaries. So both sides are clear, it is best to have a conversation about expectations for the future.

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